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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • husker5husker5 Posts: 15
    I revved my GT manual close to or at the red line and suddenly lost power. Is there a rev limiter or some other protection to keep from revving the engine past 6000 RPM?
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    yes there is a rev limiter.
  • tampabilltampabill Posts: 5
    Mine too. 2006 Vista Blue with parchment interior convertible - it has been a great car so far.
  • paulctpaulct Posts: 16
    Latest update on the GT Dead Battery problem.
    My car is back at the dealer for some kind of smart module replacement. The dealer recommends turning the radio off before turning the car off. Apparently there is a power drain with shaker radios when the car is off. Ford is becoming more aware of the problem and is zeroing in on the GT with Shaker radio combo. Anyone with this combo should pay attention, it's not just an isolated case anymore. I will keep everyone posted on the latest fix but I suspect that there is more to this than just a module replacement!
  • mfulfordmfulford Posts: 8
    I recently bought a 2006 from Ernie Haire Ford. They said no one has ever had this problem brought to their attention. Please!!! Where are you with your solution? I would be happy to go over what I've been through.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I think we all know that Ford is not the most reliable and refined car out there but many of these post are just ridicules. There is no reason to be retarded and imply an issue you have with your car applies to us all. So many of us do not have any of the problems many list. I for one am one of them and am very satisfied with my 06 GT. Very fun to drive, hauls [non-permissible content removed] and gets many looks and compliments. Plus gas mileage is pretty darn good considering the output from that 4.6L I personally want the pure HP.

    382 HP at the flywheel.
  • alex197alex197 Posts: 15
    i have an 06 GT and i just recently heard a noise coming from the rear end when i turn 90 to the left or right, i immediately took the car to an empty parking lot and did a series of slow circles. Upon doing so, the noise remained until i straightened out. the noise sounds like a bearing is going however the noise is gone when driving straight. Anyone have the same problems?
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    It would make no sense honestly for a noise to come from your rear end while turning. Nothing while turning affects the differential. If it is a kind of popping or binding sound it is coming from the front. There is a TSB out on some bushings that can be replaced very easily. This most likely is what you are hearing.

  • There are some little widgets in your differential called spider gears (or differential side gears) that only move when the car is turning (when the outside wheel is moving faster than the inside wheel). If you have a limited-slip differential, there are also some clutches that control the left-right wheel motion. Sound's to me like something is amiss in the rear end... I'd take it to the dealer and be sure that he hears the noise.

    Do you have traction control (a computer that senses one rear wheel slipping, and applies the brake to the other rear wheel)? If so, turn off this feature (button on the console) and see if the noise persists.
  • weenaudweenaud Posts: 1
    I have an automatic 06 GT that has acted like it wanted to die when taking off from a stop. It has only done it twice, both right after getting gas. It seems like it temporarily loses power, but then it is okay when you get up to speed. If anyone else has also experienced this, feel free to email me.
  • alex197alex197 Posts: 15
    yeah i have tcs and i tried turning it off but it still persists, i took it into ford and they called ford engineers and their sending a rebuild kit for the clutches but not the crown or pinion gear, i'll let you know what comes out of all this.
  • alex197alex197 Posts: 15
    definately coming from the rear, technicians are replacing the internal clutches. fod engineers recommended commencing the tsb for this problem.
  • casing1casing1 Posts: 7
    Just the other day I filled my car up and when I got back it was reading empty. It said fuel data error. So I took it to the dealer and they said it was a known problem. I recently found out about Mustangs having problems with the premature automatic shut off of the fuel fill nozzle. Which they didn't tell me that when I bought the car new. So know the dealer basically said that all 2005 Mustangs made on or after 4/26/2005 and 2006 model year vehicles were built with the revised design fuel tank. That's another thing they didn't tell me. So my question is. Has anyone else been having the problems that I'm having if so did they tell you basically to just live with it.
  • Did this happen just the one time or does it always read empty? I have a 2006 Mustang and I had the problem once with the empty reading. I also had the premature automatic shut off once. It was at a local Shell station. I have not had the problem at any other station so I just don't go there with the Mustang. Funny thing is that I had a problem a couple of times at that station with my 96 Celica so I now attribute it to a problem with the station.

