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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • 5twenty5twenty Posts: 11
    I had the first, I've been told, 2005 Mustang GT in Washington State, delivered the first week in November 2004. I've had just about all the problems mentioned on the board including a skipping CD player, fuel filling issues, noise from the dash on the right side near the pillar, and worst of all, the awful popping noise from the front end that Ford cannot seem to fix. As of today, the car has 15,500 miles on it.

    The CD player was replaced but of course the technician didn't bother to look at the TSB and the lights on the buttons didn't work, costing me another trip to the dealer. That has now been fixed, so far, without any problems. But it should have been fixed properly the first time. LOOK AT THE TSBs YOU TECHNICIANS!!!

    My fuel tank was replaced after having the fuel filling problem several times, that, too, works well now.

    The noise from the right side dash appears to be coming from the cover or behind the cover (triangle shaped) near the corner of the window. This hasn't been addressed yet.

    But worst of all is the EMBARRASSING popping noise that comes from the front end during slow parking lot maneuvers. This has been getting worse and worse every day yet my Ford dealership declines to even LOOK AT IT because of a TSB saying there is nothing that can be done at this time about it. I hope that MY popping noise is the same as the one in the TSB. If it were caused by something different from the TSB, like my wheels are about to fall off, Ford would never know because they won't even look at it. If it were something different and I were to get in an accident because of it my wife would own a Ford dealership, that's for sure.

    I LOVE MY MUSTANG!! IT's AN AWESOME CAR. I knew buying the first of a newly designed car that there would be issues. I expected that and don't mind going through growing pains of a clean sheet design/first year car. What I can't accept is Ford's delay in fixing what sounds like a serious issue (popping noise from front end). I also can't accept is my dealer declining to even look at my car because of a TSB.

    Has anyone experienced the popping noise and had an explanation of WHAT IT IS?
  • My Mustang also makes this clunk noise when I alternate between onthegas and offthegas. I'm not worried. Why?

    Going back to my childhood, this is a sound that I associate with Fords. They all do it. It is most noticeable when you move from park to reverse or from reverse to drive. If Ford will fix it for you, that's pretty good, but usually it is nothing to worry about. This sound is caused by the splines at the output shaft of the tranny where they engage with the driveshaft.

    I also hear the rumbling, rock-polisher noise when I put it in neutral and let out the clutch. I heard this noise in my Vette, I hear it in my BMW motorcycle, I've heard it in numerous other motorcycles, I hear it in my Mustang. Basically, the gears on the input shaft are all turning whenever the clutch is engaged. The noise is always there when you are driving down the road, but you can only hear it when you are stopped. The only way to eliminate the noise is to leave the car in gear and keep your foot on the clutch. Unfortunately, there are issues with this too. I'd say your best bet is to learn to love the noise of rocks tumbling around in your transmission :)

    Here are some noises you should be worried about:
    1. When under hard acceleration, Loud popping noise. Shouldn't be a problem with Mustang, but is cause for serious concern. Worry about the U-joints.
    2. Under corning at slow speeds on really good traction pavement, if you hear a popping coming from the rear end, get to the dealer right away. Better yet, stop and get a flatbed. This is a sign that your traction lok is locked. It is VERY bad for the spider gears in the diff. If/when the spider gears disintegrate, you will go no further. Don't ask how I know. It can be caused by low oil in the diff or by a lack of friction modifier additive (many mechanics think friction modifier is not necessary). I have to say though that while the LSD was locked, I had a lot of fun driving the car. You wanna talk about tail-happy...
    3. A varying pitched whine from the rear end when you alternately accelerate or decelerate could be a sign of a misadjusted pinion thrust bearing. If this doesn't go away in the first 100 miles or so, it is definitely warranty time. This is caused by the pinion riding on a different part of the ring gear under different loads.
  • I just read that there is a TSB: 04-24-20 for the rear end. Reference item number two in my previous post:
    2. Under corning at slow speeds on really good traction pavement, if you hear a popping coming from the rear end, get to the dealer right away. Better yet, stop and get a flatbed. This is a sign that your traction lok is locked. It is VERY bad for the spider gears in the diff. If/when the spider gears disintegrate, you will go no further. Don't ask how I know. It can be caused by low oil in the diff or by a lack of friction modifier additive (many mechanics think friction modifier is not necessary). I have to say though that while the LSD was locked, I had a lot of fun driving the car. You wanna talk about tail-happy...
  • jc_05gtjc_05gt Posts: 13
    Regarding the scratches of your window tinting. When I had my windows tinted on my new 05 GT the guy told me that it would cost extra because he needed to remove the door panel to install a felt liner. Seem ford decided on a cost savings and remove the felt liner of the windows. If your installed did not do this then that is why your tinting is getting scratched.
  • bellockbellock Posts: 2
    I've had the V6 manual for about 1 month. I also hear the rattle/rumbling when the the car is in neutral and the clutch is out...sometimes it's worse than others. Anyone else having this problem? Is it at all a cause for concern?

