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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    You've been the biggest loud mouth about your Frontier!! What's the problem?? YOU buy the wrong truck!! Is it "Taco Envy"? LOL!!

    We're all trying to help each other here dude.....Like I said before BOTH trucks are good!!

    Sayin' " feminine in my opinion" ....." Nat. Enquirer. T.O.T.Y" and your previous crap makes you look like a IDIOT!! Why don't you tell ppl whats good (or bad) about your truck?? Maybe you could help someone?? Ever thought a that?? Makes you feel good too!!

    You know, you can still "bust balls" and keep it cool!!

    Raise a glass to both Taco and Fronty!! Cheers! Till we meet on the street or in the dirt!!
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    "I think my wife and I will be picking up a fully loaded Frontier LE CC 4x4 later this month."

    Cool! Enjoy it, particularly that odor of the gods, "new car smell"!

    :) :) :)


    p.s. My wife hates new car smell
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    but you Toyota loyalists are just so fun to get riled up!

    OK, I'll just concentrate on being helpful.

    Buy a Frontier! lol
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    There you go!!

    Nice and of luck to you and your Frontier!

    Thank You!!
  • my first new truck was an 89 B2600i 4X4 5speed. It was supposed to be my dad's truck but I ended up with it. It never gave me problems, only what I had put it through and even then it was all wear and tear. So... buying a new truck for the first time is and was a big deal.

    I was leaning towards Toyota at first because of what other people and magazine experts and commercials, etc. had said.

    I don't want to get into too many details but I ended up testing both the 05 tacoma automatic(couldn't find a 6speed) and teh 05 frontier 6speed. Both trucks are great but again I've only owned a 4cyl. 4x4. so I guess anything taht is not 4cyl. would be very impressive to

    Seriously, If you gonna have an oppinion that others will appreciate, validate it with having test driven both sides, not jsut from what you have read or what teh statistics or these experts have said. Both trucks have their pros and cons and neither one is without their quirks. I've done my own homework and, checked both the Nissan and Toyota Forum. The Nissan forum in my own opinion is a very boring place. The only exciting part that became a big commotion was an intake manifold noise(it was taken care of with the TSB, other than that not far.

    I test drove the Toyota then the Frontier then the Toyota again to make sure...
    ...i have been driving my new Frontier SE 6 speed for 7 months now and have been very fortunate not to have the problems that some frontier owners are having.

    Climbing up H3 towards the mountain and seeing multiple waterfall in the Koolaus with the windows down and feeling both the wind on my face and feel of my frontier's power doing what it is supposed to be doing is jsut awesome, awesome, awesome.

    It took me awhile to get over my selling of my mazda truck but I'm over it now and i still see it roaming around town..

    Don't want to get in too many details but I test drove
  • I've posted a few times on the Nissan 2005+ forum re: my Frontier NISMO experiences.
    See those for my off-road experiences in detail.

    I've had 3-4Runners (including its predecessor, the Trekker). Have great respect for the Toys and their reliability. Drove my 91 185K before my wife realized it didn't have airbags and insisted I replace it. Tears ran down my cheeks as it went out the driveway on the Jerr-Dan, headed for an auto actions for the benefit of Purple Heart. That truck and I had shared some great experiences and my GSDs loved going for a ride in it. Have used the 98 4Runner for past few years and it too has earned my respect.

    So why did I desert Toyota for Nissan and purchase a Frontier? First of all, when I found that the new Tacoma needed premium gas for best performance I said no way. I wasn't going to take a chance that it would run "ok" on regular gas. I wasn't going to pay more for the premium given current gas prices, even in late July when I was looking for seriously for a new truck. I did not get the rude treatment that some have complained about at Toyota dealers. The salesman even searched the regional inventory to see how many Tacomas were available with side airbags, which my wife insisted I get this time.

    The other main reason I went with Nissan is that we purchased a Nissan Armada in 04 primarily for traveling (now has 36K on it) and it's been a great vehicle. Uses too much gas, but other than that, it is an excellent vehicle. However, it's too large to use on a regular basis for off-road adventures, but it can do it when it has to. The Armada impressed me for a first year production by Nissan so I was willing to take a chance on the redesigned Nissan Frontier.

    I believe you will find you get more for your dollar with the Nissan. Look at what you get in the basic truck or even when you have selected your options compared with the Tacoma. Then, go to the dealer and see what price they will offer you. Think you will come out better with Nissan. They don't have the attitude that too many Toyota dealer have. As the old Avis advertisement use to say, "we try hard". On the other hand, the Tacoma is probably worth more after a few years than the Frontier.

