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Dodge Viper



  • I've read in the Museum Mag I recieve that it has 505 HP, and does the 1/4 mile in 11.2 ET! I heard it does the 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds also! I hope this helps you! This car is mostly made of Carbon Fiber, fenders, doors, rear quarers, hood, truck lid, floors and roof, the roof and engine cradle which were aluminum, have been cut off of the regular Corvette and replaced with Titanium, for strenght & weight! I presently own a 400 HP Z51 C6, and it goes so much faster then my C5, it is ALMOST scary fast!!! :}~
  • Is it me or does anybody else agree that they (Dodge)needs to change/update the Inside of the car...The stereo is the same one in a dodge dakota and so are the air/heater controlls. I sat in one at a car show and was disapointed at what I was in. If I could afford a car like this I would not want to see the same Interor parts from other production vehicles in it.
  • ablonablon Posts: 1
    being a MOPAR guy i hope the new viper beats the ford Gt and the vett z06 i also think that the gt and z06 can't even be compared to a viper sence there supercharged! hopfully the viper will also be able to get all its 600 ponies to the ground ulike the previous modles
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    Mr MOPAR Guy, I think that you should possibly catchup on your other cars before you say things like the ZO6 or any Corvette has ever been Supercharged, not that "Zora A. Duntov" never wanted too! Just a little brushing up on these cars would tell you that there has never been a year that ANY Corvette has ever been Supercharged from the Factory! Ford just about Supercharged all their Hot Rods, I don't know why though, they still don't go!!! But that is only MY OPINION!
    I believe that the Viper's problem has always been not having Traction Control on a 500 HP car, and a little insulation between the Driver and the exhaust would help out greatly for his/her comfort! It's just about impossible to even drive a Viper for more then 2 hours, without cooking your feet! Also PLEASE don't ever drive one if your wearing shorts, or you will burn your legs getting in or out of a Viper!
    Road & Track, Car & Driver, and several other Mags will tell you about their Road Tests in the Viper! It's really too bad, with all that HP & Tourque, that should be a real MEAN Automobile!
    But I believe we should wait til we see if anyone is going to pickup the Tab for Chrysler, to keep it going! I certainly hope an American Co does, I would LOVE to see the Big 3 duking it out again with the Muscle Cars!!! :shades: ;)
    PS: I wonder if they are STILL going to come out with the Hemi Cuda in '08, like they said?
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    I know, I know, I'm replying to my own Post! DAH!!! I made a error on the material for the engine cradle & Roof! It's made out of Magnesium, NOT Titanium. I knew that why I said that I'll never know! Guess I had a Brain F**t! Sorry!!!!
  • Does anyone know of a part or something that i can get to recallibrate my speedo after changing gears in my rearend. Help. Thanks
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    "A component in the airbag control module may fail, causing the front airbags and/or seatbelt pretensioners to deploy inadvertently while the vehicle is being operated.

    The affected Vipers were built from November 1, 2001 through June 30, 2004.

    Dodge dealers will install an in-line jumper harness with an integrated electrical noise filter to fix the vehicles. An interim notification is expected to be sent to owners in February. The remedy is expected to be available later in the year."

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