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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • hughes200hughes200 Posts: 7
    Here's my list of issues with my 05 stang V6 automatic:
    Exhaust Vibration - fixed
    Front End Popping
    Paint Stripes Peeling
    Slow Fuel Fill
    Passenger Air Bag Light Stays Lit
    Hesitation in Acceleration
    Clunking Sound From P to R

    Other than that, I love the car.
  • jaddayjadday Posts: 4
    Looks like we're having the same problem with the clunking sound. I'm taking mine 2morrow to see what's wrong.. I'll keep ya'll posted...
  • jfrayzierjfrayzier Posts: 1
    I have a V6 Coupe. Built in April, 05.

    I have it in the shop right now for a couple of issues, but they called and said it's ready to be picked up now.

    The only thing major is the fuel tank. I have filled my car about four times so far and it’s only done it to me at the Kroger pump.

    I went to fill it from about 1/8th of a tank and it cut off on me twice right away. After that, it filled fine until I got to $14.99 and it cut off. I didn’t figure this was enough gas, so I tried to add a little more and it overflowed.

    I got in the car and I had only about 5/8 tank. I went to Citgo and filled it the rest of the way without incident.

    They’re going to replace the tank.

    Anyways, the only other issues I’ve had are that there is a small part of the driver’s floorboard that pops when pressure is applied to it. Like a piece of the metal above the floorboard, but under the carpet, is bubbled up or something. Similar to those little popper things that you train a dog with or use to “buzz in” in a board game.

    Also the passenger door is rubbing against the striker when the door closes. This isn’t a big problem, I just want to get it fixed. When you close the door slowly you notice that it rubs it and the door actually lifts up ever so slightly as it closes.

    The last thing is the drop glass on the driver’s side is rubbing against the frame when it opens.

    No driving problems at all. I’ve got about 1,100 miles on it so far and it has driven flawlessly.

    Anyways, they said it is done now and they replaced the tank. The driver's door drop glass is fine. They looked at others on the lot and they rub the frame as well. They adjusted the passenger door and I will have to schedule an appointment with the body shop about the popping in the floor board.

    I'll let you know all the details after I pick it up.
  • I also took my auto v6 in for the clunking sound. They told me it was normal for that car. They even had me try 3 new cars on the lot and they all had the same sound from park to reverse. Let me know what you find out. I still do not believe that a new tranny should sound like this.
  • snakerbillsnakerbill Posts: 272
    In August of 2004 I placed my order for the GT Mustang Automatic. In four months the car appeared at the dealership. It had everything wrong with it that has been discussed here, and I refused to take delivery of a car with so many things wrong with it. This car also had one problem that I have not seen in this thread: The rear suspension bounced up and down so hard that I thought that Ford had forgotten to install the springs. After reading this entire thread, I am glad that I would not take this car. I decided at that time to wait for the 2006 car and see if the problems have been corrected. It seems that little if anything has been done by Ford to this date. Car & Driver tested the convertable recently, and went on and on about how Ford had corrected the rough ride of the coupe by several suspension changes, and my question to anyone here who might know, is has that change been incorporated into the 2006 GT coupe. I intend to order another GT coupe, but only if these problems have been corrected. Does anyone here know anything about what changes might be made on the 2006 cars? I really feel that this Mustang would be a great car if it worked right. Who wants a car that spends most of its life in the dealers repair shop? In my opinion, a car that is not reliable is worthless, and the makers of such a car should be punished by the consumers not giving them their money. They would soon get their act together if the buying public stayed away in droves. Look at GM.
  • tha1tha1 Posts: 7
    Hey Guys,

    Anybody have any luck with the hesitation problems on the GT automatic? I swear there is a hesitation in the low gears. Also when I am in stop and go traffic seem to rev engine after braking and getting that feeling of a "thunk" from the engine. Do you guys think driving with overdrive off would give the GT a smoother ride in the stop and go traffic.

    Any ideas?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    I think there were running changes made to the suspension (both coupe and convertible) from those that were tested by the trade rags with early models. While Ford won't say, I don't think there were any major changes to the suspension, just tweaks.

    That said, the Mustang is NOT going to ride like a Lincoln. What you should notice is the ride is firm and the suspension planting the wheels firmly on the road.

