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Dodge Ram Real World MPG Numbers



  • wheels1wheels1 Posts: 9
    With 3700 miles on it, I've been getting about 14-15 around town and about 18 on the highway. Best tank so far was from Cheyenne, Wy to Steamboat Springs, Co and back. Over the Summit on I-80 and over Rabbit Ears pass, got 18.5 MPG. The power going up the hills was awesome, the only slowing me down was the turns.
  • stuballstuball Posts: 5
    I'm getting around 10-12 MPG on my 1998 2500 V10 GAS

    Does anyone have any successful remedies, gizzmos, etc that work to increase the MPG.

    Thanks for your replies.
  • ky bobky bob Posts: 2
    Ok I've always been a Chevy man but sure like the looks of the Dodge trucks over the newer Chevy's.Also had more trouble out of my last Chevy (2002) than any other but mainly just small things. Looking at a 1500 Hemi Quad Cab w/ 20" tires. What kind of gas mileage can I really expect? Probably 60% highway and 40% town. Also what rear end should I be looking at? And I have heard that the 20" tires hurt the power and mileage. Is that true? Need input quick has I may try and trade within a week or two. Thanks, Bobby
  • mrbillmrbill Posts: 31
    Just got another MPG update on my 2004 QC Hemi Laramie. 75/25 percent HWY(commute)/CITY . Overhead reported 18.8 average. Actual calculations at the pump 18.2. Overhead meeds a tweak I suppose. I cant complain, it constantly reports 19 (+) during commute. Not bad for a Hemi IMHO..
    FYI - K&N, Soft tonneau, 17 inch rims, 3.55 LSD.
  • kennethm1kennethm1 Posts: 12
    is there anyone out there that has a 2005 ram 1500 V6 that could report on the fuel consumption in the city and on the highway. i would like feedback from people that drive where things are pretty flat. i live in south florida. it is a regular cab short bed (construction crew model i refer to it as) and my experience in the past is they don't quite get what the big mpg numbers on the sticker price states it should average. sticker say 16 city 21 hwy. a friend of mine has a ford 8 cly and averaged 17 going to atlanta. i hope that with my 6 banger will at least get the 19 mark on the hwy and 15 in the city. i haven't taken it on a road trip to see what it gets but so far i am only getting 13 city :( i am assuming when people figure their fuel economy they to calculate it having run the air conditioner like i did in the city and will do when i calculate my mpg when i take the highway road trip. i assume most people do but just want to make sure we are comparing apples to apples. anxiously awaiting your replies.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    I know a gentleman here in town that has a 2003 RAM short box, V6 automatic. He gets 17-18 around town and has reported 23 on the highway. He's in his seventies and drives very cautiously. It's not what I would call Kansas flat around here, either.

  • kennethm1kennethm1 Posts: 12
    thanks for your reply. i have not had the chance to recalculate. after a week or ten days of driving easy i went to gas it up and swiped my card at the pump. well for some reason they only allowed 50 bucks to go on the credit card thus i couldn't fill the tank to get an accurate calclation. i was pissed lololo. that particular week i was a little more on the hwy than usual. i went ahead and calculated (even though i was a gallon or two from actually filling it) and i averaged 15.5. i would like to do a four or five hundred mile run all on interstate hwy and get a calculation. i just hope that the friggin pump won't cut me off before i am able to fill it. thanks for the reply
  • 35793579 Posts: 1
    cant get any better than 11.2 on the highway but im only driving 40 miles one way... bout 85 miles a day highway driving...bout to take her on a 340 mile trip and see what she gets...... i can only burn premium if not she doesnt run good, so we'll see :mad:
  • cromzlacromzla Posts: 3
    We have a 2003 Dodge 2500 Heavy Duty Quad Cab with CTD. Empty we average 20-22 MPG. When we have our Lance camper on board, we average 15-16 MPG. The truck handles the camper very well and is a pleasure to drive down the road.
  • retirednakretirednak Posts: 5
    We have a '03 3500 diesel w/373 gears, dually 4x4 club cab and 70,000 miles.
    My overhead computer always says I'm getting 3-4 mpg better them I'm usually getting.
    My best tank of fuel has been around 20 mpg, but I average around 15 mpg in the summer. My mileage really is poor during the winter, 12-13mpg.
    I also have an Edge Power Programmer hooked up. If I drive on setting one it makes no difference in mileage,
    yet I enjoy the extra low end getty up and passing power. We do have to run winter fuel a bit longer here in Alaska so mileage suffers on diesels.
  • jtrjtr Posts: 1
    The 50 bucks limit is most likely a limit placed on your credit card and not the gas pump. It is there to protect you if your card is stolen. I have encountered this too many times.
    I am going to have a discussion with my credit card co. before I take my next long trip.
  • drtrvlrdrtrvlr Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 dodge ram 2500 4x4 . I normally get 10 combine city highway, 9.5 towing a 3 ton 3 horse trailer. I put my 1600 lb Camper on with or with the trailer and get 7. Wish I had a diesel