    I've also experienced the gas-fill issue, although it doesn't do it every time I fill the tank, and it seems to vary from station to station. It definitely appears to do it more often with the fuel nozzles that have the rubber "sleave." The dealer told me that I would have to drop it off so that they can confirm the problem. I'm concerned that it won't do it when I drop it off...shouldn't they just fix it based on the TSB and production date alone? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • bellockbellock Posts: 2
    ...also, in reply to heatho's comment on the A/C "clicking" noise, I had the same thing...intermittent clicking with the A/C on. The dealer replaced the A/C compressor clutch and it stopped.
  • heathoheatho Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I may have to take it for at least the A/C "clicking". (Its not coming from the rear, it just sounded that way with the windows rolled up).

    As far as the other noises, I was just wondering, because my other cars don't make them... I kinda figured that this might be part of the "muscle car" sounds that you wouldn't hear in a Honda.

    I haven't had to put gas in it, so I'm not sure if I have the filling problem others have talked about.
  • silvergtsilvergt Posts: 3
    I've got the same rattle from what sounds like the lower passenger side. Haven't chased it down yet. My car was built in Feb.

    '05 V6 Vert
    Cancelled my silver GT order.
  • Just thought I'd let you guys know I read on a Mustang message board last night that Ford now has a TSB for the front end popping noise. I can't access it since I am at work, but maybe someone can post it, if not I will do it tonight. IIRC (it was late), it dealt with a bearing replacement and something with the springs.

    My wife has narrowed down the noise on the right side of the dash as something to do with the IUP trim. When she puts pressure on it, the noise goes away. It seems to be by the airbag and the hvac vent.Does anyone know how Ford installed the aluminum trim? I'm also curious if everyone with the dash rattle has the IUP or not.
  • snow3snow3 Posts: 7
    The thumping sound your describing sorta sounds like mine... Mine occured twice but at very low speeds....and on cold mornings...Took it to my husbands shop he put it on the lift and unscrewed the rearend plug to find large and small meatl shavings covering the entire plug...Called Roadside assistance and had them flatbed the car to the dealer...Took about a week for the New Rearend to come in and it seems to be running fine now....If anyone has this thumping that you are describing I would not hesitate to have it looked at... They said that something from the assembly line fell into the rear hub....My husbadn heard through the grapevine that Ford has been warned about these rearends....About $ 1480.00 error
    Good Luck and I do love my Windveil Blue Mustang ! :)
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,343
    I think some of what I'm reading may have to do with the Mustang being their first "quasi" sports car.

    Clutch in/out sounds are usually attributed to the "clutch pack" being engaged/disengaged. This is normal. What you are hearing are pieces "spinning" while not engaged. The little click you are hearing when depressing the clutch is the safety other words, there's an electrical switch to keep you from trying to start the car with the car in gear and the clutch dis-engaged, which would result in the car "lunging" forward or backward. It's normal.

    As a side note, when I first learned how to drive a manual tranny car, there were no such safety guards. I can't tell you how many times I'd try to start a car thinking it was in "neutral" when it was in gear and having it lunge forward into the car in front of me.

    It sounds like a lot of cars that were built in November/December/January/February didn't have the running production changes. Mine was built in March.

    Here's what I've noticed with mine. I'll assume there were changes made at the factory to alleviate the early production issues spoken about here......

    --no slow fill-ups when refueling (either a new gas tank, or fuel filler neck)
    --no "popping" noises (don't know what would cause this in early builds))
    --no CD skipping (confirmed that I had the "B" revision of the Shaker)
    --thumping.....if a worker left dropped something into the rear end hub that caused this during the assembly process, I'd certainly have his/her job

    Another issue that I've never experienced was something that Car & Driver keeps harping about. That is, they say the solid rear axle sometimes "side steps" with hard acceleration in bumpy corners. They had no such issue with the latest GT convertible tested. They alluded to the GT convertible having different (softer) bushings. I'll assume that was a running production change in the GT coupe, also since the convertibles started being manufactured in March, same timeframe as mine.