    Mine was built March 23. I've never noticed any "bounce" in the suspension at all. Maybe the one you drove had a broken shock from hard test drives?

    I do think some earlier builds had the slow fuel fill and skipping shaker stereo, but I believe the changes made at the factory from the end of March going forward, fixed these issues.

    No changes to the '06 aside from colors and wheel/tire options.
  • tmerrisstmerriss Posts: 42
    Try this on...

    I order my GT in a beautiful "Mineral Grey" and pick it up, and I notice the light bounces differently off a small part of the front of hood (about the size of my hand) then it does the rest of the I take a closer look. I go to the car wash and the problem is still there, and I realize my worst fears are confirmed: It looks as if some DOPE mechanic shut the hood leaving a bit of dirt on the hood, so then stupidly wiped the dirt and grease off with a rag, destroying the clearcoat in that area. I don't kow if it was in Michigan, or here at the dealership, but after spending 30K this IDIOCY does not make me happy. Going to FORD right now and see about it...
  • Oh boy, that hurts. My GT is the same color, and I'll wash it whenever it gets dirty. :P
  • hughes200hughes200 Posts: 7
    I thought the stiff ride in the rear suspension on my V6 was the way the car was designed. After reading some of the posts, it seems like it's not suppose to bounce if it goes over a small bump. Has anyone had any corrections made to the rear suspension to get a smoother ride?
  • snakerbillsnakerbill Posts: 272
    Graficguy suggested that my car ( which I did not take) had a broken shock, or perhaps I was expecting a softer ride. None of these things are the case. The one I ordered was so stiff that even the salesperson agreed that it was way too bouncy, and when Consumer Reports tested the 05 GT, they too said that it was too harsh in the rear. Ford cheaped out by using a solid rear axle instead of IRS, and they gave a bunch of hot air excuses for the 50 year old design that makes no sense in the 21st century, and the more I think about the Mustang, the less inclined I am to order another one. When I refused to take the car I had ordered, I went and purchased a 05 Honda Accord EX V6 coupe, and after 22,340 miles, it has never been back to the dealer for anything except oil changes. It has IRS, a 240hp engine, a five speed automatic and every luxury item known to exist, it is silent, fast, fairly good handling, with excellent brakes and on trips, it gets 32MPG. I got this car as a substitute for the Mustang until Ford cleaned up their problems, but the more I use the Honda, the better I like it, and the chance of my ordering another Mustang seem to be fadeing away. I may try the convertible, but I think I will stay away from the coupe. It is just too stiff. I just wonder how many of you guys on this thread wish that they did not take delivery of their car, or wish they could get their money back. I would really like to know the answer to that...Anyone?? This car just has too many problems to give Ford my money,
  • gtforme2gtforme2 Posts: 23
    "The one I ordered was so stiff that even the salesperson agreed that it was way too bouncy"

    Well, I'll say you and the salesman must have an awful sensitive bodies. Today was our day to go an p/u the long awaited GT convrt. My wife (who's car this is) drives a Chrysler T&C Ltd Minivan and I drive a Taurus. Neither had ever driven the GT prior to ordering. We drove it today for the first time and let me state that one of the first things that impressed both of us was the smoothness of the ride (particularly on bumpy roads). My wife even indicated she thought it rode much smoother than her Minivan and that doesn't have IRS. Maybe because it's a convertible, but we were both impressed.

    "More I use the Honda, the better I like it, and the chance of my ordering another Mustang seem to be fadeing away" I'd say go drive the convertible it'll make a believer out of you.
  • gtforme2gtforme2 Posts: 23
    First time ever driving the new GT was today when p/u'd up Windviel Blue model with the auto trans. It's been so COOL driving this thing since. Absolutely loving it. The sound of the V8 needs to be heard to believe, it's the sweetest thing.

