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What vehicle(s) did you trade (or sell) for your hybrid or diesel?



  • tomslycktomslyck Posts: 70
    2002 GMC Envoy.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Great choice... What type of mileage was your Envoy getting. My friend gets 13-16 on average in suburban driving.
  • This is where it gets a bit complicated. The regenerative factor you speak of would only apply to a "running" vehicle. I'm always surprised when auto manufacturers neglect the RV world that is thirsty for a tow'd car that fits their needs. Suzuki has been very in tuned w/ these buyers. Honda likewise. I've even investigated the under-carrage of my 04' Prius looking at the possibilities of a hitch for light towing (like a motorcycle or a jet-ski). That's not looking too good but not out of the question.
    Railroadjames(hybrids CAN-DO)
  • jpricejprice Posts: 58
    are the rear wheels used for regenerative braking/charging?

    Only the front wheels are connected to the power train - the rear wheels are only along for the ride (although they do take part in mechanical braking).

    On this Forum's topic - my Prius replaced a '90 Corolla GTS with 140,000 miles on it. It had been my wife's car, and I had driven it since she passed in 1999. It was getting 28 MPG (when new, it got 32+ MPG). She had *WON* the car in one of those mall raffles (where you slide an entry form into the window of a demo car on display), and it was her pride and joy; indeed it was a very nice car. But little things were beginning to go wrong - the cable from the little lever under the driver''s seat to the deck latch was broken, for example (a repair with an expense out of proportion to its worth) - and it was developing a lot of rattles. Besides, the headroom was almost nil for me. I donated it to the Boy Scouts. Couldn't be happier with my Prius, which I picked up the day after Thanksgiving in 2004 ater a seven month wait (the GTS was running acceptably, so I wasn't in a desperate rush).

    jprice SoCal '05 Silver, #1, 5200 miles, [non-permissible content removed]. mileage 46.5MPG
  • flj168flj168 Posts: 12
    At the time I purchased my used 2003 Prius, there were no used 2004s available, the new ones had a 4+ month wait. The 2003 Prius was certified and came with five additional years extended warranty along with four remaining free Toyota service. Starting model 2004 on, Toyota dropped the first five free services. I figure this is worth at least $800+?
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