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Acura RL Maintenance and Repair



  • I am taking my 05 RL in Monday to have another axle bearing replaced. Has anyone else had this problem? I had the first one replaced at 8K miles and this one at 18K miles. They have to replace the entire axle to fix it since the bearing and axle are one piece.
    Still love the car but this is crazy.
  • what were the symptoms of the bad axle bearing?
  • Increasing whine starting at 30 MPH and getting pretty loud by road speed. Constant, not a clicking like a wheel bearing.
  • Yes, I have the same problem which needs to replace the battery twicw in 9 months. I did turn the ignition all the way off. Will bring in the car for check-up this week,
    What did they tell you the second time you have the battery replaced?
  • badbuybadbuy Posts: 12
    Bought a new 2006 RL w/navi + wood simulated steering wheel, mats etc, back-up camera. Used by dealership (so they say) for under 4,000 miles. BUT, having horrible gas mileage in first week. On two last fill ups, 14.2 & 14,6 mpg!!! No gas smell so no leaks...dealership says the mixed blend winter gas (90%gas10%eth) plus not enough break-in accounts for low mileage. Don't believe that can make a 22% reduction from rated 18 mpg. (my driving so far is suburban/small city, not highway yet)

    Has anyone experienced the same horrible mpg?? Any idea what's wrong? Our state has a very strong lemon law so I'll keep going back to document this horrible situation.

    Thanks for any help you may have on this issue. :cry:
  • I have a 2005 RL. The good news is that probably nothing is wrong with your car. The bad news is that 14mpg in city/suburban driving is about what you can expect, especially if you are making lots of short(i.e.under about 5 mile) trips. On the highway, you will get much better mileage. I get 14 in the suburbs and about 28 on the highway.

    Good luck with your new car!
  • I have a 2006 RL with the Tech package and the hwy mileage is about 26+ mpg. However, the city driving mileage is not great. I have complained to Acura about the redicously high shift points under low manifold pressure (e.g., light acceleration). The overdrive (5th) shift point will not occur until 48 mph. I drive the same route each day of 19 miles each way some local and most 60-70 mph highway. My Infinity I35 3.5L 260hp averaged 21.5 - 22.7 MPG over many years. The RL gets 20.1-20.7! I tried driving the same route a number of times manually shifting each gear at 2500 RPM and can get 24-25 MPG.

    I believe that most of the low fuel mileage is caused by a "performance" shift algorythem being use rather than allowing for an economy one.

    Having had a lot of experience with GPS systems and moving maps for aircraft and roads I pointed out to Acura that given the GPS integration that they could include on the DVD disk the readily available terrain information down to 1/2 minute (1/2 SqMi). This would allow dynamic shift algorythems that could be predicted prior to need just like the driver starts to accelerate as he reaches a hill and not wait until you start to slow down.

    This would allow some reasonable set of shifting algorythems like "flatland, hills, mountains, etc.".

  • bobrlbobrl Posts: 6
    14 mpg is about right for non highway runs. I've found I can exceed the EPA highway estimate on a straight highway run. Using a VERY LIGHT FOOT on a 180 mile highway only run, I got 31 mpg. This was a conscious effort to see how high I could go. Normally I'm in the 25 mpg range on the highway. I also had under 4,000 miles when I did this.
  • I bought my 06 RL(non-tech) on Nov. 19th. I paid $41,000 which includes free backup cam($770), trunk tray($99), splash guard($135) and wheel locks($82). And I added sealant($430, ouch! It should have been done by local detailing shop).

    1. The car was so smooth, nice ride quality, no rattle, and very quiet.
    2. A couple of days later I realized my RL had PAX system(RFT). Since I saw bad reviews on RFT, I asked the dealer to bring original tires and wheels. The salesman didn’t know why my RL had PAX on it. Seems a Tech pack customer didn’t want the PAX and swapped the tires. Anyway the dealer replaced the PAX by standard stock tires and wheels.
    3. Wow! The tire noise is excessive. Even my wife immediately noticed. I thought transmission or engine noise. But it came from the tires(Pilot HX MXM4). The noise is much louder than my 10 year old Camry. I guess the noise level of PAX has been improved. But I’m not sure how long it can maintain the same level of noise and ride quality. I seriously think to replace the stock tires by Pilot Sport A/S. Acura should consider to chagne the stock tires.
    4. When I picked up my RL right after the sealant job, there was a rattle from the passenger side chrome molding of the audio control console and passenger side dash board attached to the chrome. I guess the technician pressed hard the area during the sealant job. The dealer said a slip in the chrome molding was loose and they replaced. Now no rattle.
    5. I feel the lack of low end torque as others. It looks the gear tends to stay at higher gear than it should be (but rpm was not low). Even if I sit in rear seat, I can feel some grinding noise/vibration. Either Acura should improve the torque or update the firmware to make sure the smooth gear transition. It is annoying. To avoid this bad feel, I have to push the acceleration pedal hard or use Manual mode. RL is lighter than MDX and has more power. I don’t understand the bad feel of low end torque.
    6. The gas mileage is 16.7 mpg(my commute includes 3 mile highway drives). The camry shows 23 for the same daily route. My MDX(my wife drives around town) has 16 mpg(if I drive, I can get about 18).

