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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • Back when I lived in the frozen north, I bought a set of wide rims and 60-series tires for my '82 Celica for summer use and mounted "real" snow tires (not the all-seasons everyone else used) on the original stock rims. I never had traction problems stopping or starting. I guess the question is, since the stock rims for the GT are fairly wide, and snow tires grip better when used with a more narrow profile, wouldn't it be better to get some skinnier rims (and tires) for the snows and leave the big meats on the stock rims for "in season" driving? Seems to me that you would get better traction AND save a few bucks.
  • No, I park it on flat driveway. I haven't noticed the water when I wash the vehicle. My guess is it's something to do with the way it's designed to shed water. I'll be brining into dealer later this week, I'll update findings.
  • My dealer told me that I could get the 'securilock' key (with embedded trasmitter) with my Mustang if I want it, no charge I guess. I have 2 questions - 1) how expensive are duplicate keys to have made, 2) Does this security system actually work? Thanks.
  • I am trying to decide on an extended warrantee for my new mustang. Im leaning against it mainly because I hate extended warrantee's. Is there any data on the reiablitiy of the new mustangs yet? Should I consider an extended warrantee? I havent even asked for the price yet, but Im sure it will cost $$$$$
  • As far as I know, the keys work as a security device. You can't start the car without a properly programmed key.

    The keys are expensive if you buy them from Ford.... probably about $60-70 to buy the blank, get it cut, and have them program it. You can buy the blanks on e-bay for less than $20, and get them cut at wal-mart or home depot for about a buck. The instructions for programming the car to accept the new key are in the owner's manual, and it's easy, despite what the dealer may tell you. (He wants your $60-70.) On e-bay they are called "transponder keys".

    For the do-it-yourself programming you need TWO keys that the car already knows. (This prevents a guy at the parking lot from copying one of your keys when you aren't looking.) What this means is that it is smart to have a spare, because if you only have two and lose one, you are then at the mercy of Ford for a duplicate.

    You can also get a plain key (without the computer chip) from home depot, etc. It will open the door but won't start the car. It is really useful tied somewhere under the front bumper for when you lock your keys in the car.
  • I have had my new 06 Mustang for a week now.
    Within the first few days I started to notice that while diving with the A/C on there is a noticeable sound (like a burst of air) that occurs every 5 to 15 seconds like clockwork.
    This noise is loud enough to hear inside the car with the windows up and the radio playing at a low level. When standing outside the car the noise can be heard well over the sound of the engine.

    I took it in for service and I was told that the sound was normal, and was just the A/C cycling. I was also told by the serviceman that this is a noisy part on a lot of Fords and it is just more noticeable in the Mustang because of the engine layout.

    So my questions are:

    1) Does the serviceman’s explanation make sense?
    2) Should the engagement of the A/C make that much noise?
    3) Should the A/C cycle every 5 to 15 seconds? I live in Arizona where the daily temp still exceeds 90 degress?
    4) Does anyone else with a 05 or 06 mustang hear the same noise every 5 to 15 seconds while driving with the A/C on?
    5) If something needs to be fixed what is the best way to approach the service center who believes it is not a problem?

    I thank anyone that can help in advance.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    1) yes
    2) not really, but that's just the way it's designed and constructed. no malfunction.
    3) heck yeah
    4) yes
    5) talk to the manager/general manager
  • I cannot help you much but to say that I don't get this with my '06 Mustang, nor on any other Ford product either someone I know or I have owned. I live in Houston, TX, so I've had plenty of hot, hot days (even in September, when I got the car) and haven't encountered this.

    I do not know if it indicates a problem or not (cause I've never had it happen to me or someone I know), but it doesn't sound like it's a "feature" I'd want or tolerate. The temperature level shouldn't make a difference to the A/C. I could see it making a difference to the engine but not the A/C itself.

    I'd either try to find another person in the service center to take a look at it or take it to another service center (this may be difficult if you're in the boonies).
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    There's not a lot of "sound deadener" in the Mustang GT. The more you use, the more weight is involved.

    In 90 degree and above temps, it wouldn't be unusual for the compressor to cycle on and off as you describe. You'll notice it more because of the lack of sound deadener as mentioned above.

    If you really think there's a problem, then by all means, go to another Ford dealership and have it looked at.
  • Anyone see the new Performance Packages offered from Ford Racing Parts? From what I read on other sites, the springs in the handling pack are Steeda springs. Out of all of them offered, the handling pack is the most tempting.
  • Ive got an '05 GT in the UK and am having a nightmare getting any help from Ford USA. Ford UK are no good either so im having to try and get all the information I need from sites like this. CAN ANYONE HELP?
    I need to get the exact Ford part numbers for the parts listed in the TSBs. Mainly the number for whatever the part is that fixes the fuel cutoff problem. I have found a site that lists the TSB numbers but no actual part numbers.
    Also, ive got the front suspension popping noise happening. :mad: I understand this is due to the bushings so do they need replacing? Is there a part number for them?
    Also im totally stumped with regards to how to get the Skipping Shaker 1000 fixed. Is it just some software? where can i get hold of it? and how is it installed into the car?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Just got back from my Ford dealer re: fast idle and dead battery issues. This morning I got in my 05 V6 to go to the dealer , but the battery was dead after sitting unused in my garage for 3 and a half days. Called Ford for a jump start. The dealer could not find any draw on the battery and found it to be fully charged. Of course it would be fully charged, I just drove it 65 miles to the dealership. They also could not duplicate the fast idle problem either or with all the noises coming from the drivetrain. The noises are "characteristics" of the tranny/rear end. You would think this might curtail sales on the 2006 Stang and Ford might want to stop all these postings. If you are in traffic this is the drivetrain from hell!!!
    Anyone solve the dead battery problem yet?
  • Jenny,

    I am having a similar problem with my 2005 Mustang GT. Occasionally, I m not able to put any gas in the car. The gas pump will shut off right as I start to pump the gas, acting as if the car's gas tank is full. The other day, it only let me put 4 gallons in and the gas pump shut off. The dealer is going to replace my gas tank. He said there is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) describing the problem and recommending the fuel tank replacement.

  • aarndtaarndt Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Ram Van. The accessory plug outlet is dead. All fuses are good. Is this outlet feed from some place else? If so, where might it be?
  • Same with my 05 . V6 convertable, it sounded like metal snaping. I took it into the dealer and they "shimmed" the compressor, it is a lot quiter now
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    There's a TSB to remedy that problem. Take it to your dealer and they will set you up an appointment to replace the front strut assemblies. I had it done and haven't heard a pop since. ;)

    You aren't really easy, are you? :P
  • I had the same exact problem w/ my 06 Gt. I brought it to the dealership and they said it was a wiring problem and a fuse needed to be replaced, the fuse had to be ordered however. About 10 minutes after I picked it up it did the same thing. I'm just waiting for a free moment to bring it back again. let me know if you figure it out.
  • I have not had much luck yet.
    I took it to a different service center.
    They said the A/C was not charged fully.
    They drained it, checked for leaks, and then charged it fully.
    They also applied a "grease" to the A/C clutch.
    But the sound is still the same (and as frequent, every 5 to 15 seconds)

    Was it just a fuse that they changed ?
    Do you know which one ?
  • I have had my stang since december and everyime I turned, I would hear a clicking and popping noise from the right side of the car. One dealer kept saying it is a normal characteristic. Finally brought it to another dealer and they fixed it. Something with the bearings. So, my suggestion, take it to another ford dealer. :lemon:
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