    I was going to have the dealer check it out, but since it hasn't happened again I didn't bother. I actually found this forum because I was looking for information on that problem.
  • casing1casing1 Posts: 7
    Funny that you should say that. It was a Shell gas station but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I've been getting gas there and this last time is when it started doing it. It's still running on the same gas but the dealer added some additive to the gas and now the gauge is reading like it should. I don't know. The manual says to give the car 87 unleaded regular and not to add any additives. The dealer says to put a higher grade and to add additives to the gas. It's just a headache more then anything. Just not getting a straight answer. The car is great except for the fact that FORD can't give me a straight answer.
  • I was just at a Ford dealership (in New Jersey) yesterday having the driver's side door handle of my 2005 V6 replaced and the two other people in the waiting room with me were both having fueling issues with their Ford automobiles. I don't believe either had a Mustang as mine was the only one in the service bay, although I have the fueling issue, too (not the sensor issue). While I was waiting for my car one of the service guys came in and told the woman next to me that the sensor issue has to do with an additive that is put in some gas--there's a component of the additive that corrodes a metal strip in the sensor and that's what causes the gauge malfunction. He said by using a different additive you can correct the problem and clean the metal strip. As for the fueling issue, another service guy suggested not using the fastest flow rate on the gas nozzle. Unfortunately this isn't an option for those of us who live in N.J., where we can't pump our own gas, but I have noticed that the problem seems to be station specific. Hope that sheds some light on your problems!
  • mfulfordmfulford Posts: 8
    We have been having the same problem since we purchased a 2006 Mustang in October. After months of fighting with dealership I took the car back to them. I spent 8 hours and traded for another 2006 Mustang. How stupid could I be. Now I have same problem with new Mustang. Again fighting with dealership. We are meeting with Ford Field Engineer June 28th. I don't know where this will take us but I want out!!! I've asked for my money back and never will I buy another Ford product. The dealership tells me no one has ever had this problem but yet he hands me Fords notice when I went in for service. I have tried every gas station in town and only get about 3-4 gallons of gas. Well hurricane season is here and we can't evacuate if we had to. The dealership said I won't get far with no gas. Thanks a lot! Its not funny.

  • casing1casing1 Posts: 7
    So the dealership said that no one has ever had this problem but they can hand you a slip that says there is a problem. This is what doesn't make since. Hopefully your meeting with Ford can correct the problem. I'm currious on what they have to say. I just got the car back from the dealer yesterday so I'm waiting to see what happens. I'm sure that having them rotate the tires is not going to solve the fuel problem. Maybe if enough of these people are having the same problems as you and I they'll have a recall. The dealer said also that it's all 2005 mustangs made on or after 4/26/2005 and 2006 mustangs that have the revised fuel tank. I guess some have the problem and some don't. They should have put in the manual that you're only able to take your car to 1 of 500 gas stations.
  • orocksorocks Posts: 1
    We to have had fueling problems w/our 05 mustang which we purchased 3/05. Ford told the dealer to change the tank. They did and other problems resulted from that change. Our car has been in the shop about 45 - 50 days total. Still have the fueling. We can not put more than 6 gals sometimes. Was told it was due to the amount of fuel pressure from the gas stations. We have been to several stations and speedway is the best for full fueling. We still have problems w/gas gauge going to empty & low fuel light comes on. This is after they changed the gas tank and figured out sensors were shorting out in the fuel tank. We love the car and have tried to get it replaced but Ford only came up with a small settlement. Also have had drive shaft problems due to the tank change. Mechanic not so good I guess. Tried the lemon law deal but Ohio laws are real strict. Dealer was going to do a buy back but who knows.
  • husker5husker5 Posts: 15
    What a coincidence!!. I have a 06 GT Mustang with 1500 miles. Having read other posts, :confuse: I too was concerned about fueling issues. The first 5 times I refueled, no problems. Then I tried to fill up at a brand new Holiday gas station in a suburb of St. Paul Minnesota where they advertise some fuel additives with their fuel, and I could only get 3/4 of a tank. Went to Wisconsin and refueled to the max, and again no problems. The next day with the tank initially reading 1/2 full, upon driving to work, noticed the fuel gauge suddenly dropping to <1/8 tank and the computer read 0 miles to empty. After sitting all day, and restarting it that evening, the fuel gauge initially read 1/4 tank and then in several steps went back to an accurate 1/2 tank. Meanwhile, the computer initially read 40 miles to emply, then 60 finally stopping at an accurate 119 miles to empty. Went to refuel the car back to full at still another station and have not had any problems since. Go figure!!
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