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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • I know this will sound naive, but by PT do you mean a PT cruiser?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    PT Cruiser, not PT 109....
    Oh heavens, they decommissioned the boats years ago. Yes, the car! :blush: The m1miata user name dates back to when I had a model 1st generation 1996 Miata, thus m1 class or miata, or m1miata. True sports cars, though a skosh small.
  • cobragtcobragt Posts: 95
    Actually the gas tank is NOT a big issue. So you can't fill your tank at certain pumps... CRY ME A RIVER. GO take it and get it replaced under WARANTEE!!

    Again, 2004 and below models do not compare to 05/06. Handling, build quality, chassis, power, etc all ranked better. The 05/06 has even been said to handle better then the 03/04 Cobras with IRS!! Not to mention I can attest to that fact since I own a 2003 Cobra.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    So I take it you will be selling your Cobra for a GT '06 model.
    Have fun, and calm down, we are just talking about a cars problem areas, and solutions, nothing to get hot and bothered about. Enjoy your old car - new car, or whatever. I am sure the '06 will be just fine for many people. Some have a different view. Personally, I would wait for the '07. It is not a life or death decision one way or another. It is a car. I do appreciate Ford and Chevy for keeping the Pony Car and America's Sports Car in the car line-up for so many years. Some years have been better than others.
    Your '03 Cobra is a good car. Certainly would not knock the Mustang overall.
  • cobragtcobragt Posts: 95
    No no, I'm not selling my 03 Cobra, its a 10th Ann. Ed. Black on black with red leather inserts.

    I own a 05 Mustang GT also. Hence the forum name cobragt.

    I understand what we are talking about, I guess I just get a little heated when it seems like people who don't own a car, or don't know much about it (not saying you don't, just in general) start bashing, or what seems like it, a certain car.

    I mean, go look at the Infiniti G35. (Nissan 350Z) There are forums about people who are having like 50 rust spots all of a sudden come through their paint on their car. They took it to dealerships and it appears to be something with the bonding procedure on that car. Now thats a BIG problem. If I paid over $30k for a car, I wouldn't want my paint to be rusting away.

    Every car is gonna have its problems. Its the severity of those problems that need to be looked at.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Yes indeed, the 350Z has had some problems, such as the excessive tire wear problem the first couple of years.

    Consumer Reports states that the reliability of the V8 is average, but the V6 is below average. Any clue as to what they are referring to? I was thinking of possibly getting a V6 some day, and the 4.0 is an old tried and true engine used in the Explorer, unless I am wrong. The only thing I can think of was the issue, I won't bring up again, or the way the owners view their car. By that, maybe the V8 = GT owners are not as nit picky about the little items and thus under-report some things compared to V6 owners.
    Or maybe another strange report from Consumer Reports. I mean to say, I can not figure out some times how they come to some conclusions.

    People here on this board are pretty adamant about the merits of buying todays Stang vs. say the 2004, and I appreciate that. They have been convincing enough,that I will now be considering New Stang over previous models.
    Really would love to once again own a V8. My last V8 was the 289 in my '65 Mustang I traded in in 1973 on an Opel Manta Rallye. Seem the dang gas prices are always getting in the way, as is insurance. Current Mustang V8 vs. V6 gas mileage looks pretty close though.

    Do you think the V8 is more reliable than is the V6?

    Out of curiosity, did you consider the Corvette before buying the Cobra? Has your experience with Ford product been better than with GM? My last Stang was a 4 banger one bought in 1985 model year. Yes, I must have had sunstroke that day, or something, and was dazed and confused. It was so inexpensive, yet so stupid a buy when I should have bought the V8 that year. Would have kept it longer. I really wasn't thinking straight - gas mileage wasn't worth it.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I purchased the V6 auto in the middle of 2005 and I had a couple of little issues. No gas tank filling problems just the front end popping that was fixed at the dealer in under two hours and also the driver side door handle replaced because it would not retract fully into its resting place. Otherwise it drove fantastic. Especially after tuning the engine a little and adding intake/exhaust. But I must admit test driving the GT was the end of me. That same day after the test drive I traded in my V6 for the GT and since then the car excites me like no other vehicle has. I have had no problems at all and the GT, it is such a thrill to drive. Very comfortable as well.

    It is true that the gas mileage on the sticker is not much of a difference but in reality it is more then it seems. The V6 diffidently has better mileage overall. Maybe the GT is more conducive towards having a lead foot but none the less I am thourghly in love with my 06 GT and it would be my pick. Just a thought

  • Anyone else that has a 05 v6 mustang coupe having problems with a knock in the suspension? Also any problems with an automatic transmission, the other day i was shifting from reverse to drive, and it was marked at drive, felt engaged at drive, but was acting as if in neutral?