    The only real "noise" that mine made that I felt it shouldn't make was when shifting, the shift boot "crackled". A little leather conditioner on the shift boot got rid of that.

    Aside from that, mine has been tight and "noise free".
  • snow3snow3 Posts: 7
    Here are all four of the TSB's for Ford Mustang 05 Passenger vehicles listed hope this helps everyone...My husband started first posting here about the Mustang he bought for me so now I am enjoying reading all postings I find it very helpful..

    Technical Service Bulletins Summary

    Make: FORD
    Model: MUSTANG
    Year: 2005
    Service Bulletin Number: 042107
    NHTSA Item Number: 10014086
    Summary Description:
    Technical Service Bulletins Summary

    Make: FORD
    Model: MUSTANG
    Year: 2005
    Service Bulletin Number: 04189
    NHTSA Item Number: 10014062
    Summary Description:
    Technical Service Bulletins Summary

    Make: FORD
    Model: MUSTANG
    Year: 2005
    Service Bulletin Number: 0531
    NHTSA Item Number: 10012947
    Summary Description:

    Technical Service Bulletins Summary

    Make: FORD
    Model: MUSTANG
    Year: 2005
    Service Bulletin Number: 042420
    NHTSA Item Number: 10014100
    Summary Description:
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    It is exactly that. I have the IUP and when Ipress on the IUP, where it splits because of the airbag deployment, it goes away. Even though I showed it to the Ford manager, this didn't stop them from putting 25 miles on the car! :mad: I was really pissed about that and they give me this crap about making sure the job was done right.

    I picked it up and drove one mile to my home. fine. This morning on my way to work, I still heard it as they replaced the bracket behind the IUP. Instead of the usual 10, it was at a 2 in terms of volume, I could probably live with that because between tire noise, radio, etc...that is fine. 2 miles later I went over a bump and whatever they fixed, I am guessing with bubble gum, came off and the rattle is back and just as fierce. :mad:

    So whichever tech guy who had a blast driving my car all over town, hope you enjoyed it because I am going to make sure that the joyrides stop, those bunch of wankers. i mean, I want to trust my delaer but I already told them not to send me a survey from Ford.

    Everything esle is fine, other than a funny popping of the front suspension early in the morning, it seems like the shock does not know what to do on certain bumps.

    I am starting ti miss my Volvo dealer.
  • All these reported problems are starting to make me worried, my order for a Manual GT is going in this week!
  • I wouldn't worry about it. Even with these things that we complain about, I love the Stang. I swore after my Intrpid R/T I was done with American brands. Sure enough I am back and I don't regret it. This car just produces a smile everytime! :shades:
  • As promised here is the TSB on the front end "popping":


    Publication Date: April 27, 2005

    FORD: 2005 Mustang

    Some 2005 Mustang vehicles built before 4/8/2005 may exhibit an intermittent popping noise from the front of the vehicle while turning left or right. The noise will typically occur during low speed maneuvers and may occur multiple times while turning.

    On both sides of the vehicle, install a revised upper strut bearing assembly. If the vehicle was built before February, 2005 it may also be necessary to install a lower spring seat isolator if one is not already present. Refer to the following Service Procedure
  • 5twenty5twenty Posts: 11
    Thanks so much for this LONG AWAITED TSB. This is exactly what my car has been doing for months. I'll be making an appointment Monday morning. :)
  • I Got my GT on Dec 31 04 and after few day driving on bumpy roads started a noise that like a blown shock on the front suspension , Dealer could not find anything wrong , but is like you said a Popping noise which I own F150 97, Ranger 01 Supra 81 and non of them make any noise on the front end. I haven't altered the car at all is all stock. Also the Cd skips constantly, so I see thats a common problem with other Mustangs Shaker 1000, other than that Car runs great, no fuel problem so far , and Make people stop and stare at it no matter what age! 850 miles on it. I agreed with you about growing pains , I keep searching about the noise until finding a solution and passing over to others...
  • tonijavatonijava Posts: 2
    I am having the same fueling issue with my 2005 Mustang, "Aretha". I have had my car for almost 3 months and this morning left me feeling like a complete fool at the pump. Feeling like I had to explain that yes I ahve pumped my own gas before and yes this was the car not me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
    Toni :confuse:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,343
    Try putting the pump nozzle in cocked to one side or the other. Or, try pumping with the nozzle upside down.

