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Saturn Aura



  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I loved my experience at the Saturn dealer, I just didn't love the cars. The Aura is WAY better than I had hoped for. GM may have 2 prototypes so Chicago and Toronto could both have one. Lets hope, I really want to see this car.
  • Does this mean that the prices for Saturns are going up? Some articles say that Saturn is planning to go upsacle.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    The L Series were priced about the same as Pontiac. The Aura looks to be somewhat upscale from the G6. So I imagine you will be looking at somewhat higher prices than Pontiac but lower than Cadillac.


    Think Passat level prices and you should be close. My theory at least.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    GM says the Aura will compete with the Passat, so it will be priced accordingly.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    i'm looking forward to seeing this car at the chicago auto show. i'm impressed both inside and out. way to go GM!


    this could be the first GM car that's truly competitive against top end accord/camry V6 models and the base passat (passat is going way upstream with the next model).
  • The Vectra taillights are the same shape but are tri color. Amber turn / red stop-tail and clear backup. EU law requires Amber turn signals and turn indicators at the rear of the front fenders or side view mirror mounted turn indicators. Also the larger rear plate opening reduces the huge bumper look.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    rsx-sfan : I don't think prices will that much higher than the L-series when it came out. L-series were no bargain until they didn't sell. I do think the $5000+ cash backs will be gone (not needed)though. With a car like this GM could command a more premium price.


    Venus : I agree. While I think the Malibu is close, this one will have the V6 power and premium interior. Hopefully the base engine will be the 170 hp 2.4L VVT.
  • American automobile standarts are less developed than European ones. I do not see the reason why GM insists in red turn signals. It is safer to have yellow turn signals than red ones, that are undistinguishable from stop signals, and also yellow repeaters one the side of the car.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Both our GM vehicles (Intrigue and Montana) have amber turn signals.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    I've been looking for a replacement for my Olds Intrigue and haven't seen anything that I can really get excited about (even expensive cars like STS and G35) except the Acura RL. And even then, the exterior styling leaves me wanting. That is until I saw the Aura.


    Even tho Lutz says "what you see is what you'll get", they also said that maybe 4 or 5 things will change. That scares me since GM has a history of "dumb-ing down" concept cars (even tho this looks production ready). My fear is that the 4 things that will be changed are 1- the instrument cluster, 2- the center console, 3- the center stack, 4- the steering wheel. It's only 4 or 5 things, but any change to them would completely change the look of the car.


    The Grand Prix looks good on the outside but the interior is horrible. The Aura looks good inside and out and hopefully anything that changes will be minor like tire size. The only disappointment for me is that there's no talk of AWD.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    All say pretty much the same thing; just different shots. The second link actually says more than the cut-n-paste press release that most sites have posted. The first link has large hi-res shots.


  - - rtid=34160&make=Saturn

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  - - ages/1.htm
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    According the the current issue of Motortrend mag, Saturn is being positioned to move upscale and take the place of the Oldsmobile slot. Even the model names are similiar - Aurora and Aura.

    I'd suspect a similiar hike in price to.
  • What was point then to kill Olds? I remember they said it has been sqeezed out by Pontiac and Buick.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    This car is also a potential Intrigue replacement for me though I still want to keep my Olds for another 3-4 years. I share the same fear as you do and I do expect some changes in the production, I just hope they are minor as I like the car as is. The CTS and maybe the Allure are the only other GM cars I would consider so I was very surprised and pleased to see the Aura. I will be following this story closely.
  • I really like this car a lot from what we have seen so far. I am not real fond of the two tone interior, but that's me. The real thing that I want to know is the pricing on the new models. If they try to move up market they will move right out of where I am buying from. I'm hoping that they will keep the price low to attract more buyers to the brand as they try to rebuild. Now if there was only a Saturn dealer less than an hour and twenty mins away...
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    I have read reports that the Aura will cost between $21,500 and $27,500. That would put it squarely in the spot the Intrigue occupied.


    I actually think dropping Oldsmobile and keeping Saturn was the right move (as much as it pained me to admit since I'm on my second Intrigue and love/d my cars).


    Both Saturn and Oldsmobile were doing poorly in sales. The key was the customer base. Olds' loyal customers were getting up in years; Saturn's were younger, lent themselves to imports and very loyal. Both targeted import buyers who also are younger. So, if I had to make a decision to can one, it would be the one with less of a chance to capture this customer base - thus Oldsmobile would have to go.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I agree, GM had 1 too many divisions and now that I see Intrigue like vehicles coming from Saturn, I feel a little better about the death of Olds. I still think both divisions could have been saved with better marketing and Olds quality but there isn't much point in going on about it.


    I read in the new Motor Trend Aura will have the new 2.4L 170 hp VVT as a base motor. They also go on to say it's main target is the Acura TL. The 3.6L will come with auto only while the 2.4L will have a standard transmission option.


    Even if it's a little smaller than my Intrigue (which i suspect it will be), I see this as a strong replacement contender.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,005
    The TL offers a stick with its high-output (and only) engine. I might be interested in one if the 2.4L / stick shift is available with *all* the nice options, and if the 2.4L is a smooth runner. I haven't read enough reviews to know if this is the case.

    Basically, if they can make something that drives like a Passat and is as reliable as an Accord, I'll bite.

    As far as the Red Line version, anything beyond the 250 hp range in a FWD car is on the edge of sanity, even with StabiliTrak. Perhaps it will feature all wheel drive.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I would go for a 3.6L Aura only if it wasn't priced like a Caddy CTS. GM (and other makers also) have a habit of really pricing higher end models at a big premium. The 2.4L would be fine for me though I would go auto, too much traffic in the Toronto area for a stick.

  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,005
    The interior looks to be the equal of VW/Audi in the photos; not close, not "on par," but in fact equal. This is a very good thing, and the first mainstream car GM has done this well. The two-tone in the concept is hot, although it would still look impressive in one color.

    As someone else posted, it appears the Aura has red rear turn signals. They could be amber ones in disguise, though. Even if they're red, I doubt if they're the same lamps as the brake lamps, although this is also allowed under the current (stupid) US law. The old Chevrolet S10/Blazer and GMC Sonoma/Jimmy had the all-in-one red lamps. Audi, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda have all been guilty of using red instead of amber rear turn signals in some models, even though in their home markets, amber ones are required. I will concede that making the entire taillamp red may be more aesthetically pleasing than having an orange portion, but using a clear lens near the backup lamp with an amber bulb will have the same effect. Bottom line, this is just a stupid habit that all the manufacturers (except some of the Europeans) practice in the US because it's allowed. There are guys here who put European market taillamps on their Corvettes, and I would probably put them on my Aura.

    Didn't realize the automatic is a six-speed. I might consider the 3.6 after all.

    The depreciation curve of the Saturn scares me, though.
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