    Taking it in the shop on saturday for oil change, but going to have that stuff looked at. The car only has 12200- miles on it. :( Good thing it has a warranty I guess. :confuse:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    It may be a simple cable adjustment. I had that problem once with an Oldsmobile floor shifter.
  • As far as the PT Cruiser--we have a 2004, the first so-called American car that my husband and I have purchased in about 20 years. It started leaking oil and needed a new head gasket. Give me a break. The car had less than 19000 miles on it. We would never buy another one. Now that Mustang I own, despite the shifter problems, it's everything I ever dreamed off!
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    My PT is using oil, but not leaking. Looks like just under a quart per 3,000 miles. I don't know if that is enough to be considered a bad engine or not by a manufacturer. I think it is poor compared to Japan cars I have owned. I have the 7 year warranty, as my car is the 2005 model year. So I am covered in that respect. I have had the radiator fan replaced due to noise. The rest of the car seems tight, but I am concerned about oil consumption.

    I may trade it in on a Mustang, or some other car. Was also looking at the Tiburon.

    The Mustang warranty is just three years, but that is only one factor in a buying decision. Overall, the car looks like a pretty fair price, and I see some building up on the lots. My bet is that $2ooo discounts may be coming. Maybe I will be in one in a year or two.

    Wonder if there is any noticeable difference on the interior or exterior for 2007?

  • o2techo2tech Posts: 1
    I have been looking at a 2006 V6 Manual mustang, the cars look
    great but after reading these posts and thinking back to 2000 when I thought the Durango R/T looked great and it turned out to be a piece, I don't want to go through that again. I travel for a living and currently have a Scion Xb, mileage is great, it has had no problems at all but the road noise and the motor turning 4000rpm at highway speed are driving me nuts. The mustang I drove seemed smooth and comfortable and only turned 2000rpm at highway speeds but I can't afford to have something that is in the shop all of the time :)
  • If you are looking for reliability stick with a Toyota. My first was an '82 corolla that I had for 14 years and over 211,000 miles. Still had the original clutch when I finally got rid of it. My daily driver is a '96 Celica that I bought new and has 108,000 miles on it and I still average 36 mpg (got 38-40 mpg when new). Recently bought a 2006 Mustang, but will continue to use the Celica as my daily driver. My husband had an Acura that was a piece of junk and very expensive to maintain, so we will never buy another or a Honda for that matter based on that experience.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    This forum should be renamed Kvetch. :shades:
  • idamay27idamay27 Posts: 7
    I do not drive my mustang very often and every time I go out to take a drive, the battery is dead. The dealer has replaced the battery with a new one, and it still has the same problem. The dealer says the car needs to be driven, and can not sit. This is bull! I have never heard of such a thing. I have a Chevy that is fully loaded and it can sit a long time and always starts when I need it. What a pain. Someone told me they heard this problem happends with Mustangs equipped with the the factory Shaker 1000 stereo system. Do any of you who have experienced dead battery problems have the Shaker 1000? Has anyone had a fix for this yet? If so, I will look forward to hearing your replies.
  • cobragtcobragt Posts: 95
    Well I never heard of the Shaker 1000 system causing that. That I think is just a runor. I have an amp and subs way more powerful in my 05 GT and the thing never dies on me.
    I suggest you get someone to take a look at your alternator. If your alternator is bad, then that would explain why your car doesn't start even when its a new battery. If it is bad, then a new battery will quickly loose its charge, and you won't be able to start the car.
  • jclfjclf Posts: 3
    What kind of surface are you parking it on? ie: Cement, grass, dirt, stone. I have heard that cement can drain the battery of an infrequently used vehicle. Why it may drain the mustang and not the chevy is still a question. I wouldn't think this phenomenon is mustang specific, but I test drove a v6 (with the shaker 500) and when I went to start it at the dealership the battery was dead. The salesman said it was because the car had been in the showroom parked on a cement floor. Other salespeople at different dealerships have backed this statement.
  • Mine will go dead over night if i leave the
    key in the switch.

    Are you parking yours with the key in the switch?

    The dealer discovered this and thought
    there was a serious problem.

    He said all ford cars stay "alive" for 45 minutes
    before going to standby except the Mustang. It's
    alive if the key is in the switch and never goes
    to standy by even if there is no activity.
  • My car has been in the dealer's shop now for 3 weeks while they look for an irritating vibration that occurs at 1500 RPM and goes away at about 1750 RPM when the car is in gear and under light acceleration.

    Since the dealer appears to be baffled, I thought that I would ask if anyone else has had this problem and if they had any success at repair. What was the cause?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated
  • idamay27idamay27 Posts: 7
    Yes, it is parked on cement. But that would be weird. Who knows. My car only has 600 miles on it and it is so pretty. I hate feeling like I have a lemon. There have been posts in previous months here about the same problem. Ho hum.
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