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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Anything to be of service to such a classy person:

    NHTSA Model Name:
    Recall Number:
    Date recall entered into NHTSA database:


    The manufacturer first notified owners of this recall on 03/03/2005.
    This recall affects vehicles manufactured between 09/13/2004 and 01/10/2005.

    NHTSA Model Name:
    Recall Number:
    Date recall entered into NHTSA database:


    The manufacturer first notified owners of this recall on .

    This recall affects vehicles manufactured between 09/14/2004 and 05/14/2005.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    What makes you think that the info at is more valid than the info at Look it up and tell us again that's it's fake.
    What's with all the stone throwing? We're just sharing info. Also, Toys are not any closer to perfection than Nissans. I should know, I own one.
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    Toykik is always getting upset and calling everyone else here guilty of spreading manure when he is the one always being caught being wrong and spreading his insecure CRAP!

    Face it Toykik, you can't handle the truth can you?

    Oh, I'm ready now for all of your magazine articles. Typical "internet expert" crap.

    Better get your Tacoma in for those two recalls listed above (snicker).
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    you guys for the first time proved me wrong... now try with the rest...

    2004-05 Titan/2005 Frontier; Spray-In Bedliner Material Discoloration
    2005 Frontier, Xterra, Pathfinder; Front Seat Manual Recliner Inoperative
    2005 Frontier; Spray-In Bedliner Floor Seam Repair
    Frontier/Xterra/Path/Titan/Armada; Front Pass.Fold Flat Seat Recliner Ino
    Titan/Frontier; Spray-In Bedliner Repair (Level 1)
    Window Regulator Creaks After Opening

    Nissan; Body Control Module Sub-Harness Service Campaign
    Battery Testing: Nissan Original Equip. & Genuine Nissan Replacement Batt
    Nissan; Engine Won't Start, NATS System Description / Key Registration

    '05 Pathfinder/Frontier; Rattle Noise from VIAS Pwr Valve Act /Int Man Co
    2005 Frontier With QR25DE Engine; Whine Noise From Engine When Cold

    Nissan; CONSULT-II CONVERTER Software Update (Version 17)
    Nissan; CONSULT-II Diagnostic Software Update #16 (UED05B)
    Nissan; CONSULT-II ECU Reprogramming Software Update #6 (AER05A)
    Nissan; CONSULT-II NATS Software Update #4 (AEN04A-1)

    Nissan; Information on Paint Stains Caused by Tire Dressing

    nissans website...

    Well VQs have piston slap... isnt that great
  • You have not answered my question. What truck do you drive? Do you own a 2005 Tacoma?
    It's a good thing you pulled every issue from any recent Nissan model (most are first year models) to illustrate how much better the 2005 Tacoma is as compared to the 2005 Frontier. Maybe you could stir up some dirt on a 95 Sentra. That'd teach us.
    Again, your post is fruitless.

    Maybe if all posters who look for pertinent information on this forum were to ignore any post submitted by toykik, he'd get the point that his input is not welcome. There are actual Toyota owners on this forum who manage to constructively add valuable content to the board without comming accross as... well... as you do.
    Good day
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    :) The Tacoma extended cab 4X4 with auto tranny. 04 was last year you could get that combination. I know I checked,you can only get manuel with 4 cyl 4X4 extended cab. Wouldn't hurt Nissan to offer a big 4 banger or small V6 engine option. With fuel costs the way they are and probably will be forever. Also a Frugal Diesel option would also work. Rummor is Tundra will soon have diesel option, we
    need some more engine options for mid sizes too!
  • I've gone back a little bit in the messages to see if my questions were addressed but didn't see anything. I may not have gone back far enough. Here is my central concern: reliability of T vs N off-road in the mountains of Colorado. I am looking at the Nismo vs the TRD off road so that I, a single adult female parent, can take my two kids off camping and hiking here in the Colorado mountains. Toyota, of course, has that reputation for reliability. Can I expect the same mechanical reliability from Nissan? Have the TRDs been reliable when used to travel serious mountain roads? I'm looking at '05s, hoping to get some of those end-of-year savings. Any advice and help would be appreciated.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    As far as I'm concerned it's a flip of the coin. Neither one is likely to leave you high and dry. Both these trucks have a lot of history behind them, and it's really a matter of picking the one that best suits you.
  • I was biased towards Toyota when shopping 05 trucks, but all four of the Tacomas I test drove had mechanical problems, including leaking head gaskets and 4wd problems (not all four trucks had the same problem).

    The worst problem I had on the Frontiers I drove was an alignment, and that was on the one I ended up taking home. Mine was an early production Frontier, so it needed the TSB for the intake plenum rattle. Otherwise it's been trouble free for 22,000 miles in 7 months.

    4wd has been virtually flawless. It actually pulled me out of a mudhole when only the left front had traction; the 4-wheel limited slip is that good.

    On a couple of occasions when repeatedly going in and out of 4-low, it's given me a warning that it wasn't fully engaging or disengaging. The fix both times was to turn off the ignition to reset the computer, after which it worked fine. By comparison, when I had 4wd trouble in the Tacoma, there was nothing either I or the salesman could do to get it to work properly; we left it with the service dept after the test drive. I never followed up to see how serious the problem was because after having problems on four different trucks, the Tacoma got dropped from my short list.

    Others on this forum have reported no problems with the 05 Tacoma's 4wd, so perhaps the problems I encountered were on the early production units. Whichever you buy, I'd give it a workout on a test drive before committing.
  • thanks for the heads up toekick. here are some other informative links you might be interested in:

    to me, getting a truck is like clothes shopping, no matter how expensive or proven durable a shirt maybe, if it don't fit you, it won't fit you.

