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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • ocrealtorocrealtor Posts: 5
    The Toyota dealers I visited sure didn't help their cause.

    Nissan had, (or still has?) either 2.9% financing, or $1,750 cash back. I had a large down payment, so took the $1,750 cash back, and then negotiated another $1,800 off that! That's over $3,500 off the retail price! I think I could have even gone lower, but I was tired of visiting so many dealers.

    The Toyota guys were not willing to negotiate at all. One guy in fact, took a look at my junky car, and told me if I bought a Tacoma, people would respect me. (Great way to build good relations w/customers. :confuse:)

    Anyways, I think Toyota still has the brand name advantage over Nissan at this time. I think that may change over time. I got my wife an 07 Altima, over the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, and I think a lot of other people are starting to do that too. Again, more bang for the buck.
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    less weight definitely less traction.
    but it wont goes the same for the nissan.

    does the say on the brochsure on the tacoma has c-frame?

    I like the tacoma looks cause its beefier.
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    where did you go for the Nissan and toyota dealers?
    If that toyota dealer said that to me, I woulda been like go f yourself!! PEACE!! you tell him i guess ur wont get a commission check!
  • ocrealtorocrealtor Posts: 5
    It was one of the Toyota dealers in the Inland Empire, Southern California. Off the 91 Fwy.

    I WAS driving a 10 year old Nissan that I keep around because it keeps running fine. The paint is coming off, and there is a huge dent in the drivers side door.

    But the Toyota guy told me at least two times that once I started driving the Tacoma, people would definitely respect and notice me. He was a really young guy, so I let him slide, but I guess he thought I was scraping my pennies together to get that Tacoma.

    Pretty sad.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    That's comical! The same thing happened to my young nephew when he drove into our local Toy lot in his 03 Mazda B-Series. The sales guy (a slickster according to him) approached him and immediately started throwing barbs about his truck. Totally classless! What some might do to sell a car.
    By the way, the Nephew is still driving his Mazda.
    And I? An 07 Frontier.

  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    if anyone talk crap to me... I'll do the same back to him right there... see how he likes it.
    Tacoma is not flying off the lots... they are even offering 0.0% financing to the tundra... gas is killing them.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    My young Nephew gets his fair share of that kind of thing.
    He's very mild mannered and quiet.
    With trucks supposedly not flying off the lots, it would be a good time to purchase. Too bad I don't need one.
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    I wouldn't let them belittle me of what i have that i worked hard and paid for!! I would say to the salesman face... *hey, obvious you want to make the sale... so I want a another sales guy*.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    One might be doing the dealer a good service to report such abuse to management.
    I would, under most circumstance, just turn away never to return. Good riddance to that organization!
  • vhreb123vhreb123 Posts: 83
    I used to own an 06 Accord. Now I am considering a truck. I don't know what would be considered a good price for trucks but I do know about sedans. So please help! I am interested in either a 07 Frontier Crew Cab SE with SE Value Power Package and side airbags or a 07 Tacoma Double Cab with side airbags. Side airbags are preferable only if available.
    I am also planning to buy within a month.
    P.S. Doesn't the Frontier cost much less?
    P.P.S. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, so anybody that has bought either a Frontier or Tacoma around here who wants to help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • ocrealtorocrealtor Posts: 5
    Well, like I mentioned earlier, I just bought an 07 Frontier Crew Cab SE, and it also has the value truck package. Out here in Los Angeles, I got it for $20,900, including manufacturer's destination charge. Sticker price was $24,300. That is not including taxes, and registration. It is an automatic, otherwise it would have been cheaper still.

    A similar equipped Tacoma would have been almost two grand more. I don't know about you, but I don't think the Tacoma is a better truck. They do have the Toyota name, which makes some people think it is better.

    It's not. Like I said, the only thing better in my opinion is the Toyota dashboard. Other than that, the Frontier performs better, looks better, and has more features for less $$$.

    It is best to do your research first. I'll bet out in Birmingham, you can get a better deal than I got in L.A.

    Don't forget, dealers WILL sell you a truck for under invoice price. They still make a lot of money because of dealer incentives and holdback (the rent they get from Nissan to put the truck on the lot.)
  • I like the new Tundras,they look tough and have crazy power but I was surprised to find out that the doors and tail gate was a lot lighter made than my 07 Frontier, check it out. I guess that is why they can still get 16 to 20 mpg with all of that power which I wouldn't ever need anyway.
    6500 lbs Towing works for me. :)
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I thought exactly the same regarding the Tacoma's doors/tailgate. I like a solid thunk when I close a car door, and you get that with the Frontier. Very solid. Some people have complained(?) about the HEAVY Frontier tailgate, but I like it heavy. What's the beef? It's a very solidly built truck.
    The new Tundra, I know little about. I've seen a couple in town, decent looking, too, too big for my want or needs. If I was in to towing anything substantial, I'd get a 3/4 ton.
    I know that the Frontier/Tacoma with the V-6 will tow 2 and a half tons like a breeze.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I have an '05 LE KC Frontier and I love the truck, but I am one who complains about the weight of the tailgate. I have had 3 Datsun/Nissan pickups and have had more trouble with this heavy tailgate than I did with both of the other tailgates combined.

    I had a 1977 KC 5 speed that I kept for 24 years and 175,00 miles and never had a bit of problem with the tailgate and it was a real work truck that carried my dirtbikes for most of those years along with a lot of heavier items.