    In summary, I don't think can go wrong with either. You could save a lot more if you had purchased a US company's vehicle during the family prices era, but don't think you would get as good a vehicle.

    81 Trekker
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    What are the facts? I took a look at the I.I.H.S. crash tests and the N.H.T.S.A. crash tests and noticed one very important fact. The Frontier in the I.I.H.S. test weighed in at 350 lbs. more than the Tacoma and in the N.H.T.S.A. test the Frontier weighed in at a whopping 982 lbs. more. The experts say that if any two vehicles are not within 250lbs. then they should not be compared.
    The more weight the more force. It is that simple. And, I betcha' that if you were to slam these two vehicles into each other at any significant speed the Toyota would be worse for the wear. Just something to think about. We see what we want to see.
    A non biased car enthusiast.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    You are right about seeing what we want to see, but I doubt the non-biased part. If you test a 2K pound vehicle and a 10K pound vehicle against concrete barriers and get better survivability out of the lighter vehicle, I would not expect the lighter vehicle to fair better in a head on crash. However when the weight is within 350 or even 1000 pounds, I would expect the same results as in the test considering that the vehicles are about the same height and will be hitting something considerably more forgiving than a concrete barrier. If the "experts" say not to compare vehicle of different weight, why do they catagorize the Tundra and Ford, Chevy and Dodge half tons togeather? I guarantee the weight varies more than 350 pounds. It is because they are close enough to where it does not make a measurable difference.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Who are they, that are categorizing Tundra, and Ford, Chevy and Dodge? According to the crash web site, the # 1 determining safety factor is weight. If you are involved in a two vehicle crash you'll generally fair better in the heavier vehicle (mass absorbs energy).
    When running into a concrete barrier at whatever speed, the added weight of whatever vehicle will play a role in how much damage occurs to that vehicle. That is why the + or - 250lb. difference is figured in. More weight = more force. That is why we should look beyond the ratings ( in this case, the star ratings) . In other words, read between the lines.I just wanted to make a point in reference to what toykick posted and the crash test results. That said, I believe that the new Tacoma and Frontier are both very well built trucks and I would feel 100% secure in either.
    just another auto enthusiast
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    I have used the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site. I just checked, and they included the S10 also, which is definately lighter (I looked at 2002 because that is what year my Tundra was). 2005 used the Canyon, Colorado, all full size trucks, the Nissan, and the Toyotas. The Nissan came up with 4,4,5,5 stars in areas tested. The Tundra and Tacoma came up with 5 stars in all areas tested. Ya, I am biased!!!! 4 1/2 stars out of 5 is definately something I would haul my kids in. Depending on the test and tester, it could obviously go either way. Had I driven the Nissan, I could very well be driving one. Just was estatic with the Toyota service after the sale. Had to go back. Mazda and GM pretty much ended up in the bottom of the heap. In my opinion, if you are driving a Frontier or Tacoma, you got your money worth.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Those are the only two trucks I'm interested in at this point. Receiving either a 4 or a 5 star rating with the NHTSA is respectable and certainly says something about how well the vehicle has been engineered. Throw in the IIHS good ratings for both these trucks and you have two winners. If I had money to burn I'd own one of each!
  • Not having test driven the Taco (shame on me) I bought an 05 Frontier LE a couple weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. I'm not going to start pissing, but here's my perspective (in case there are any wafflers that can't get off the fence and go buy a frontier)...

    I payed 26,500 for a CC LE w/ leather, sunroof, rockford-fosgate package, bed extender, and the abls upgrade. I also got $1000 rebate from nissan so it was really $25,500.

    I was a little uneasy about the 16mpg when I was looking, but after driving it for a couple weeks, I'm averaging 18.4 with a 17 mile commute each way, in stop and go both morning and evening. (tail-gate down bed extender out).

    I also liked the interior of the Taco better. Thought it was more refined, etc. I'm just fine with the Frontier's after a couple weeks. While somewhat blah and plasticy, it's actually quite solid and doesn't seem cheap at all. The leather dresses it up enough and it is a truck so what the hell. All in all, I would say it's clean looking. The thing I like most is the width of the door next to the driver's window. I can stick my arm there with the window up just like an armrest. Most cars I've been in, you have to have the window down for that to work right. I guess I just like the simple things.

    Love the sunroof.

    It's as fun a vehicle to drive as I've ever driven. Absolutely no complaints with the handling or engine.