    No matter what reason you had for getting a (05tacoma?),you did good. don't need to convince anybody in this board. your happy with it right??

    Let's help this young lady get a truck that will fit to what she needs to use it for.
    both trucks are good, just depends on what you are really wanting it to do.
    as far as dependability,quality, etc. can't judge a book by its cover.this is the year 2005 and 2006. the past is the past.
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    Go to 2005 Consumer Reports Autos & Trucks. The Fronty is really good, But thats where the Tacoma edges it out. Repairs/Reliability for Tacoma are close to excellent. In a new truck the 2 to $4000 price difference,is it worth it to you. I have
    94 Nissan 4X4 with close to 140,000 miles only left me once in that time. Electrical relay went bad. You have to decide for yourself. Hope this helps!

    Surf Fish'in Critter! :)
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    Remember, these are technical service bulletins, not recalls like the Tacoma has.

    For instance, the TSB for the bed discoloration doesn't apply to my 05 Frontier because my bed liner has stayed perfect. Truthfully, my 05 Frontier which now is getting close to 6K has been totally flawless, just like my 93 Nissan truck that ran for 13 trouble-free years.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    convince somebody ? lol i'm not trying to convince anybody... this is one of several times of said this but i guess you guys are so hard headed to know what i'm trying to say...

    The Title of this Forum is called 05 toyota tacoma vs. 05 nissan frontier... I'm not here to justify my purchase... i'm here to post facts which in the end i get personal attacks and B.S. info from people who cant back up their opinions...

    No body cares how many trucks you've test drove and compared... or what previous cars you've had with certain amount of miles or problems... its pointless since nobody knows you on a forum... Its kinda retarded taking a pissing contest if you dont have any credible source to back it up... Since people like to call C&D , edmunds, motortrend, trailer boats, and other government tests rag mag write ups well i agree... but whos opinion is more valuable....yours?
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    I care. That's why I'm here. And I own a Toyota. A Sequoia. Good rig.


    By the way, you only need ONE period at the end of a sentence.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Gee, toykick, lets not get ourselves in a knot. Facts and opinions sometimes become blurry. In other words, an opinion is sometimes construed as a fact -regarding some, if not all, magazine articles. It is up to us to sort through all the info we read and hear. I for one like to hear from whomever on these forums if for nothing else than to be entertained.
    I enjoy reading through the yearly Consumer Reports auto issue, but I have also learned how to read into it ( between the lines ). The reliability ratings are based on info sent in by owners of certain vehicles on an honour system and only represents a small fraction of all vehicles. But, that has become a Bible for some. You can argue all day about the merits of this, that, or the other thing, but at the end of the day most of what we take in is nothing but opinion.
    Emotion plays a huge part in how we perceive things and in turn rate them.
    Long live the Forums!
    By the way, my opinion is still the most important one to me.
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    Toykik the "internet expert." Internet experts = crap

    and again

    Classic pot calling the kettle black!

    Wow! You must have some serious repressed buyer's remorse.

    Too bad.

    You lost!
  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    Again, some us here just can't seem to play nice!!
    Take your "My truck is better than your truck" and go home....and the rest of us will help this young lady find a truck for her and her family.
    Be it a Toyota, a Fronty, Dodge...Whatever!!
    Helpful posts coming soon...don't touch that dial!
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    I have been reading these posts for awhile now and noticed a bunch of bickering back and forth and what truck is better, let me start out by saying that every manufaturer has defects of some sort on 1 out of 5 vehicles made(not official), but look at the number of recalls for everybody, they are making cars too fast and not checking for errors, just because you have a taco or frontier thats has a defect does not mean ones better than the other. I have a taco(2005) have 12000 miles on it and have had 0 problems, and I love my taco, but I am open to specs on which one has better ratings, but for my point of view i am very satisfied with my purchase, but does not mean I wouldn't with the frontier either, granted I did not test drive a frontier because I actually traded in an 2004 taco while at the dealer for service, but i am not the one that is picky on my needs, i mainly use my taco for commute and pleasure, with very limit offroad. Everybody has different taste for me i like the taco better than the frontier, just by the looks, but if i needed a truck to fit my needs and the frontier gave has the ability to acomplish those needs i would choose one over the other, this is just a mutual point of view with no bias towards the taco or the frontier ;)
  • my apology toykick. I jsut skimmed through posts and assumed from reading yours that you were trying to convince yourself and other people that you gotta be an idioteee to not choose 05tacoma. Remember the saying," assuming makes an [non-permissible content removed] out of U and ME. in this case me.

    Now, come to realize it, I think maybe some of these others are purposely trying to rile you up with there responses.

    I believe it does boil to my own opinion being the most valuable along with the rag mags and other peoples opinion which, btw i read some very good informative write ups. these are the ones who has actually test drove both frontier and toyota and gave there pros and cons and why they chose the frontier or the toyota.

    I bought my 05 frontier because of all these valuable resources and after testing both, I found that frontier fitted my life style. I didn't know about the tsbs on the frontier until after I bought it but turns out I'm very fortunate, 11,560miles only 1 PROBLEM:my right side chrome bumper is1/4" lower than my left.didn't know this until a friend of mine ran her fingers across the bumpers. Got that taken cared of.

    again i'm sorry. i really appreciate these opinions in these forums.I am now reading it for entertainment and informations and hopefully be helpfull in giving my own constructive oppinion.
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    :mad: ???????????? what! Who's doing that,just gave my research and past experinces!
    You some kind of NUT! or what. It's about exchanging views and info!

    Critter @ the Beach Fish'in
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