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Saturn Aura



  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    I have a 2007 Aura XR loaded with every option avail with only 8K on it now, my wife has a new 2008 XE only 2 months old and my daughter just leased a new 08' Vue.....

    NOW the news.... I am retired from the auto industry after 30+ yrs and here is my take on Saturn as a car Mfg. ( i just retired from BMW after 15 yrs and also had GM exper of over 15 yrs )

    NO !!! This is NOT a BMW or a Lexus or Infiniti or any other premium auto, it s a SATURN by GM and I think a lot of people forget that..... It is what it is, a fairly good car for the $$ in todays market. You cant expect anything more than what it is...a GM product. Over the years GM has improved, just NOT as much as they can or should have. The car to me is fine for the $$ of todays market. You get what you pay for !! Remember its a car in the mid 20K range and today thats not much. You cant compare this quality and workmanship to Toyota or any German manufacturer, the Japanese put out a fantastic product for the $ , bu8t even those are suffering due to increased volume of production in past years.

    All in all for the money, Saturn is not a bad product, Yes there are some interior aspects that sure can be a lot nice especially for the XR top of the line. Also the problem with the side rocker panels, thats something SATURN should be addressing ans find a fix if it separates and not ignore the customer, as they will lose them next time to another mfg.

    Remember......we bought SATURNS, NOT a BMW, BENZ etc.... and dont think they dont have similar problems, because they have plenty. Only differance is they do whatever they need to do to make a customer happy and fix the problem, something GM is clueless about.

    hope this helps from someone in
    the auto industry for 30+ yrs and
    NOT a sales person !!! and now
    we have 3 Saturns
  • Yes, In short all 2009 Saturn Aura will be 6speed automatics, the 3.5 V6 is gone, and the 2.4L takes over...
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    3.5L was really not needed in 08 but for whatever reason they kept it around.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I disagree with you. I've put 3K miles on my 08 Aura 3.5 so far on business trips. The car gets the same fuel economy as a 4 banger, yet, has a decent performance level. I think Saturn is making a mistake by dropping this combo in 09. If they married the 6 speed automatic to the 3.5, it would do even better.

  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Perhaps, but 3 combos increase costs and GM needs to cut them desperately. I think most people are looking for a 4 these days anyway, even if the mileage numbers are mostly optics vs. the 3.5.
  • phaetondriverphaetondriver Posts: 175
    If you ask me, and nobody did, I have to agree with terminating the 3.5.
    GM could easily retune the 3.6 so it produced LESS H-P, duplicating the 3.5's H-P and torque. This would probably give slightly better MPG than the 3.5 does now and would keep production costs down.
    Still gives the buyers what they want and eliminates one whole engine/trans choice.
    Of course this will probably be the cause of 10,000 lost jobs shutting down an entire engine factory, but who cares about a few jobs as long as the stock holders are happy.
    Oops, bad tangent, sorry.

    so you could have a choice of 2.4L-140 H-P, 3.6-180 H-P and 3.6-250 H-P and 3.6-305 H-P (direct injected from Cady CTS :) )
    Maybe add a 1.8 L-100 H-P with Electric Hybrid (hire back those 10,000 workers) but I think the Hybrid should be in the Astra size not the Aura size cars IMHO
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    You are correct in saying that the Saturn is a good buy for the money. However, they offer a new warranty attempting to show
    that their product is just as good as higher priced brands.
    However, they will not honor their warranty, as in the case of the
    separating rocker panels................they simply get away with not
    repairing the panels by declaring that they are a design/manufacturing DEFECT and therefore exempt from warranty coverage. In other words, the problem has to be called a REPAIR in order to qualify for warranty coverage. :confuse:
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    I, too, do not see the place for the 3.5. Many people are choosing the 4 cyl with today's fuel prices. Those who want the power of a V6 and can afford the gas will be more satisfied with the 3.6. The Malibu is doing just fine with no 3.5 L option.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I was reading on the Saturn fans site the new 6-speed with the 2.4L boosts highway mileage to 33 mpg from 30, just about best in class (excluding the Malibu).

    Seem like a great option in the $4 / gallon world we seem to have suddenly entered.

    That said, I still want a 3.6 XR.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I guess you don't live in a moutainous state like I do. The 4 cylinder cars I've owned (including Hondas) never did well on fuel economy or longevity. The 3.5 has enough HP so that it doesn't scream at high RPM much, and, its consistently giving me over 30 MPG on business trips. Adding a 6 speed automatic to the 3.5 would improve its EPA numbers , as well as its 0 - 60 numbers. I passed on Malibu because the 3.5 wasn't offered.

