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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    White Mustang, with blue stripe has always been to American racing colors. They do race Mustangs. As for chrome wheels, they can look sharp on a black car, like a Mercedes, BMW or a Stang. Do you need 18" wheels -- I think not. Hood scoops can look good, or they can be a bit too large looking like on the WRX. Yeah, non-functional on the Stang, but it may not be an overdress. I personally dislike the spinner wheels, which aren't real.

    Don't care for the manual tranny on the Mustang, so would buy the automatic. It is one of those drive it, and if it feels right to ya, and you are thinking of buying a stick - go for it! In this case, I do not like the tranny.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    What don't you like about the manual tranny?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Clutch seems too heavy. The point of catch seemed a bit hard to get use to, but I did not drive it too long - just short test drive. The stick is a bit notchy. Mostly it is the really stiff clutch. For driving on a track, or just a fun run, it may be OK. Would not want to live with it for daily travel around town or stop and go traffic anywhere.

    Best manual transmission I have found so far is on the Miata.

    On a Mustang, I think I would go with the automatic. Wonder if some sort of shiftronic - tiptronic or whatever so called tranny is in the cards for Mustangs? And the new 3.5 V6 is a go?
  • A heavy-duty trans, used also in Ford trucks, I believe, is needed to handle the high horsepower and torque. Has a short smooth throw, ultra quick shifts. I found it's much easier to use, actually quite easy, quite fast, if one moves the seat up a bit closer than one is used to.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    These transmission are over spec for the cars. The V6 uses the Tremec T5 which was previously on the Mustang GT.

    People report that the notch lessons with time.

    As for the clutch, most of the effort is probably a result of you stretching. I wish the car had either adjustable pedals or telescoping steering column.

  • I purchased a 2006 V6 with a stick and took delivery in December 2005. In the beginning I was disappointed in the shifting. It was rough and stiff and I had a lot of trouble getting into reverse. That's how I found this forum.

    I have been driving stick for more than 25 years and my daily driver is a '96 Celica which shifted smooth as silk from day one.

    Anyway, in April I spoke to the service manager and he was aware of this complaint and checked for TSBs. There weren't any. His technicians suggested that I need to drive the car more to break it in. They were right. The shifting has become easier. I have also found that if I don't put the clutch down to the floor I have trouble getting into gear. I am a short woman which means I have to keep the seat up close. I also find that depending on the shoes I wear my shifting changes. What I mean is if I wear a shoe with a thin sole it takes more effort to get the clutch pedal all the way down.

    I would still never buy a Mustang with an automatic. It's a sports car and has a "heavy" clutch. I also would not buy a car like this if I had a commute that required sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Last time I had a car with the clutch not shifting until fully depressed, it was the master slave cylinder going out. It finally got to the point that even all the way in, it barely would allow a shift into a gear. I think it should be more like the last third out, or in when depressed in-which it engages or disengages. The GT I tested out seemed to grab around a the last third letting it engage. Check for fluid level.
  • sigt1sigt1 Posts: 66
    new mustang owners please consider a 3M clear bra. having the clear bra installed will save the paint on the car's front end from rocks that will cause the fragile water based paint to chip. i reccommend the extended kit with the door cups (will protect your door cups from scratches caused by nails or rings). probably one of the best initial mods, please consider.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Clear bra - interesting! Oh, on your car. Not too sure I'd go for that.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    But you'd go for a clear one of "the other kind?" :surprise: Oh my, m1miata, I wouldn't expect to hear that from a woman! :P

    Actually, the clear bra is a pretty good idea. The only thing that keeps me from getting one is that line that you'd see at the edges. It would drive me nuts.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    what makes that line worse is that it gets more visable over time as dirt collects there. Plus if you wax the car its a total mess at the edge.

  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Hate bras on cars, almost as much as carpet on the dashboards.

    And last time I checked, I was not a woman. :shades:

    And yes, the clear bra, may be a better alternative to the ugly black ones.

    OK, who votes for the clear vinyl covers on the seats? My aunt use to have those on her Galaxie 500. :D

    Maybe some curb feelers, so those fake spinners won't touch the curb? :surprise:
  • Well today I have taken my 06 Mustang GT Manual Premium Package in to the shop AGAIN!! I bought it June 10,2006 and it only has 5,000 miles on it. I took it in this time because it kept telling me to check my fuel cap and wouldn't go away. I was also having the same problem with the noise when I was turning worse in reverse and in first gear. They informed me that they have fixed the fuel cap problem and that if I come pick it up to bring it back next week and they are going to put a new clutch package in it. I am a little annoyed because I also had to have a new alternator put in not even a month and a half after my purchase when it had less than 1000 miles on it. I hope that this doesn't continue I am beginning to believe the old FORD stories I hear.
  • The clear bra is like plastic slipcovers on furniture. :(
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    It's not that bad guys.

