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Acura RL Maintenance and Repair



  • So what you are saying is that the TL and RL will be around the same price, I don't believe Acura is going to introduce any new RL with fewer features.
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Posts: 134
    I have an 04 TL with Nav. I was wondering if these buttons are supposed to light:
    1. Main cruise button on steering wheel.
    2. Select/reset button on trip computer.
    3. Both back buttons on the steering wheel for the voice commands.
    I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if these buttons light up.
  • After "hoping" the latest TSBs would fix my AFS Errors, my dealer replaced the "AFS Control Unit"... If that doesn't fix it, their plan is to replace the "steering angle sensor" next. I get the impression that Acura doesn't have a clue as to what is causing the errors or how to even diagnose the problem, so they are starting to replace parts in hopes that the problem will go away.
  • Same,

    My 2005 RL's headlights are HORRIBLE on unlighted roads. I can't see anything 50 in front of the car. There is a black curtain and total darkness. Hills are really bad. Wow is this unsafe. the dealer says this is normal.

    This is a crash waiting to happen. Beware.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Even using your high beams on dark roads, you can't see?
  • Hi beams work fine, but oncoming traffic, following other cars and curves limit their use. Really hard to see unless there are street lights.The light goes out about 50 feet and just stops.
  • fmkofmko Posts: 14
    Read the 40,000 long term test of the Acura RL, Car&Driver took it off it's 10 best list because of all the problems they had with the car, 8 unscheduled dealer visits to fix a host of problems, they were not happy with this car. These problems are going to affect the resale value of the car, especially if Consumer Reports rates the dependability very bad also. Saw a new one with 3,000 miles at the Cadillac dealership, stayed away from it. Read the April issue of Car&Driver, maybe they discuss a fix for their car that applies to yours as well.
  • I hope my problem is fixed. The Dealership, Ed Voyles Acura went beyond my expectations to address the arrogence problem I had with the "corporate" person that called me.

    I highly recommend them
  • jts220jts220 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a buyback for AC compressor. Honda issues a certificate for the buyback reason. You should be able to verify through Acura. Also checked carfax, which will indicate service problems. I took mine to a differant dealer and it received a clean bill of health. So far very good expirience
  • ilasilas Posts: 18
    Nowhere in the article did they say the RL was removed from the list BECUASE of the problems they had. They said it was because it came up short with the M... (anyone who wants to can see the last sentence of the first paragraph in the scanned article available at Further, they were quite positive with the way the car drove, etc, and said the engine and transmission had been flawless and smooth. Two service visits were because the dealer was incompetent in fixing the problem with the sunroof the first time.

    Acura has a history of quality and dependability. Many other makers, including cadillac that you refer to, do not. Maybe CD got a rare problem car for this automaker.
  • drgkjedrgkje Posts: 21
    just bought a 2004 with navi...did not come with the user manual or the navi manual (on order)..does this car have bluetooth? Is it part of the navi system? thanks
  • racer_xracer_x Posts: 8
    fmko said:
    >>Read the 40,000 long term test of the Acura RL, Car&Driver took it off
    >>it's 10 best list because of all the problems they had with the car,
    >>8 unscheduled dealer visits to fix a host of problems, they were
    >>not happy with this car.

    ilas responded:
    >Acura has a history of quality and dependability. Many other makers,
    >including cadillac that you refer to, do not. Maybe CD got a rare
    >problem car for this automaker.

    Consumer Reports has issued their "Top Picks for 2006", in which they select the best models in 10 categories. The Infiniti M35/45 took top honors over the RL in the Luxury Sedan category. The Consumer Reports review of the RL concludes "We expect reliability to be average, according to our latest subscriber survey. [New Car Reliability: Average (3/5)]"

    That's pretty damning for Acura, especially since the TL is the top rated Sedan in the $30k-40k range. However, it certainly appears to reflect and expand on exactly what is shared on these boards, as well as apparently backing up exactly what was experienced by Car & Driver: a host of annoying technical issues experienced by thousands of new RL owners with the newly designed RL.