    With this heavy tailgate one of the hinges is bent and the lower right hand corner has a slight kink in it from falling down when the latch did not catch good.

    I tried the tailgate on the '07 Frontier when I was looking at the revised tailgate liner and found they have lightened the tailgate considerably. I am pretty sure that it has been lightened because I could not see any sort of tailgate assist attached to it.

    I might add that I am almost 70 years old, 5' 7" tall, and weigh about 120 pounds. The tailgate is definitely a two handed proposition for me and I use it fairly frequently.

    As soon as I have the money I am considering buying an '07 tailgate to replace mine if it isn't cost prohibitive.

  • dmo09dmo09 Posts: 1
    After two years of researching, test driving and almost signing a deal on a Tacoma...twice...I went with an 07 Frontier King Cab. The tacoma's are just to expensive and the dealers to arrogant. Two different dealers wouldn't make me the right deal and advised me they dont have to discount, the trucks will sell regardless. So I walked out on both of them...jerks. The Frontier was the right choice as it turned out. Got more truck for less money and after driving for three months I would recommend a Nissan to anyone looking at either truck. Simply love it!
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Sounds like a carbon copy of my own experience. The two trucks are close in price (Msrp) here in Canada, but very few, if any, of the Toyota dealers will dicker. They told me on the Toy lots that the price was already cut. I found, as many others have here, that our local Toyota sales people are quite smug. Nissan will deal (love it), so consequently I ended up with a better equipped truck for about 4 grand less. It's a hoot to drive, love every minute I'm in it.

    Enjoy your truck and safe driving to you!
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    so what do you gusy think about the Nismo crew cab?
    with the rockforsget package... I can get it for $25000??
  • uncalumnusuncalumnus Posts: 11
    I just bought my Tacoma. Here in NC (USA) Toyota trucks are far more popular(atleast in my area) There are more Toyota dealers here, and they do bargain with you. I have really enjoyed my truck. It is a double cab prerunner with the SR5 and towing packages. I will not say anything bad about Nissan, but I have known Toyota trucks that have gone on for a LONG time. My brother in law had one for 450,000 miles. This is my second Toyota truck, and I have loved them both.
    To everyone that prefers Nissan or Toyota, I hope you like your choice as much as I do. Good Luck to you all.
  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    I am planning to tow a 17' travel trailer or Scamp or Escape fifth wheel (both which are specially designed for compact trucks, so don't freak out on me and tell me it can't be done...these have a GVWR of under 5,000 lbs. and are often paired with Tacoma SR5s). Plan to take it on backroads, up hills, etc. (but I do not want a Titan or Tundra or other large truck...I just need to tow about 6-8 times a year, not all the time and like the compacts).

    Test drove a Nissan Frontier NISMO 4 x 4 (AT) with a max tow rating of 6,100 lbs. and a Tacoma SR5 4 x 4 (AT) with a max tow rating of 6,300 lbs. I can tell that the Tacoma is a great truck, but strongly prefer the ride and smoother engine performance of the Frontier. However, the Tacoma can be ordered with a tow package which includes: 130 AMP alternator, transmission oil cooler, engine oil cooler, heavy duty battery, and a 7 pin hardwired hitch receiver with converter.
    The Frontier doesn't offer this option. Only two Nissan salespeople have bothered to note down what the Tacoma offers to see if the Frontier can be similarly spec'd. What I have been told is that the Nissan dealership can install all the same options EXCEPT the 130 AMP alternator. They said the only option with that would be to install an aftermarket 130 AMP alternator, which they do NOT recommend because it might create electrical problems.

    I have two questions:

    1. Are the Nissan dealerships telling me the truth about being able to install the engine oil cooler and transmission oil cooler?
    2. How crucial is having a 130 AMP alternator for the towing use I have detailed above? Will it hurt me to not have it? Would having a heavy-duty battery paired with a non-130 AMP alternator create any problems?
    3. Why would an aftermarket 130 AMP alternator possibly cause electrical problems?

    Thanks to anyone out there who can explain this... I am anxious to buy, but want to be sure I know what I am getting (or not getting)!
  • carnut21carnut21 Posts: 38
    I have an 05 CC, 6spd 2x4, Frontier and have towed 6500 pounds with this truck (tandem axle trailer and Kubota tractor with front end loader and 6 foot tiller). The truck was GREAT pulling but if I were going to be towing on a consistent basis I reconsider using the mid-size truck and go for the full size (with this much weight). I am not sure anyone sells a 5th wheel hitch for either truck but sounds like potential disaster. The key to trailers in not necessarily pulling but getting stopped and that is the reason larger trucks are best for this (larger trucks=larger brakes).

    Also, the RV trailers are not that heavy but when you start loading them down is where you will get into trouble. my BIL has a 4,800 GVW trailer but by the time you get 4 bicycles, groceries, water, food, clothes, etc. you will approach or exceed the GVW of either truck unless you travel lighter than most of us.

    The Titan has some EXCELLENT reviews for towing trailers and while they are rated for 9300 +/- pounds, they are capable of much more. Read in a RV or boat magazine where a guy in Florida was towing a 13,000 +/- cigarette boat with no problems.

    I would think long in hard of a 5th wheel in either, especially the Toyota since it has less power.
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