    And my bad, Loren. :shades: I've never known Loren (alternately Lauren) to be a "male" name. Innocent mistake on my part and the correction is duly noted. :)
  • rexmrexm Posts: 1
    My 05 premium convertible is now going back for the second time in a month for a repair of the headliner. It pulls loose from the hard section on the front edge.

    Has anyone seen this successfully diagnosed and corrected? :mad:
  • I could have written any one of these entries unfortunately I have had all of them happen to my 06 mustang. Ford had my car for a solid month while they threw parts at it trying to "fix" it. It being the check engine light coming on, and finally the car dying on me and going into the "limp home" mode on a fairly regular basis. It took a Ford salesman picking up the car and having it die on him to get the ball rolling as far as a serious repair. From what I'm told they replaced several sensors, the pcm, and finally the throttle body. The throttle body was supposed to be the "fix". Did'nt keep the car long enough to find out, Ford would not buy the car back, so we wound up trading out of it. As far as a new car, Ford as to determine that it is a lemon and approve a buy back, which they may or may not do depending on which day you catch them. We just happened to have a great dealership in our hometown willing to trade us out of it. Good luck to you, It's maddening huh !!!!
  • I have an 2005 Mustang Premium convertible and the headliner pulled loose from under the first bow. The first dealer I took the car to put a wad of masking tape between the roof and the headliner to stick it to the roof (real nice). I took the car back and they decided that the headliner was cut too short and suggested installing a new one. The problem was they said the replacement of the headliner was hard and time consuming and they would not do it. I took the car to another dealer and they ordered a new liner and sent the car to an interior trim shop for the install. The new liner lasted 4 opens and closings of the roof before it fell out again. The dealer sent the car back to the trim shop and they determined that the attachment design of the headliner is poor. When you open the roof all of the tension on the headliner is removed causing it to fall out of the track it sits in. The interior shop used some kind of waterproof cardboard shims and placed them along the track above the headliner under the first bow. I have not opened the roof since I got the car back. I'm in the process of lemon lawing the car, so I don't care if I ever open the roof again. My attorney said that shimming the headliner in place is not a real fix to the problem. I've had nothing but problems with the car since I purchased it and I've had enough. The rear wheel bearings and seals have been replaced, the front and rear rotors have been cut, the silver finish was peeling off one of the A/C vents, the rocker flairs were loose and falling off in front of the rear wheels, the parking break lever broke and I have a clicking sound coming from the front end every time I apply the brakes. All this with less than 730 miles on the clock. This car is bad news and I can't wait to get rid of it. I'm going to purchase a Honda S2000 after this mess has been resolved.
    I looked at a used 2005 Mustang convertible sitting on a dealer lot and the headliner was falling out of that car as well. The headliner setup in this car is poor.
  • sigt1sigt1 Posts: 66
    the clear bra is almost a neccessity if you want to preserve the car. if you don't care about chips and scratches then its not for you. but believe me, you will get chips on the hood, fender and front bumper within a thousand miles or so. the water based paint is so fragile. lead paint was much much stronger but now outlawed. for owners with darker colors, your door cup areas will scratch easily from everyday use (the area underneath the door handle). clear bra will protect this area as well. also, DO NOT take the mustang or any other new car for that matter through a brissel/touch automatic car wash. either hand wash (with micro fiber spounge) or touch free wash. the brissels on the autowash WILL give you swirlies that are only completely removed by a wet sanding. i would also reccommend a shorty antenna as a mod, that and the all weather floor mats are pretty sharp. shorty antenna here: ng&query=antenna&catalog=mustangtuning

    regards to all new mustang owners. she is a beautiful car, please take care of her.
  • I have a 2005 Gt that ran fine until the beginning of August this year. It all started with hesitation on accelaration, then progressed rapidly to stalling when I was at a stop and hit the gas. Took the car into the dealer the first week of August. They replaced the fuel pumps in the car. Got the car back and two days later same symptoms reappeared. Back to the dealer where it took several days for them to duplicate the problems. They re- calibrated and sent me on my way. Car stalled again, back to the dealer where they installed a flight recorder. I drove the car for two days, experienced several hesitations on accelaration and two stalls. Back to the dealer, checked the data on the flight recorder , and they diagnosed it with a bad mass airflow intake. Replaced that part, they test drove it for 70 miles and it stalled on the tech. Still at the dealer, getting no help from them or customer service. Do I need to get a lawyer? Anybody with this same problem? :cry:
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