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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • daileyaddaileyad Posts: 20
    We're in eastern washington. I just got the best price from surrounding areas then took that to our local dealership that I knew would bargain from my knowledge of when we bought our last toyota.
  • chukar1chukar1 Posts: 7
    I am in central wa. So how did you get out of paying the dealer holdback or wholesale financial charge or the TDA? (they all add up to about $1200) Does your rig have any SL pkg on it or other pkgs? We went to spokane, they jumped at my first offer but then I realized we offered too much ($500 over invoice= what a car buyer could get us), got him down to $300 but still felt that was to much so walked away. I don't think Costco would be any better. Came back to the local dealer, he said they could match the $300 but we would have to pay to get a trade shipped in (NOT!), if they had to trade for a color or pkg. Have been at this a couple of months, really tired of all this but will continue to play the game. the hour they have spent with us is not worth the $1000s extra they want.
  • onoffroadonoffroad Posts: 17
    Gave edmunds quote to Nissan&Toyota sale manager(Internet) ! All was done over the phone ! Both would sell it at Edmunds price ! Got manager name,took print out to Dealerships ! The truck that I wanted was in other state they traded trucks,so my truck had little over 300 miles on it ! Truck was drove back ! Great,got color & truck that i wanted !! The auto that i bought before this through the internet & phone also was in other city ! Got quote,then local dealer when got the car at lower price for me ! Live outside Charleston S.C. !
  • daileyaddaileyad Posts: 20
    The truck we were looking at had the SR5 package (SL) on it. We did not end up purchasing a toyota because of the limited supply of 2010's left with just the base SR5 package and none of the colors were acceptable to us and it was too late for a factory order. We submitted requests to dealers from Seattle, Portland, and all across Washington. Once we had the lowest price from those, we went back to the 2 dealerships that seemed to be most competitive in price (which were Doxon Toyota and Appleway Toyota) and tried to get them to beat our lowest price. Hope that helps
  • chukar1chukar1 Posts: 7
    thanks, it does.
  • chukar1chukar1 Posts: 7
    Forgot to add that the local Nissan dealer was doing a factory repair on the crew cab LE we wanted to test. Said it would be done Wed afternoon, and we set up a time to come in on Thurs. Got there, they gave us the run around, they had sold it. Didn't even bother to call. They just lost our business. Tired of this stuff, so really appreciate your input. What Nissan dealer did you end up using?
  • Compared Tacoma and Frontier. Low-Mid range priced Tacoma or Fully Loaded LE Frontier was the choice.

    It was no comparison. Power - Frontier, Style - Frontier, Creature comforts - Frontier.
    First trip with Truck averaged 20+ mpg on hilly highway driving. Roof rack holds canoe, sunroof feature a plus, leather seats and adjustable seats all out sold Toyota model.

    We are neighbors to the Toyota dealer 1 mile away and visited often to try to make a deal. They kept calling back offering "USED" Toyota Trucks with 30,000 miles. We made an ONLINE purchase at the Nissan Dealership and have yet to visit the dealer. The salesperson drove the truck to our house and drove away our trade. This service can't be beat.

    We purchased the NEW 2010 Frontier LE 4x4 Crew Cab loaded for the same price as the "VERY USED" Tacoma's and are very pleased with our decision.

    Towing is great, power is great, acceleration is great, comfort great, Nissan Dealer (Abeloff) was great.
  • In July I purchased a new 2010 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X4 replacing my 2001 Frontier. No complaints there- just wore out. But with the new purchase I quickly discovered that when stopped on a hill, while in drive, the vehicle rolls backwards. It will similarly roll forward if in reverse and stopped when backing up.
    I now know there is a “Hill start assist” that allows the driver to stop on an incline, release the brake and not roll back for two seconds.” See manual p.5-37. But after two seconds the vehicle rolls as if in neutral and will roll backwards unimpeded. Some assist. As effective as the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    Unaware of this “assist” I reported the problem to the dealership (who I have worked with satisfactorily for 20 years) and I was told to bring it in. After their review – of which the tech guy tested another new vehicle and discovered it rolled back as well - I was informed that “the vehicle was operating normally.” The Service Manager told me that when on a hill I would have to “two pedal it.”

    I contacted the Nissan North America consumer affairs department and asked “Why does Nissan think that a transmission design that has their vehicles rolling backwards (or forwards) when on hills is acceptable? Why is there not a bright light warning to consumers/owners?” After three months I am waiting for an answer.

    My frustration is that I wasn’t informed prior to the purchase – and further that the condition is acceptable. Whereas you mention it to anybody and the response is “That’s not right.”

    Consequently I have tested a new Toyota Tacoma. It rolls back too.
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