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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    just so you guys and girl who are looking at the frontiers ,their isn't that much diff. from the 2005-2006 so even thoe its a year older almost you could save a ton of money,so compare the spec's and their is a few new colors also,I went to Porter De. Nissan and would of paid 26.000 in change but as you know in New Jersey you have to pay the Tax's Man so I pad a little over $27.000, so think before you buy a 2006 or wait till 2007,since they might make a long bed,but I like the short bed the room is great and i'm 5/7 and I like sitting in the back also its very roomy I feel and plus it has cup holders in the back.The leather pkg is real clasy.The heated seats are real nice!!!I just put in xm radio,its kind of easy if you good at wiring stuff, but I let best buy do it,and I was glad I didn't mess with it. Nissan charges too much money for the satlite stereo you can do the math.the rockford stero has a great sound with the satlite.So goodluck everyone ....
  • I couldve got a 05 nismo similar(but no Fosgate} for $2500 less but went for the 06 because #1-even though theyre virtualy the same truck blue book will be at least $1500-2000 higher on the 06 just because its a 06 #2-its always better to get the 2nd year of a new model(bugs worked out).#3-FOSGATE ROCKS !!!!!!!
  • Hi -

    New poster but have been reading for a long time. For 2006, what happened to the loaded Frontier club cab? Their website won't let me configure the truck with side air bags and vdc unless I get the Nismo package, which I don't need.

    I've always complained that Toyota makes you buy options you don't want just to get the things you do. It seems like Nissan is heading down that path - or am I missing something?

    I'm looking to buy one of these trucks by next spring, and this could be a big issue. By the way, I've tried both northern NJ and north east PA zip codes.

  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    From what I've seen on we can order a LE Crew Cab with VDC and side bags with the leather option. If we can configure that vehicle in Canada, you should be able to in the U.S.A.
  • driver56,

    Thanks for the response. I went back to the site, but still can't configure the truck with both sab and vdc on anything but Nismo. On the LE, if I choose side air bags, a bunch of other stuff gets added on (leather, sunroof, audio package) and I'm prevented from picking vdc. Very strange. I don't think it was like that for the 2005s.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    That's what I see. It looks like you would have to order the leather package and end up taking other items you don't want, and at quite a price. I'm guessing you're not interested in the King?
  • Interesting that they let you have both sab and vdc on the king cab le, but not on the crew cab le. I might be interested in the king. has anyone used the king cab with a child seat in the back? is it easy to install and access? What about on the Tacoma extended cab?
  • I just order my Frontier, KC, Nismo, Audio, Utility Bed. I waited until 2006 to get a better color choice. Dealer is quoting either December (if lucky) or January delivery. Anybody heard anything else?
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    A couple of months is worth the wait but haven't heard anything regarding delivery times here on the West Coast of Canada. What was your colour choice?
  • I agree that the truck is worth the wait. Majestic Blue is my choice with a 6 speed tranny.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Good choice! Enjoy, and keep us posted.
  • My Frontier is scheduled to be manufactured this month for December delivery.
  • Holiday present eh?


  • Excellent!

    The Tacoma won MY truck test, the only one that really matters. :P
  • "Excellent!

    The Tacoma won MY truck test, the only one that really matters."

    Every test is important, especially when you consider the criteria used for the rankings. MT picked Tacoma based largely on its many model variations, which is undisputedly better than anyone else. C/D, 4W/OR, and many others have picked the Frontier for its superior off-road prowess and other reasons. What is significant about the Edmunds test is they have reversed their ranking from their earlier test that placed Tacoma first, followed by the Frontier. In this test, Frontier finished first. Beyond that, in both this test and their earlier test, Edmunds made it clear that both trucks are very good, so you really won't go wrong with either.

    I favor off-road ability, so I have the Frontier. Reliability, especially in first-year models, is another important consideration. Frontier has done well with the 05, but has had two service bulletins. The first regarded a noisy intake plenum, the second regards a trailer wiring harness. I don't know what specific issues the 05 Tacoma has, but do know that the main reason I bought the Frontier was that all four of the 05 Tacomas I test drove in January had serious quality problems ranging from leaking head gaskets to 4wd systems that would not engage.
  • cascocasco Posts: 1
    You favor off-road ability... what makes you think the Frontier is better off-raod. Edmunds clearly says that if they were choosing a truck that was going to spend it's whole life in the dirt, they would probably have chosen the Tacoma. The ONLY reason they chose the Frontier was based on it's on-road performance. Pretty lame choice considering the purpose of the comparo was off-raod ability.

    I like both trucks but the outcome of this comparo doesn't sit well with me.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Actually, Edmunds wrote that they might chose the Tacoma if they were going to spend life in the dirt. They were just giving the Tacoma some credit. From everything I've read and experienced, the Frontier is superior off road and on.
  • Comparisons are sketchy at best no matter who does them. Take the Edmunds online spec and features comparisons and how the wheel mounted cruise is unavailable on the Frontier but standard on the PreRunner. I just drove both the 2WD SE KingCab and LE CrewCab Frontier and guess what's right on the steeering wheel? Yep you guessed it, so who gets these corrected (I'll bet money there's more errors waiting) so more people aren't misled.
  • im debating between the frontier and tacoma as well.. i was almost sold on the frontier until i found out that the 06' frontier NISMO crewcab 4x4 didnt come in 6spd manual.

    Im thinking about the SE crewcab 4x4 6spd manual, but its missing a lot of the offroad options of the nismo. especially the locking rear diff. which i hear is really important.

    I looked at the tacoma trd sport and offroad edition today.. i love the interior compared to the frontier. its significantly more comfortable.. and i dont really like the design of the nissan steering wheel. However the price of the tacoma is significantly higher than the frontier.

    im leaning more towards the frontier.. but im still in my testing phase.. i hope to buy before the end of the year or at least by january..

    plans for the truck include offroading, desert, snowboarding, and towing.. basically a daily driver w/ the ability to have fun.

    any thoughts? i have to have a manual.
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