  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    No I do not live in a mountainous state, but have visited them and I can imagine a 4 banger not being much fun. Still, if you live in such an environment and feel you need a V6, the 3.6 liter is still an option. It is a more refined and powerful engine than the 3.5 for not much more money.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    When I priced the Auras - the models with the 3.6 would have cost me about $4K more + the hit on fuel economy. For my business driving the 3.5 fills the bill perfectly. I'm well aware of what a more refined, more powerful V6 runs like. My Saturn's stablemate has a 240 HP 3 Liter in it, and, its substantially quicker than the 3.5 Aura is. Downside is - it gets about 26MPG on premium gas.

  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Has anyone out there tried a 2.4L / 6-speed?

    Tested an XR last week and I loved it but will gas spiraling, I may go with an 09 XR-4.
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    This is NOT a BMW or a Lexus or Infiniti or any other premium auto

    Because of changing job situation, I actually traded in my 07 Aura XR for a 2008 Infiniti G35X, which I am leasing. I've had the Infiniti for a couple of weeks now. The Infiniti stickered about $10,000 more (37K vs 27K).

    The Aura actually does hold its own to the Infiniti in many ways. It has many of the same features (leather power everything, etc.) Some similarities and differences:

    The Infiniti's leather feels softer and more luxurious

    The Infiniti just feels more substantial and solid, like when you close the door or move around in your seat. These first two differences, I feel, are the meat of what the extra 10 grand buys you. You can simply 'feel' the difference.

    Both cars have nice sound systems, but the Bose in the Infiniti sounds a little richer.

    Both cars handle well, I'd say about the same.

    Both cars feel powerful in normal driving, the G35 feels and is a little quicker when flooring it (306 hp vs 252), 0-60 in about 5.5 sec vs 6.5. The Infiniti's accelerator is more difficult to modulate, difficult to go somewhere in between all and nothing. The Saturn's engine note is actually more refined and quieter than the G35's, especially at full throttle.

    The Infiniti's brakes are touchier and more powerful.

    I do miss several features of the Saturn not on the Infiniti, such as the OnStar, remote start. I had hooked up a Verizon line to the OnStar and that handsfree phone system was more user-friendly than the Infiniti's blue tooth system.

    I recently drove a friend's 97 TransAm. While very powerful, it otherwise felt like a dinosaur compared to the Saturn and Infiniti, with mushy brakes, ponderous handling, unrefined engine noises, and uncomfortable seats.

    All-in-all, I think the Saturn is a great car for the money. As you said, it is a 20-something thousand dollar car, not a 30-something thousand. Remember that and you will be very happy with it.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Can anyone comment on the Aura's trunk and how golf clubs fit and which way they fit? I am toying with an Aura XR but I also golf and I want to know how 2 sets of clubs work in the trunk.

  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    Lower the rear seat "pass-thru" and it will fit................maybe !
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    I would take your bags to the dealer and try it.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    After much consideration I decided to go with a Chev Malibu over the Aura. The main reason was price. I wanted a 3.6L and the 2LT optioned with the sport package was over $3000 less than an Aura XR after negotiation and all I gave up really was fog lights and climate control.

    I really prefer the exterior of the Aura and the Saturn brand has a much more exclusivity to it but in the end, there are too many other things I could do with $3000 and still have fun with my car.

    Still look forward to popping in here, after all the Aura and Malibu are very close cousins.
  • We just purchased an '09 Saturn Aura XR-4 and found out some interesting details in the process. We got the XR-4 with the 6 speed automatic transmission which is standard for the best fuel economy. I was just checking the Saturn web site to check out some of the listed features on our car. To my surprise the base price of $23,450 on our car sticker is $1,755 less that the new base price ($25,205) on the Saturn web site for an XR-4. I noticed the comparable Chevy Malibu is also up this year on the Chevy website. But some models currently on lots have lower base prices than on the Chevy or Saturn web sites. GM has done this traditionally on new model year cars delivered to dealers. After a few weeks or up to a month or so, the base price creeps up sometimes. I think this is a marketing thing so that when rebates kick in later in the year, GM is really not taking as big of a hit on prices as it would seem. However, if a person happens to FIND an earlier released car from the beginning of the model year release, it can be a real savings.
    Having said all this, there is also a LARGER GMS rebate then the current $1,000 on Auras . If you can qualify for a GMS family/friends purchase, you can qualify for a $3,000 rebate on Saturn Auras. Malibus only have a $1,000 rebate for anyone. The bottom line is we did get the GMS price, with a $3,000 rebate and it was on a car with the LOWER 23,450 base price. Combine that with $1,755 less than the current base price as shown on the Saturn web site and it is some real savings. These saving are good till either Nov. 3 or October 31.
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