    For fun tonight, I really jumped on it leaving an empty parking lot (back end of airport), had TC set to off, then put it to floor (acting like an imature little kid, this car does that to you) and although super quick takeoff couldn't spin the tires. Seems like should have gotten the Stick if wanted to that eh? Just curious if anyone else tried this and is that just something not going to happen with an Automatic? Also, car does seem to hestitate (when stepping on gas) little bit which surprises me, but when talked with Sales guy he didn't have any ideas, other than engine is new and maybe needs to have some time on it to eliminate the hestitation? Appreciate some feedback on this and wether I should be concerned at all.
  • Regarding noisy rear brakes, I had that. I took it to my dealer and they replaced the pads. But I think that was not the cure. The tech also put swirling grooves on the rotors. It looks bad but this is a good fix. That was 3 to 4 months ago and the noise has not come back. :)
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    If you like the Accord more, looking for 30+ MPG, soft ride, quiet, etc, I'd say you were never a good candidate for the Mustang. Accords are fine cars. They aren't performance cars, though. The Mustang is. It's going to have a firm ride. It's going to handle very well. It's going to be loud. It's not going to get 30 MPG. It's going to be "in your face".

    I wouldn't think that anyone who is a performance car fan would be satisfied with an Accord or Camry or any car of that ilk.

    Enjoy your Accord. I don't think a Mustang or GTO fan would consider one to meet our expectations of what we want out of our cars, though.
  • snakerbillsnakerbill Posts: 272
    I never said that I liked the Accord more than the Mustang. I said that I liked the Accord on its own merits, and a Mustang with all of the problems stated on this thread is not a car that I would want in preference to an Accord which has no problems at all. I am very familiar with performance cars, and I have owned several Camaro Z28s and Mustangs of prior years, and I know what to expect from such a car, and I can tell you that the 2005 Mustang which I would not accept was not right. The last performance car I had was a 2002 Z28 Camaro, and It was a very good car from day one. It had very few problems, (alignment from factory was off) but other than that I drove it 63, 000 miles with no trouble. My last Mustang, traded for the Z28 was also a very decent car and a body creak was the only problem I had with it. I am telling you that the 2005 Mustangs V6 and GTs are just not right, and you can make excuses for them if you want to, but I will not spend my cash on a car with all of the problems mentioned on this thread. Also, I find your assumption that I have no knowledge of performance cars, and your put=down of me because I made a comparison between a reliable, fuel efficient car and a car which has all kind of problems just seems to me that you have your mind made up and you do'nt want to be confused with facts, or another view of reality. Yes, the Mustang GT is faster, and handles better when it works, it just don't work often enough.You may like getting your car fixed so many times, but I have better things to do with my time than standing around in the dealers shop hoping he can find out what is wrong with the car. If Ford starts producing these cars without all the problems, I will be getting another Mustang, or even, by that time a new Z28 Camaro. Word is, that they (GM) are considering a new Camaro on the new rear drive platform, maybe that would wake Ford up, I hope so.
  • gener2gener2 Posts: 1
    I've had my 2005 GT, manual trans, since December. It has always had, among other problems, a clunking noise in the rear-end, especially when turning. I see alot of people here heve this problem, has anyone had it fixed yet? A Ford Racing Performance "Tech Advisor" at the Nostalgic Drag Races this weekend told me Ford knows what it is but he "wasn't allowed to tell?" I'd like to know if anyone has gotten an answer.
  • jaddayjadday Posts: 4
    Well I went to the car dealer but believe it or not the clunking sound did not sound there :mad: I couldn't believe my ears at that moment and untill today it didn't come anymore neither. I do believe too that it wasn't a normal sound but I hope that it stays this way..

    Besides that, now, the dashboard (interior upgrade package) has been tickling sometimes by the passenger side. I think/hope this is easy to fix by my dealer. Also when running like 30 minutes and then taking a left turn, I've starting to hear a strange noise in the back. It's like a gear on gear sound.

    Anyone has heard this sound? Besides these ones, I still DO love my 2005 GT. :)
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    From the talk here of all these problems, I take it a best bet is to buy a pre-'05.
    Looks like the typical two to three year blues for domestic new model cars. Oh
    well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. - Loren
  • tmerrisstmerriss Posts: 42
    the "ticking" noise by the passenger side is a problem I had too but I too care of it. Do you have manual tranny?

    It was bugging me and I just could not figure out just where it was coming from. Then I noticed when I shifted into second gear, the sound "broke" for a second. My radar told me to look at the shifter. It seems I had the shifter twisted to the left (toward me), which is something I did on purpose weeks before because I liked the way it looks (the manual shifter is easliy turned either way if you haven't noticed). It seems the leather shift boot which was slightly twisted (because I had slightly twisted the shifter) and it was the SHIFT BOOT making the sound! :surprise: I strightend the shifter and no more problems....
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