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Dodge Ram Real World MPG Numbers



  • I understand your point of babying my Ram to conserve the gas but considering my 2005 was getting better efficiency then the 2011 I am quite disappointed to say the least especially when they charge the prices they charge for these trucks which was right around $40,000 msrp for mine. I have went and watched the "ECO" light and stayed right around the speed limit and still have not seen over 14 mpg except when we took it on the highway over 600 miles and got 17.7 mpg at best even though the computer in the truck was saying I was getting around 20 mpg. So if I wanted to go slow I would have bought a smaller engine that just does not make any sense and I do not constantly get into the accelerator so to get an average of 12.8 mpg and I have about 4600 miles on my 2011 Ram 1500... that's just plain wrong! I do appreciate the input though but it just does not remedy the situation. :cry:
  • I recently bought a new 2011 2500 with the Cummins. I am getting about 13 to 14 in the city which to me isnt bad. I also just took a road trip and was getting about 18 to 19. I was impressed and found that the computer estimate was pretty accurate. I HAD an 2004 Avalacnhe with 411 gears and the gas mileage and even the pulling was horrifically bad. Im actually getting an overall better gas mileage now in the Dodge than I was in the Chevy...imagine that.
  • took my 2011 mega-cab cummins to dealer to check why milage was so low, found out it was continualy regen mode, now happy to report 14.8 city, and 18.6 hwy now up to 3700 miles.
  • mrhemi1mrhemi1 Posts: 1
    i dont understand why you people are even talking about mileage. If i wanted great mileage i wouldn't have bought a truck never mind the hemi. I bought it for a truck not a smart car. If you want good mileage buy a small car.
  • scurleywurleyscurleywurley Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Let's think things through. The reason a lot of people buy trucks, myself included, is that they're necessary tools for jobs that a Smart can't be used for. Almost every day, my truck is used to carry 4 or 5 big guys in the cab, at least 1,000 pounds of equipment (sometimes over 4,000!) in the bed, and to haul around a trailer with a couple of tons on it. It does all of this, day after day, mile after mile, without so much as a hiccup. I'd love to be able to do all of this with a 30+ MPG vehicle, but there isn't one available that meets my needs.

    Now, since we've established that a Smart just isn't a choice for some people, let's see why MPG in trucks matters- I'm looking for a truck and have the option of truck A that gets 13 MPG versus truck B that gets 17. The current price of diesel is $4/gal and I expect to drive 25k miles this year. Given this, truck A will cost me roughly $7,692 to operate for the year while truck B will cost $5,882. That's almost TWO GRAND saved in just one year because I didn't have the mindset of "pfft. It's a truck, mileage doesn't matter."
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    Just ran my first tank of gas in my new Ram 1500 (Quadcab Express, 5.7L, 20", 3.92 LSD).

    Drove 402 miles and put in 22.84 gallons of mid grade for an average of 17.6 MPG. Of those 402 miles, 160 were suburban driving and 242 was freeway (between 70 and 75 MPH, a few passes at 80 MPH).

    The truck had only 32 miles on the odometer when I took delivery and that it was topped off (it took an additional 1.2 gallons before automatic shutoff of the pump) and then refilled at the end using the same pump, I believe it is a fairly accurate manual computation. The computer was very close at 17.7 MPG average.

    For a brand-new truck with no break-in, I consider that exceptional fuel economy. With any luck, it will pick up an additional 2 or 3 MPG as it breaks in.
  • rcnc1rcnc1 Posts: 1
    I haVe a 2004 quad cab hemi 20 in rims with 127k miles. I am pretty good with maintainece. Years ago I was getting 15 mph. Over the years it is now 11mph. I suspect the gas quality has gone down with ethanol. I currently use 92 oct or the truck runs poorly
  • jwjbsjwjbs Posts: 1
    I just purchased a used 2010 ram 2500 with diesel engine and it is making horrible fuel mileage compared to my 2008 I traded in. It is making between 10 to 15 compared to 17-21 of my old pickup. I'm curious about your vehicle being in the regen mode. is there a way to detect if this is happening without going to the dealer? I'm brining it in next week but curious how often this happens. I'm not happy with the fuel mileage.
  • I got so frustrated with the new dodge diesel I traded it in for a chevy 2500 6.0 gas. For some reason the new dodge diesel continued to suck fuel, so at least i'm only paying for reg unleaded and avg 12.8 city gas. hope your luck improves.
  • oldie53oldie53 Posts: 1
    getting about 10 mpg towing 8000lbs with 411 gears is this correct. or should i change gears . It as a tcs tranny . running some hills..
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,496
    I owned a 1996 3500 club cab diesel 4x4 for 9 years. I had the 3.54 axles and had no plans on towing, so I got pretty good mileage with the 12 valve Cummins and the 47RE automatic (best tank 24.3 mpg). But it did go down over time, and by 2005, I was barely reaching 20 highway.

    With the 4.10 axles and towing 8000, plus the age of the truck/engine, 11 mpg is not unexpected for your truck. Unless you're well over 300,000 miles, you're not due for a major overhaul, so there's probably not much you can do to significantly raise your mileage.

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  • joillisjoillis Posts: 2
    Recently got back from a 700 mile trip from alabama to indiana. I was averaging 21.3 mpg at 55-56 mph. I was quit impressed needless to say. My city mileage is around 14 to 15, the trick is to keep your foot out of the pedal and keeping your rpms low is what I have found. I run around town at around 1100 to 1400 rpms and on the interstate i was running it at a constant 1900 rpms.
  • I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 5.9l diesel. I bought it in 2008 with only 20,000 miles on it. I have 112,000 lmile on it now. I consistantly get 19.5 in town. On the highway I get between 22.5mpg and 26mpg depending on wind and hills. When I pull my 7000lb travel trailer I get 11.5 mpg and that is from Kerrville, Texas to Abilene, Texas which is nothing but up and down hills. It holds steady speeds pulling the traler up and down the hills unlike a ford diesel I tried which was constantly shifting.
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