    If this just started happening after 3 months, you also might try a different station as many have said that trying different stations has alleviated the issue.
  • captnfredcaptnfred Posts: 4
    My V6 has a similar problem with the filler neck. I've found that it will fill without stopping if I just set the auto-fill lever on the very first detent. Yeah, it takes longer to fill the tank, but it gives me more time to clean the windows and chat with the car's admirers.

    I'm also having the same problem with the door window's tinting getting scratched.

    Other than that, no problems after one week and 2,000 miles. It's silver, Shaker 500 (B), manual trans, black leather, electric driver's seat, sport interior and exterior and bright machined wheels. :)
  • pumpkinfishpumpkinfish Posts: 61
    I read in another forum that Ford has left off the "felt" and this is causing the problem. Since I didn't tint and have no plans to, I never looked into this on my car. You may want to see if this is the problem. I remember the poster said something about the window-tinter adding this and his didn't scratch.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,343
    captn.....I've only put the fuel nozzle on the first detent whenever I've filled up any of my cars. Never had a problem filling any of them up. I think some of todays fuel nozzles are designed to "trap" the fumes given off while refueling. This has caused some of them to "shut-off" whenever you try to refuel too quickly. This has happened whenever I use the 2nd or 3rd detent in just about any car I've owned in the past 5 years or so.

    Personally, I think the rubber window surrounds that come on the Mustang to be more durable than the felt. But, as has been mentioned, a "good" window tinter would install some sort of soft surround material to the windows when they do the job to make certain there would be no scratching. I don't consider this a Ford problem, however.

    That silver was my 2nd choice. It's very nice. I've got redfire metallic with IUP, ICAP, side airbags and the Shaker 500. No issues whatsoever except I can't keep my foot out of it. If I drive it sanely, I get about 22 MPG. If I keep my foot in it, I only get about 17 MPG.
  • tonijavatonijava Posts: 2
    I just got off the phone with my Ford Dealership and he knew exactly the problem with the fueling issue and said Ford is aware of this and apparently it has to do with a problematic new fuel tank. My service man has ordered the part and is replacing the defective one this week. So, all in all things are looking up! :D
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,343 understanding was that it was a vapor issue....the fuel vapors were coming back through the neck of the gas tank and causing some fuel pumps to shut off. I knew there was a TSB and that Ford is taking care of the early builds that exhibited the issue. Whne was yours built?

    Seems like the ones built after Feb, Ford got the kinks out.

    I finally have enough miles on mine to start opening it up. I did a couple of turns to redline last night.....MERCY!!!!!!!! This car is incredible. Won't tell you what speeds I got to, but at some tripple digit speeds, my GT felt like it was made to run all day, effortlessly at triple digits. Handling was quick and no car that's capable of what this car is capable of should ride as well as it does, as comfortable as it is. It was as solid as a piece of granite over bumps as elevated speeds, too
  • jc_05gtjc_05gt Posts: 13
    How do you tell when your stang was built?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,343
    It should have a label where the driver's door meets the body of the car. Open the drivers door to see what month/year yours was built.
  • danmandanman Posts: 16
    Thats why my Mustang GT got lemon lawed, couldn't fix vibrations-rattles on 5 tries+. I'ts my nearly $30k, I wouldn't expect this out of a used 3 yr old car let alone a brand new one! Otherwise I though the interior was pretty nice, nicest Mustang interiors ever. 1987 225hp V8 GT I had was bad-cheap interior. Yeah the new one draws a lot of attention, great car, just couldn't deal with all those problems on a nearly $30k car.
  • katzcamerokatzcamero Posts: 1
    How do you access Technical Service Bulletins Summary?
    I have an 05 mustang GT and it is in the shop right now due to a rear gear. I was wondering if this is a common problem or if anyone else has had this problem.
  • I own a 96 V6 Mustang that I purchased new in 96. My car was making the same noise your talking about in the rear. I had them try to fix it twice. They replaced the U-Joint and some bushings from what I remember. It still makes the noise today and it hasn't affected anything on the car. I just thought I would put my two cents in on this point. I think sometimes cars just make wierd noises.
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