    If you ever here of anything that works in the MPG dept let me know
  • dano4dano4 Posts: 35
    I have a 2003 RAM 1500 Quad Cab HEMI with 16,000 miles. Mileage can be as high as 17-18 at 60-65 mph. Mileage drops to 14-15 mpg at 75-80 mph. Overall mileage with city/highway is 12-13 mpg.
    Worst mileage was towing a boat & trailer with a combined weight of over 6,000 pounds. Mileage was 7.5 and it felt like I was tied to a rock, even with the HEMI.
    Mileage is not great, but not much worse than the Chevrolet I owned. Truck quality is much better and a lot more fun to drive! This truck is a long-term keeper.
  • ky bobky bob Posts: 2
    Thought I'd ask here and get some real answers. I am looking to buy a Ram 1500 but can not make up my mind for the 4.7 or Hemi. Is there that much difference between the two as far as gas mileage? I will not be towing anything. I am really leaning toward the Hemi at this moment. I have driven both and currently own a Chevy Silverado with the 5.3 Vortec which I average 16 mpg with a heavy foot.
    Most of my driving is 75% hwy.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    You can expect the EPA ratings for gas mileage when driven carefully. If you have an aggressive driving style, both will suffer, but I think the Hemi will suffer more.

    Most of the people I know or have talked to are getting slightly better gas mileage with the 4.7, especially city-type driving. On the highway with cruise control used there might not be much difference between the Hemi and the 4.7.

    Best regards,
  • mgrammgram Posts: 4
    Do yourself a favor and get the hemi.
    It is SO much more fun to drive and the mileage isn't that bad. I usually get 14 or 15 around town and 18 or 19 on the freeway. (rwd, 3.92 gears)
    Plus the 5 speed auto that is mated to the hemi is the best Chrysler transmission I have ever driven.
  • I just purchased the New Dodge Ram 1500 with the Hemi, I love the truck but was thinking of geting a programmer or chip for it. I want to let it run a little more free and also eek out a little more milage (don't we all). I keep my foot out of it as best I can but still only get 14 mpg average. Does anyone have any experiences with programmers, I have heard bad things about the jet products but who know what is true.

    Thank you for your responses in advance
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I use Hypertech's in all my rides. They have proven reliablilty unlike the Jet products. Hypertech's easy-to-dial-in programming is amazing.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I use Hypertech's in all my rides. They have proven reliablilty unlike the Jet products. Hypertech's easy-to-dial-in programming is amazing.

    P.S.-- I got an increase to 16.8 mpg on my '05 Hemi with the Daytona Pkg. when I upgraded my standard airbox to a K+N FIPK. It also helped with the throttle response of my truck(which was already great)
  • I have 2004 Dodge 3500 2wd cummins HO with a 3.73. I find the best I've registered on the avg econ Gauge is 20.2 on secondary roads under 65 MPH. On open road keeping up with traffic 70-75MPH it falls off to 19.4. If I let it roll back and forth to work mixed freeway and stop start. It averages out to 17.9. If I trounce on it on rain slick roads maybe 14.9.MPG. I find the best bet is to ease into Overdrive and then drop to 1400 to1750 RPM for best mileage

    I have not changed the air filter or intake and I keep 50 PSI in the front ant 70PSI in the rear tires. I have not seen K& N filter for this truck. Is it an Air Box replacement kit for this.
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