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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    i have a $$$$ deposit on a '05 V6 Automatic Mustang w/ 11,406 miles. not sure of the yr. it was built but i was told by the dealer (not a Ford dealer) that the original owner purchased it in april or june 05 & i have 2 more years of bumper-bumper warranty. (or remainder of 36,000 miles) I AM SCARED TO DEATH AFTER READING THIS FORUM & THE NIGHTMARES OWNERS HAVE HAD TO ENDURE. I recently lost my Mother & i am so heartbroken & i thought this purchase would help console me, somewhat.. i can't afford to get stuck w/ a lemon as i do not have dependable people in my life who can help me w/rides, etc..nor can i be at the dealer on a constant basis because the car was a trade (so i was told) and not a ford dealer. do you think it is a good idea to go thru with this purchase? what is a fair price for the basic '05 in miami w/air,automatic, keyless entry, antitheft alarm, etc??? the car is gorgeous but i never bought anything used so i can't tell when i gave it a test drive...what do i know? i appreciate any/all advise as i am considered pretty but alone & can't be breaking down all over the grieving from a death, etc... ALSO, i was told of a '06 V6 automatic w/10,700 miles purchased in Nov. 05 but used as a rental car. would that be a better purchase year? the price seems good ($15,000plus)but again, i am worried as $$$ is an issue plus insurance is high. there are hurricanes all the time & i am disappointed that you, the true owners, are experiencing trouble. and your purchases were probably brand new... HELP ME PLEASE THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, K.
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    Not sure if I can tell you yes or no on the purchase, but remember that this is a "problems" forum so 100% of the posts you read here should include a problem. I'm sure there are '05 V6 owners that have had no problems at all and love their cars.

    I happen to have a 06 GT Manual and love it.

    See if you can get the deposit back and think about it some more. Best of luck with your decision and everything else in life. :)
  • It sounds like you have too many issues to deal with to decide on this car. Don't make a decision with your heart when it comes to needing reliable transportation. You need a "trustworthy" mechanic or someone to test drive it for you.

    I have an'06 V6 Mustang with a stick that I love, but came to this forum because of some issues I had with it. My daily driver is a '96 Celica. I purchased it new and will never part with it as much as I love the Mustang. If you are looking for reliability look at a Toyota. A new Corolla is about the price you are thinking of paying for a used Mustang. You would even be better off buying a used Toyota. I had an '82 Corolla for 14 years that had more than 211,000 miles on it when I finally had no choice but to get rid of it. It still had the original clutch.

    This forum is for people with problems so you don't really hear about the good experiences people have with their Mustangs.
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    you probably are right. i did look a Toyota & it was pretty but i thought it wasn't me. it does have an excellent reliability record. it's just i need major cheering & i thought a fast, cool Mustang would be great. i currently have a chrysler convertible so i like that type of fun car. i don't need another convertible & thought the Mustang coupe would be PERFECT...this was BEFORE i started reading about the constant & continuous problems of the 05 & maybe 06... miami is not a small conservative place where people are mostly honorable. it is a fast tough town & i think $$$$ is the name of the game so it's hard to find truthful people. the dealer is considered a reputable one but he is not a ford dealer & just said you have a great warranty & go to a ford dealer if anything happens. they want to make that sale! ford dealers have mainly new models for sale & not many "deals"... thank you for your comments & advice, k.
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    2nd reply to you. what happened to 1st? thank you! i appreciate your kindness... it is just that i am scared. i love the Mustang & think it is so cool but am not in any position emotionally or financially to be traumatized by a possible? lemon... your car sounds totally awesome & i am glad it is ok... maybe the 06 would be better because the kinks would be worked out? i need something w/ a warranty or i would try for the 04 Mustang which was always fun to rent & not as problematic (i think) as the changed 05. 1st model year... i know a "little knowledge" can be dangerous but i think it's better to know the possible pitfalls than not. they want $16000 plus tax, tags, transfer at the dealer for the 05 which may be a little steep considering the 07 is here...i was told NEVER to believe car salesmen..(sorry if i offended anyone but i was told that) maybe i will try for the 06...confused...k
  • husker5husker5 Posts: 15
    I have an 06 Mustang (GT manual trans) and love it. No problems yet. I'm sure if you read the toyota forum they have problems as well.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    I have two Toyotas and they are excellant vehicles. I also have an '07 GT Convertible on order. Accept each make for what they are and ALL makes can have problems - they are machines made by humans. I have had other Toyotas and other Mustangs previously, Some were very reliable, others not so.

    Notwithstanding that, the tone of your posts indicates to me that you are totally freaked out at this point (maybe understandably), and IMO the best thing for you to do is back off the entire deal. Buying a car, particularily used, to boost your mental state may just be chasing smoke. Back off, settle down, and then approach getting another vehicle in a slower, more logical manner. You sound too mentally distraut to make this purchase right now. That's just my opinion based on the tone of your posts and nothing else. I could be wrong, and if so, ignore this and move on. Good luck, and I'm sorry about your Mom.
  • amorgan98amorgan98 Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2006 Ford Mustang v-6 coupe from Troy Aikman Ford on April 14, 2006. By April 21st, the "Service Engine Soon" light had already come on. I took it in for service and was told the problem was "no big deal", a hose had more than likely wriggled loose when the car was in transport from the manufacturer to the dealership.

