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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    You type pretty well for someone who can't read. Follow your own advice and read before posting.


    "the Tacoma is more desirable. Since this is a "New 2005 Toyota Tacoma vs 2005 Nissan Frontier" forum I am comparing Tacoma sales vs. Frontier sales."


    "...sales don't equal quality...Taco outselling Frontier= better truck."

    Not once did I ever say that. You did, with your "Then that must mean the Canyon/Colorado is the best midsize truck? :D" comment. Let's keep it semi adult here, why all the name calling? A little insecure?
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    You are really making me laugh, so I thank you. I can't believe how aggressive this has become. I suggest you get some anger management counseling. If you are this frustrated over an "idiot" you have never met, and don't know anything about, how can you function in life? Take a break, take a breath, and relax. It is only the internet and some idiot's opinion on a couple of trucks. Life is way to serious to get worked up about this. Enjoy your truck and have a nice weekend, I know this belligerent, ignorant, idiot is definitely going to one (you have already put a smile on my face). :)
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    Just because I use italics and bold type doesn't mean I'm angry.

    By the way, good job changing the subject once you realize you're full of :surprise: .
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    I really like a man/woman who has to get the last word and try to put in one more shot. ;) You have really made my friends and I laugh out loud, which is really what life is about. Cheers from sunny california :shades:
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    Why don't you 2 get a room!! :mad:
  • The Internet was not made for two inane wannabees with too much time on their hands to flame each other. To topic is senseless; LESS FILLING, TASTE GREAT....Get the idea.

    My question has to do with the next model year of Fronty and Taco. Can anyone advise on what changes will occur in both models. Thanks for your reply.
  • dttdtt Posts: 2
    Don't know what's gonna be new with Toyota but according to there will be just a few changes in store for the '06 models:

    "Enhancements to the 2006 Frontier include:
    · Power Package added for the King Cab XE model – includes Power windows, door locks, outside mirrors, remote keyless entry and cruise control
    · Satin chrome ring accent treatment for meter gauges and chrome vent trim standard on NISMO and LE models
    · New shift knob design for NISMO manual transmission models
    · Standard glove box lock, lamp and damper
    · New exterior colors – Red Alert, Red Brawn and Majestic Blue"

    Nothing major but if anyone knows of anything else, please let us know.
    05 Frontier SE CC 2WD
  • Thanks for the info dtt. My biggest problem with the 05 Fronty was the limited color choice. Hopefully, one of the new three will be good for me.
  • Hey thanks for the updates on the 06 Frontier. I've been very happy with my 05. 19,000 trouble-free miles in 7 months.

    For the gentleman claiming the 05 Tacoma is more desirable than the 05 Frontier: you are correct the Tacoma is selling more. However, with the exception of MT, who liked the many configuration options of the Tacoma, every other press review I know of has picked this order: Ridgeline first (provided you don't off-road), Frontier second, Tacoma third, then all the rest. Colorado/Canyon usually finishes last, but sells the most, probably helped by price as you pointed out.

    My personal evaluation matches the press: Ridgeline, Frontier, Tacoma. I'm an off-roader, so the Ridgeline did not make my short list. I test drove four new 05 Tacomas; all had some sort of mechanical problem, such as difficulty getting in and out of four wheel drive. They did drive nicely with the exception of weak drum brakes. The mechanical problems and low lateral exhaust crossmember that would be damaged off-road dropped the Tacoma from my list. If you are lucky enough to have one without any mechanical problems, then you have a good truck.

    The worst problem I've had with my Frontier is a squeaky hood latch that needs to be lubed about once a month. It has exceeded my expectations both off-road and on road. I suspect that some of its weak sales figures are caused by people not knowing how good it is compared to the 04 and earlier models; in those years I think most would have easily picked the Tacoma over the Frontier or anything else. 05 has been a great year for trucks. The press has enthusiastically welcomed the new Ridgeline, Frontier, and Tacoma. As I mentioned above, that's the order they finish in comparison tests, too. If you don't off-road, you'll be impressed by how well the Ridgeline drives and its interior and bed space.

    Happy shopping to all.
  • frizzzofrizzzo Posts: 1
    Check out edmonds review, which doesn't include Ridgeline.
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    "However, with the exception of MT...every other press review I know of has picked this order"

    Well I know that both Edmunds (link above) and Consumer Reports both picked the Tacoma (CR Best Buy along with Ridgeline) over the Frontier.

    You are referring to Car and Driver, don't generalize it by saying "everybody but Motor Trend"

    I haven't had any troubles off-road with my "cross member" (:surprise:)

    The truck is extremely "smart" it won't go in and out of 4WD if you're doing something it thinks may harm it. It's a feature, not a flaw.

    I had squeaky clutch pedal, lithium grease cured that. No problems, just hit 5700 this morning after 3 1/2 months.

    You should be ready for a Tacoma in 2008 when your Frontier is burnt out after 32,500 miles a year! Good lord, how much do you spend a week on gas? Betcha can't wait til we hit $3.00 a gallon, eh?
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    There you go again, you really should have someone check your posts before you push the button. The EPA's are within 1 mpg between the Taco and the Frontier. These are controlled environments, personal mpg are dictated by individual driving habits. Add in the cost of premium gas and your precious Taco is no better. I guess you are excited about $3.00 a gallon?
  • If you do any serious off-roading in the 05 Tacoma, you will damage the central exhaust cross-member because it is the lowest point under the vehicle. By comparison, all I've scraped on my Frontier is the rocker panels because 10.5 inches of ground clearance just isn't enough; the 4wd system exceeds the capabilities of its ground clearance, but everything on the undercarriage is tucked up and takes the abuse of riding the frame rails. I actually powered out of deep mud when only one tire had any traction, and didn't even have to engage the rear locker to do this. I don't remember now if the Tacoma offers 4-wheel limited slip like the Frontier, but I do believe you can get a Tacoma with a rear locker if I remember correctly.

