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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Do you know about turning the gas pump upside down? People have said this helps. I feel for you not being able to take it to a dealer and get a new tank.

  • gringomexgringomex Posts: 6
    Nope. The vibration and rattle are still there in spite of the dealer's best efforts to fix it. They did the work prescribed on a couple of TSB's but no luck.

    I was concerned that the problem is with the transmission but have been assured that nothing is wrong there. I can only hope that the shop is right. I saw a TSB that related a vibration with a transmission problem.

    I tend to agree with Cobragt; the problem lies with the cross member and exhaust hanger. When I get a burst of energy, I'll take a good look there.
  • davidros11davidros11 Posts: 13
    did you ever get this resolved? i have the same issue. almost sounds like it is comingt from the metal area behind the reasr seat on drivers side. drivingt me nuts, please email me at and let me know.
  • cobragtcobragt Posts: 95
    Let me know who you make out alright...gringomex?

    I'm curious to see if someone else has the identical problem.
  • genet1genet1 Posts: 1
    The only complaint I've got about my 06 is that the throttle by wire does not seem to let the revs drop "naturally" between gear changes. I am NOT leaving my foot accidentally on the gas pedal. When I shift up from, say, 2nd to 3rd, at about 2800 RPM or so (yeah, low RPMS - just cruising), and take my foot off the gas while simultaneously putting in the clutch, the revs seem to take forever to drop. When I shift normally, the next gear gets engaged when the revs are still about 500 RPM higher than they should be, and the engine will then drop revs suddenly as I let the clutch back out. I had the dealer look at it and got the dreaded "no problem found." I have read complaints - mostly about older 'stangs with the same motor from 02 to 04, some about the 05 and 06s doing it. I love the car, but this bugs me. I know I need to hassle the dealer more (or switch dealers, more like it). Anyone else notice this problem on 05 or 06 Manual V8's? :confuse:
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    It's normal. It's called "emissions control." You can't have the engine just dropping off and sending raw fuel into the exhaust and atmosphere. Just be a little faster on the shifts and you won't even notice it.
  • The V-6's also do this trick of revving the engine when the car is coasting with the transmission is in neutral. It is really annoying; depending on the car's speed, the thing may rev to over 2000 RPM. My ford dealer claims it is a carryover in the engine computer's software for the automatic transmission version, where the computer tries to match the engine speed to the car speed, to minimize the RPM difference across the overrunning clutch in the torque converter. I have not previously heard that it is related to emissions control, and in fact it seems counter to good emissions control.

    Disengaging the clutch (holding the pedal down) will stop this bad behavior and let the engine idle normally while you're coasting... you oughta see my left quadriceps muscle after owning my '05 for a year now.

    FYI, my older '02 V6 5 spd does NOT exhibit this behavior. Except that occasionally in traffic in hot weather it will briefly kick the idle to around 1200 RPM to manage engine temperature and emissions.)
  • paulctpaulct Posts: 16
    You can add my name to the growing list of GT owners with dead battery problems. The first time the battery was dead was in March of this year and the dealer replaced the battery. I was told that stuff happens. This week the battery went dead again!!! The car is at the dealer again. They said there is a drain on the battery when the ignition is off. No kidding! Anyway, I noticed that this problem is growing and seems to be with GT's. Check out some other mustang forums and you will notice the number of problems. I have a Shaker 500 system so I'm not sure there is a correlation. If I had to guess, there is something in the GT wiring scheme that is causing a drain, especially noticeable when the car is left for a week. Very strange.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Again and again and again, my GT Premium is running fine, like a dream. :shades:
  • bobcathbobcath Posts: 13
    Are you sure you have nothing plugged in to any of the two power ports in the car? I found out the hard way that they are "live" all the time
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    Add my name to the list of GT owners whos GT is runnin' like a dream. ;)
  • rmackowskyrmackowsky Posts: 19
    Just left my 06 GT at home for 10 days while on vacation. Thought about the dead battery issue when I went to start for the first time after returning. Turned the key, and lo and behold - started right up.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    My GT Premium w/ manual sits in the garage for 7-9 days all the time. Always starts with a vengence, as if to say, "Let's go, let me out!"

    (My Honda Accord Ex, on the other hand, loses all juice if left for more than 7-8 days, and this with a brand new Die Hard and after being "checked out" by the dealer.)
  • paulctpaulct Posts: 16
    Nothing is plugged in or turned on. I'm well versed in electronics and my first thought that something had been left connected. But nothing has been left on. The service dealer admitted today (for the first time)that Ford has received calls on this problem and there is evidence that the Shaker radio may be causing the problem. They advised me to turn the radio off before turning the car off. They also noted a current drainon the battery when the car was off but then it disappeared! Apparently it will be another month or two before a service bulletin is issued. The car is still at the dealer and I will pick it up on Friday. They are still in the dark and guessing! For anyone else with this problem it may be important to note which factory options were installed or build date.
  • idamay27idamay27 Posts: 7
    We are having the very same problem. We have a 2005 GT also with the Shaker 1000. The dealer replaced the battery for us the first time also. Then we let the car sit a week and the battery was dead again. The dealer told us we have to start the car every three days. This is such bull! Please keep us posted. When we want to take it for a ride, the battery is dead. We don't use it as an everyday driver. Thanks again. :mad:
  • I have the 2006 V6. Took delivery in December and the car sat most of the winter in the garage. Only took her out on an occasional weekend when there was no snow. Have not had any problems. I do not use it as a daily driver and when I start her up, no problems.

    Perhaps you are just getting some bad batteries. We had a new car a while back that turned out to have a bad cell in the battery. Once it was replaced, no problem
  • idamay27idamay27 Posts: 7
    I think it is a problem with the 2005 GT model only.
  • allcarsrcoolallcarsrcool Posts: 113
    I Love the new ford mustang convertable, but, I've heard about some engine issues with other fords in the past. I have heard that they spend more time in the "shop" than in the driveway and that they are constantly breaking down... Is this true? Does it carry over to the new Mustang?
  • stuwstuw Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 auto mustang and since day there has been a horrible dashboard rattle. I have had the dealer look at the airbag bracket on the passenger side, they say everything is tight.

    Any suggestions from anyone, the rattles are driving me crazy it sound like its coming from inside the dash.

    helpppppp :mad: :mad:
  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    I bought A V6 4 months ago. It was made in Mar 05. The engine roars at 1500 rpm. The dealer added a damper to the exhaust 2 weeks ago It is a little better. Now, the car has vibration at speed over 60 mph. Anyone knows what causes the problem. I will go to the dealer in 4 days.
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