    Compare that to Consumer Reports' reliability rating for the Infiniti M35/45: "First-year reliability has been outstanding. [New Car Reliability: Much better than average (5/5)]"

    The RL and the M35 are both clearly excellent vehicles, but the data now conclusively shows that the new RL has some serious reliability issues, especially when compared to both Acura's own very highly rated TL, as well as their main competition, the Infiniti M35.

    However, it now seems quite clear that the M35 is the superior vehicle, especially when reliability data is factored in.

    "Maybe CD got a rare problem car for this automaker"? Yeah, obviously Car & Driver clearly DID get a problem did several thousand other folks who participate in the Consumer Reports surveys, apparently (such as myself).

    - Racer X
  • nebraskaguynebraskaguy Posts: 341
    just bought a 2004 with navi..does this car have bluetooth? Is it part of the navi system?

    I'm pretty sure the 2004 RL did not have Bluetooth and if it did, it's not part of the navi system. There's no connection between the two.
  • ilasilas Posts: 18
    The main point of my message was to let the poster know that he completely misquoted the article, which he did!. It was not in anyway to compare the M and RL in terms of reliability.

    My statements reflect a belief, not necessarily a fact. Let's see what happens with the 06 RLs. My money is on the RL becoming as reliable as it has always been with consumer reports. Acura may have rushed the 2005 model into production, but their history of reliability suggests that they will correct the problems and return the RL to an excellent reliability rating. No way Acura lets their reliability perceptions decline over the long run.

    FWIW, I like the M also. Both the M and RL are fine cars. I chose the 06 RL over the m35x. At 4500 miles, I have zero regrets and would do it all over again if I needed to.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    may be interested in the Acura RL vs. Infiniti M35 discussion - have a look!
  • drgkjedrgkje Posts: 21
    i am reaching the same conclusion..any 04 RL out there?

    RE: connection, in my RX, the bluetooth option was available only as a part of the NAVI system. All settings, are in the navi menu, all instructions are in the navi manual.
  • pappy164pappy164 Posts: 15
    I also have an 06 RL with 6000+ miles on it, which are mainly stop and go city miles. The only issues I have had were because of user error that I thought were electronic. No problems with the car, it runs great!

    I have heard of some electrical errors with the 05, but that was its baby blues year. Most should have been corrected for the 06 model. In every new car that I have bought, I always wait till the first year goes by so the manufacturer has time to clean out the glitches.
  • I'm the owner of a 06 RL, and I've subscribed to Car and Driver for over 25 years (anyone want to buy some back issues?). C&D has historically had tremendous respect for Honda/Acura products (and BMWs), and I think the tone of the article showed their surprise in having the long term RL making many trips to the dealer. The article did point out that the long term RL was one of the staff's most popular cars. While I agree with some of the commentary (why not have a start button in lieu of the ignition "key"?), some of the issues were driver error, frankly (e.g., not returning the ignition "key" to original position when leaving the car and having the battery run down----didn't they notice the car gonging them like crazy when they did that?).

    I drove both the m35x and the RL and picked the RL. Each car has its advantages, but I have had extraordinarily good experience with Honda products, there was more competition in my area among Honda dealers than Infiniti dealers. For me, it was a real close choice.
  • Finally, got a "hit" from a CD showing album title text on the audio screen---a Modest Mouse CD (Epic, which is owned by Sony). :P
  • llwysellwyse Posts: 56
    I purchased my 2005 RL new in January, 2005. Lakeshore Silver. Now have 13,500 miles. (Relatively low because I alternate between the RL and a MINI Cooper S.) My car has been trouble free. Power windows "acted up" once and the dealer told me how to correct it. TSBs have been performed as needed. Just installed the 18" wheels with summer performance tires. Awesome look.....and handling. I am pleased with the car and the dealer (Mathews Acura in Marion, OH). This car's a keeper!

    I saw some headlight comments. The lighting pattern is apparently typical of xenon lights. Same on my MINI, Pacifica and a past Audi.
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