    Press reports matched my test drives on the difficulties of engaging 4wd, which would leave you stuck in 2wd when you really needed 4wd the most. The service department confirmed the truck I drove was broken, and commented the 05 Tacomas were having teething problems. I could accept one bad apple, but 4 out of 4 with a problem steered me away. No, they didn't all have 4wd problems. One had a leaking exhaust manifold, and they all had relatively weak brakes because of the rear drums. Quality problems aside, I personally didn't care for the gymnastics required to fold the back seat and relatively small space once the seat is folded. By comparison, the rear storage space in a Ridgeline rivals a Titan. On the plus side, the Tacoma is a great looking truck, and I especially like the power outlet in the bed. Curious that there is no light for the bed if I remember correctly.

    Rather than a Tacoma, I might be interested in the new Tundra that is due in the next year or two, provided the quality is up to the standards Toyota established in the nineties. Newer Toyotas don't seem to be as reliable as the older ones.

    Regarding gas prices, the next truck that I buy will have some sort of technology that delivers mileage at least in the mid-20's along with at least 300hp. Toyota seems closest with technology like the hybrid Highlander, although initial rumors about the 06 Civic rivaling the Prius should make for an interesting horse race.
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    "If you do any serious off-roading in the 05 Tacoma, you will damage the central exhaust cross-member because it is the lowest point under the vehicle."

    This cross member thing has been discussed. When I first read about this (Feb '05), I looked under my truck to confirm. Then, across the street, I saw a new Ford F-150 4x4. I asked the owner if it was ok to look underneath.Guess what.. cross member routed the same!! Without checking ground clearance height, I'll figure the F-150 has a little more. So, I searched the Taco forum, no damages reported yet to the system. I guess time will tell, but so far so good. Also, I have no problems engaging 4wd and yes, I have a locking rear diff on my Off-Road.

    btw, you got any info to back this comment: "Newer Toyotas don't seem to be as reliable as the older ones"
    Not being a smart-[non-permissible content removed], just wanted to see an article or something. Thanks!

    P.S. Just so you know.Until I bought my '05 Taco, I was a Nissan guy for 25yrs.(still have a ' 91 Max) They all were decent vehicles, but ended up 'nickel and diming" me to death.Just time for a change.
  • Regarding Toyota reliability: the impression I have from reader owner's reports on the web, particularly on the 05 Tacoma, are that it is not as reliable as the older models. Of course you don't tend to hear as much from people who have no problems, but there does seem to be a trend for more gripes on the 05. I don't have a link to the press articles immediately available, but hasn't Toyota had a few late model recalls recently, too? While some of these troubles could be attributed to new-model bugs, Toyota seems to have more than its fair share recently.

    I initially expected to get an 05 Tacoma; the 04 was my truck of choice, but was too small for me. The mid-size redesigns of the Tacoma, Frontier, and Dakota made 05 the ideal year for purchase. Based on earlier models, I was biased towards Tacoma, and still think it is the best-looking of the bunch.

    I was going from an 01 Silverado and was interested in better fuel economy and more off-road ability. The biggest strikes against Tacoma were premium fuel, back seat folding system, back seat real world legroom, and the aforementioned exhaust. Look under an 04 or older Tacoma and you will see more ground clearance, plus the central exhaust is tucked above the frame where it can't get hurt. I don't understand why Toyota took class-leading ground clearance and made it worse. When I kept having mechanical problems on all four of the 05 Tacomas I drove, the Toyota got dropped from my short list. I really wanted one bad, which is why I kept test-driving them in hopes of finding one without any problems. Back in December, though, I struck out.

    I went to the press introduction for the Ridgeline in January and learned that its undercarriage and drivetrain are not set up for real off-roading, so I bought my Frontier in January. Nissan had a TSB on early Frontiers for a noisy intake plenum; I did have that changed on mine. Fortunately, that's the only bug I know of with the new-model redesign of the Frontier.
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    Thanks Daniel, appreciate your comments.Nice to see some level heads in here!! I have a couple problems w/ my Taco. Slight click in rear when going over bumps( leaf springs) Some dealers have reported this to toyota and a fix is in the works. Jump in RPM's when shifting in the lower gears. I've been told this is no cause for concern, but still checking on that.I know some people have said the Fronty seems too have a little more "snap", but my Taco is major quick!! I think break-in has a lot to do w/ that.

    I do believe that the Nissan gives you a lot of bells and whistles for the $$$ though. Between the tube-steps, skid plates, etc.. I'm goin broke!! LOL

    Just like you said, going to be a few problems w/ the new models. Every dealer I've spoken with has been more than helpful and willing to accomodate. I got pretty lucky. I've had my truck since Feb. and I love it. I got it pretty decked-out and it turns heads everywhere I go. Had an 84 yr. young customer of mine say "that's the nicest truck I've ever seen".

    And as I said before on here.."I would have been happy w/ either one".

    [non-permissible content removed] Luck w/ your Frontier!! :D
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    Sorry about my offense intended!! Might of got some laughs though!!

    Fun at others expense..It's all good....Cheers!!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    try comparing the stardard stuff in the Toys with the Nissan and you will see Nissan gives more for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    Yeah, I said that!! Still bought the Taco... Hello!!
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