    By May 5th, I'd figured out that every time I turned on my right blinker, my rear-window defroster came on. When I pressed the rear-window defroster button, the right blinker illuminated. Also, one of my fog lamps had already burned out. I took it in for service that Saturday morning. After keeping my car an entire weekend, Ford assured me that my wiring problem had been fixed. I picked up my car Monday evening after work. Tuesday morning I realized that my door lock remotes didn't work. When I took my car in to get them reprogrammed, I realized that it was my fourth trip to the dealership (including the day I bought my car) in four weeks. I believe the mechanism that controls rolling my automatic passenger window up is malfuctioning.

    Very long story not quite as long as it could be, I asked Troy Aikman Ford to give me another Mustang. They refused. They did offer me a free warranty, which I accepted. I requested a refund on the warranty I'd purchased with the car. It's been six weeks and, after seven unreturned phone calls, I finally found out that my paperwork "could not immediately be located". (i.e. It's going to take another six weeks to get my money back.)

    Please don't buy a Ford product. If you absolutely have to have a Ford, please do not purchase through Troy Aikman Ford in Dallas!!
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    There is not a brand of car brand made in the world that basically has not had this same scenario happen. It does not mean that all mustangs are junk, it means you got one that needed to have some troubles worked out.
  • amorgan98amorgan98 Posts: 2
    You do have a valid point.

    I don't think the Mustang is "junk". I think it is a sub-standard product when compared to other manufacturer's sports cars. I think it's important to put my testimonial out there for other consumers trying to make an informed decision.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    mustangs, pony's and gt's, are popping up on the roads like bunnies, whereas just some months ago they were a rare sight. if they were such lemons, this would hardly be happening. :shades:
  • kdana78kdana78 Posts: 1
    I'm debating purchasing an '06 convertible Mustang, but I've heard some not-so-hot things about the durability of the top. Has anyone in here had to replace the top? If so, would you mind telling me approximately how much time passed before you had to do so and exactly what went wrong with it that caused you to need another? I'll feel less anxious about my purchase if I know I've done the research. I'll get a hard top if the convertible has been known to give people problems. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it.
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    Mustang: Car and Driver 10 Best. My favorite car ever.
    Sorry you got a bad one. I know someone that had wiring problems with their BMW. All brands have problems, some more than others.

    You are correct, all consumers should do research. I did mine and couldn't be happier.
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    Thank you... i was told that it's because i am reading a "problem" thread & got scared. Maybe the 06 would be better for me... it's alot of $$$.. can't afford your GT...
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    yes, i guess i am under too much pressure. plus my bldg. does not want me to keep two cars here. (one i own: chrysler convertible & one i am using: rental car) so that compounded with the recent death has me quite shaky... i thought i found the perfect deal (mustang) but did freak when i read this post. it seems like it was a reoccuring problem w/fuel tank, sensors, engine light, 'beeps'etc...BUT the strange thing is that after reading these posts i contacted the dealer where the Mustang in question is (with my $deposit) & asked to see the service record from the "one prior owner" & i never heard back from them! so obviously there is something peculiar going on. maybe the gorgeous car isn't so you think carmax mechanics are reliable? also the price seemed BELOW blue book! i was just wondering if the 05 is as bad as what i read... thankyou for your kindness.,k.
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    yes, that is true! do you think the 05 is well-made? do you think the 06 was refined a bit more to get rid of the so-called "new issue 05" problems? is there a particular MONTH of manufactured car i should look for in the 05? 06? ugh...not easy for me...thanks,k
  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    I understand how painful you are. I hope after reading this message, you fell better.
    I bought 2005 Mustang from Sunnyvale Ford, CA ,the last on the lot because it was $4000 off from sticker on Jan 28, 06. It was made in March 05.
    1)On Feb 4, 06, I came back to the dealer due to bad rear pad ( brake).
    2)On Feb 7, 06, I was at the dealer due to whining noise from rear axle, clunk noise when turning right or left and drivers door handle was mis aligned. They ordered parts.
    3)On Feb1306, I came back. They replaced ring and pinion, bearings, strut mount, and door handle.
    4) On May 5, 06, I went to the dealer due to vibration at 1500 rpm. They order parts.
    5) On May 8, 06, I came back. They attached a damper to the exhaust pipe. It is better, but the problem is still there.
    6) On Jun 1,06, I came back to the dealer due to thumping noise between 60 and 70 mph. They said that it was normal. It was just slight wind buffeting. Terrible!
    7)I thought that was enough, I went to a Toyota dealer to trade the Mustang for a Toyota Camry. They offered the Mustang ( V6, Coupe, Premium, Traction control , AT, Interior upgraded ) for $15,000. I could not afford to lose so much; So, I left.
    8) On Jun 23,06, I took my Mustang to another Ford dealer, Fremont Ford, CA. They recognized the problem ( thumping noise between 60 and 70 mph). After rotating tires, checking shocks... they didn't know what happened. They called Ford tech support and found out the problem was bad driveshaft. They fixed and the problem was solved. I thanked the advisor and the tech million times for what they did for me.
    Right now the car runs like dream. I hope all bugs were gone.
    I am happy that the Toyota dealer did not accept my offer of $ 16,000 for my trade in.
    I hope you feel better.
  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    Hi! Mustangk.
    Buy brand new one. Don't buy used or rental Mustangs. Most of owner trade their cars, especially Mustangs, due to problems. People usually abuse rental cars.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Good advice.
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    yes, you are probably right. i never purchased anything used but i cant afford a new mustang. thought 05 V6 basic mustang at $15000 was ok..(with two full years bumper-bumper warranty remaining plus what's left on limited powertrain) car has 11,400 miles...i found out today that the car was manufactured/built 1/31/ you know if that was a good month because i read certain months were less problematic than others??? thank you, k.
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