    I didn't haggle with a Toyota Dealer, so I don't know what kind of Taco you can get for what kind of money, but 25,500 for an LE CC w/ leather, a sunroof and an upgraded stereo is pretty sweet in my opinion. I wouldn't doubt that by the end of the year or early next year Nissan will be kicking $2K or more back on the 05. You just can't beat what you get for the price. I certainly felt as though I couldn't anyway.

    For anyone waffling...don't worry. You'll love it.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I too have the same truck,its an a TIger I say ,I'm getting close to 22Mpgs on my truck and 19city now,1300mi.s on it so far, the stereo Rocks!
    did you get the satlite?
  • 3tacoma3tacoma Posts: 15
    My father in law has an 05 Frontier 2wd Automatic DC short bed.
    I have an 05 Tacoma 4wd Automatic DC short bed.

    We both have run only 87 octane gas. His Frontier gets average 20.1 mpg and my Tacoma gets an average of 19.4. Thats puts them about = due to the 4wd compared to the 2wd. We have driven each others trucks and both are in agreement that both vehicles are very similar. The Tacoma kicks [non-permissible content removed] in the 1/4 mile, kicking the Frontier every time, even though the Fronty is 2WD. Pulling seems to be equal with no difference pulling the same boat (5000lbs. 19' 3" Basscat bassboat).

    Both are very solid vehicles and very similar in performance and looks. If your buying, Flip a Coin!
  • Other than the Tacoma having a much better name, the Frontier is the Huckleberry. The composite (read: PLASTIC) bed in the Tacoma is Fruity. The Rails can only hold a total of 300 pounds or 100 each TOTAL. The Frontier can hold 300 per rail, and there are 5 Rails. This is much of the reason that the Tacoma is lighter. The Tacoma also has a Riveted Frame that is only partially boxed. From the Firewall forward, the Tacoma has a noodly, weak sister of the poor C channel. The Frontier is a Double C (imagine two Cs that face eachother, one inside of the other) from start to finish. It also has Welded Cross Members, instead of Rattlely Rivets. Credit the Frontier's Titan DNA.

    The motor in the Frontier is the Chain Drive VQ series. Both motors will last as long as you keep oil in them, but the Frontier will require a ton less maintenance. It also has a much lower insurance rating and the VDC/ABLS/Down Hill Assist is absolutley the best out there.

    Either truck is fantastic. The Dodge gets crappy gas mileage and has an interior taken from the 1989 Chrysler Laser parts bin. The commercial with the V8 Mitsu making the Frontier wet itself is very funny, until you consider it is about 40 Horse short of the Frontier and would get its doors twisted of by Nissan's V6 like a kid torturing a bug. As for the Chevy Canyon, who asked for a 5 Cylinder Motor? Its not a VOLVO! Ford, Mazda are absolute noncompetes. :confuse:
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    The name game is a non issue for me. Time will tell in regards to the composite bed and how well it will stand up, besides, for most half ton truck people either bed will suffice. I don't know though if I'd want to be sliding a camper unit onto a Tacoma. I do believe that the Nissan chassis may be better ( it certainly should be stronger), thanks to it's big brother, and the Frontier's VQ motor is tried and true. And, as far as the remainder of the bunch goes, I'm not particularly enthused. G.M. should possibly have stayed with their six cylinder as opposed to the fiver ( go figure), Ford/Mazda are long in the tooth and need updating, and Dodge is hanging on.
    I'm still anxiously waiting for the Tacoma and Frontier 06 models to arrive on the scene.
  • Who cares what kind of frame Tacoma /Frontier got? According to official crash test results Tacoma has higher safety rating then Frontier (this is real numbers and not some B.S from the poster above) Nissan VDC/ABLS/Downhill Assist the best? Did you hear that from you local Nissan dealer? And I don’t wanna even start engine wars here. Seem like many Nissan owners just come here to vent and make them self to believe the done right choice for the money the paid...
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Who cares what kind of frame Tacoma /Frontier got?

    Well, at least that spared me from having to read anymore.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    In reference to "the official crash test results", the test Frontier outweighed the Tacoma by almost half a ton in the N.H.T.S.A. test and according to the I.I.H.S. test the Frontier weighed in at 350lbs. more and both trucks scored a GOOD rating. There is no way you can call the Tacoma safer. They are both safe, well built trucks and both have their own merits. "Real numbers" are not always real world!
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    Typical cocky Toyota poster. All defensive because they got one upped by the Frontier and can't handle it. Seems the people who actually compared the trucks and don't hide behind magazine articles and crash tests come to choose the Frontier.

    Frontier wins! Tacoma loses. Tsk, tsk.
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