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Mazda CX-7



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I didn't realize they were going to offer a non-turbo. Hopefully they can do a lot better than 16/17 mpg city.
  • ^^^ Yes, there will be a non-turbo 2010 model, which should be cheaper, slower, get better gas mileage, not require premium gas, and hopefully get a little more mass appeal for the CX-7. But the non-turbo will be front-wheel drive only, which would be a dealbreaker for me anyway. Having owned my 2009 CX-7 for a couple of weeks now, I just love the zip of the turbo engine. And knowing how much fun the turbo engine is to drive, I'd be hard-pressed to go with the non-turbo to save a couple of hundred dollars a year on gas. And again, I needed the AWD since I live in the Northeast. But having the different options should be good for some people.
  • xgbtxgbt Posts: 28
    I am torn between getting the 2009 now or wait for the 2010, after reading the AC and drive shaft problems here. Jeff, could you please update us when you have more experience with your new baby on any symptom on those problems, and the gas consumption, on hwy and city ? I will go for a loaded AWD model so the base FWD model is not relevant to me. I am just concerned if there are some design flaws in the first generation that will be fixed in this revision. Also wondering if a 2.5 litre turbo engine (as some says) will actually reduce the gas consumption. Thanks a lot!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't think premium is required any more, but it's probably a good idea for best performance (recommended?).
  • First of all, yes, the 2009 (and I think 2008) CX-7s do not require premium. There are enough reports out there from owners on this point, some who use 87 without much impact in their view, but most others who find they get better gas mileage with the premium gas, as well as better performance with the premium vs. 87. I don't drive a ton, so the cost to me to use premium over the course of a year is pretty minimal, and since I'd like to have my CX-7 for a lot of years, I'll be inclined to give it the good stuff.

    As to my experience with reliability, again, you can gain lots of info from people on this and other CX-7 forums who have had the CX-7 much longer than me. The consensus I reached on my own was that the 2007 model had a few problems, but that 2008 and 2009 have been pretty good as far as reliability. I wouldn't let that deter you at this point.

    I am only on my second tank of gas so far, the first one being 1/2 a tank from the dealer. That was almost certainly junky gas, and that did run down very quickly and had me a bit concerned. Since I filled up with premium though, the mileage got a lot better and has seemed fine so far. No hard numbers from me yet though.

    As to 2009 vs. 2010, timing may be an issue, and cost may be an issue. In my case, I simply needed a new car sooner rather than later, and I found the ability to deal on the CX-7 at this time very compelling. If you can wait, the 2010 should have some tweaks and upgrades for the better, but will likely cost more at least at the outset. No easy answer.

    But again, I am loving the CX-7. It is so much sharper than a lot of its competition imho, and the drive is awesome. So much pep. I love the built-in bluetooth, moonroof, upgraded stereo system, built-in Sirius with free 6-month trial. At the current prices, the CX-7 offers a lot of bang for the buck. I may have sold some of its competition short, but I felt that by the time I got a model with some of these features in some of the other brands, I'd be looking at a much more expensive crossover. With the CX-7, between the 3 trims, and AWD vs. FWD, you can get a very good sense of what you want to pay and should pay, for the features you want, without worrying too much about a ton of other options being forced upon you. Just my view at least. Anyway, good luck.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Starting prices are very low.

    Mazda has good incentives now, especially for the Miata - $5000!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You could probably improve your CX-7's FE significantly by "wiring" the turbo wastegate fully open. Even greater improvement if you go the extra mile and mill the engine head to get the 12:1 compression ratio otherwise standard for a DFI engine.

    It seems odd to me that the new non-turbo CX-7 engine isn't this same one but without the detuning/derating required of the boost capability via an exhaust powered turbo.
  • ssellmanssellman Posts: 1
    My new car has been a problem so far. I have 09 cx-7 sport model. The car has 2400miles on it and has been back to the dealship 3xs! First time the check engine light. The next time the windows and moonroof would open partially on their own. The car would be parked somewhere and I would come out and the windows and moonroof would be down grrrrr Sometimes when I shut the car off the seat would automatically go back. I took it back and they replaced the vehicle control module. Six weeks later it started again-grrrr. They had the regional engineer look at it and they changed the door mechanism. So far it hasn't happened again. But now my heated seat on the passenger side has malfunctioned. It heats only marginally. It seems the drivers side gets hot then subsides then heats up again. I wonder if that is normal. I love the way the car handles and rides. But oh how I worry about ongoing electrical problems. Mazda sent me 100 buck gift card for my troubles-thanks for nothin! :sick:
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    It's been my limited experience that a "check engine" light is almost always a faulty oxygen sensor. That happened to my Corolla nine years ago...cost about $125 to fix, not a lot out-of-pocket. I would take it to either a better quality dealer or regular mechanic worth his/her salt who knows this and can fix it right. Make sure your regular mechanic is authorized to do warranty work. Hope this helps.
  • i am with you! this so called "smart" key is a joke and completely a rip off by Mazda!!! they have ironically changed the whole key so it is now obsolete on the new Mazdas because they have found that it is JUNK!!!!!! I was quoted $573 by the dealership to replace the key and have it programmed what a JOKE!!! I am going to buy online on ebay have the key cut and program it myself, I will reply back to let you guys know if it works!
  • ;) Jonathon Ramsey RSS feed
    Posted Mar 12th 2012 11:31AM
    287176 Comments160

    Mazda is taking the steps necessary to right its financial ship, but when a patient has this kind of issue, the cure can hurt just as much. The small, independent carmaker has been hurt by its relatively Japan-centric manufacturing base and the strength of the yen, the loss of Ford as a noteworthy stakeholder and the resulting loss of financial cushion. Mazda is expected to post a $1.2 billion loss for its 2011 financial year, which is smaller than earlier estimates but it's still the fourth losing year in a row and the largest in a decade.

    The need to act has forced Mazda North America into a five-month plan to shed a number of its 701 employees for leaner running. Select employees will be offered a buyout package, and if voluntary uptake isn't sufficient then involuntary dismissals will occur. The timeline begins this month with lump-sum offers, followed by layoffs at the end of May if necessary, and the stretch to August will see the transition of personnel into the restructured organization.

    Mazda is also issuing shares to raise $1.9 billion in order to aid its position and get production started in Mexico and Thailand. It is also aggressively seeking a partner and considering licensing its SkyActiv technology.
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