    06 MDX(green/black): Nav. and RES
    06 RL (black/black)
    97 Camry

    02 MDX(black/saddle)
    88 Camry
  • I am up for my first oil change in my 2006 RL. I have my first oil change free at the dealership but I am curious if I will need to continue going to the dealership for the life of the car. Is the RL oil change complicated or can I simply take my car to a Jiffy Lube or a similar type of business?
    Any feedback would be appreciated....
  • go to a good independent shop or learn to do it yourself is my advice.

    Sometimes dealers offer good deals on oil changes, so don't automatically discount going there. I go to the dealer. They're fast, use the right parts, know what they're doing and if there's a screw up, we know who did it.
  • badbuybadbuy Posts: 12
    Re: Thanks for heads up on gas mileage problems in suburban driving.

    Now something else crops up. New Acura RL, now with 4100 miles on it and the driver's window controls to rear windows do not work! With cold weather, neither left or right rear windows go down from driver's controls. With warm weather, only the left rear will work.

    Has anyone else had this electrical problem with a NEW Acura (2006 RL)? :cry:
  • I have a 2005 RL with 7,000 miles. Had 2 dead batteries the last 9 months. The last time was about 10 days ago. I was told by the dealer that the cause was the bluetooth phone system being on all the time draining the battery. I have found it hard to believe since I have never use it or have it hooked up with my cell phone. Also, I discontinued long ago the subscription to XM Radio and Onstar as someone did suspect about drainage was from the ongoing Onstar system for traffic conditions.

    In addition, I have always turned the ignition key all the way off.
    Has anyone having this problem?
  • Does anyone have a remedy for brightening the Nav screen? I have it on the brightest adjustment but the text is too faint to insert a new address, for example. Sometimes it is normally bright but it's not consistent enough to spot what conditions influence the brightness. Temperature? Lighting?
    Anyone have this problem?

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hey George, haven't seen you for a while - welcome back!! :)
  • The 2005s had a problem with this. there are some upgrades that the dealer can do (maybe they're done) that were supposed to solve this problem. More info about this can be found on
  • Hi Pat:

    Yup, I'm still hanging in there but I have little reason to post - I just read. The '05 RL hasn't shown one defect in two years, save for my recent post. Early on, before the 2005 RL hit the showroom floor, this Forum was energized and exciting, what with all the speculation re the style, power, price, etc of the awaited RL. I don't mean that it's less energized now - just that the initial excitement was at fever pitch!!!

    I'm glad that you're still hosting. Perhaps one day you'll be passing out hors d'oeuvres and flutes of Piper-Heidsick!!

    Warm regards,
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Acuraphile, I know your eyesight is good because the Air Force has a permanent notation in the military record books of your accomplishments as a Top Gun. ;) George it is always good to see you..or in this case read you! Here is the scoop for anyone in need of adjusting their Nav screen display:
    Get your printer out ....I refreshed my memory on the Navi screen. The car doesn't have to be running but the ignition should be on. With your navigation system turned on go to the bottom right button on your dash panel called Setup. Hitting that button will bring up the screen that has 6 areas you can adjust. Brightness is on top left scroll using the BIG knob until you are over it ...your verbal command will also tell you "Brightness" then press down on the big knob again. at this point you can turn the big knob to the right or left. Just don't go beyond 3/4 of the way because it will give you too much light. then scroll to Contrast and make that adjustment etc... I'm about 70% brightness, 60 % contrast.
    This is IMPORTANT...There are also additional adjustments that can be made to the screen. You can select daytime colors and nighttime colors for your Map and also your Menu.. With the Navi on click on the Setup button again when the screen comes up it will show More on the top right.... to select this take the big silver knob and move it horizontally right (Don't turn it!) . This will bring up a screen the shows many additional line listed options. The 6th option is Color. Scroll down using the big knob. Select that. Then you can go into each option individually (MAP and MENU)... and each one will have 5 or 6 different colors for day and 5 or 6 different color selections for night. Remember one thing. Each time you make a selection that you are happy with just go back to the previous screen by hitting the cancel button on the left side of your dash panel. Like a computer you can always go back in and make adjustments later if you are not happy with your screen brightness or color. And you are not going to break anything by making the wrong selection. BY THE WAY...WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HAD A FLUTE OF PIPER-HEIDSIECK? :)
    Later Phile...and Good Luck!
  • badbuybadbuy Posts: 12
    On 06 RL with navi pkg, I've had several problems already. Some functions don't work and the dealership in Bethesda MD was really bad in their sales & service......They would have a problem delivering a Yugo. (I would have thought that the luxury line of Honda would screen it's franchise holders).

    Wrote a detailed letter to Acura Customer Service with a backup to the head of Honda North America and after 5 weeks....NOT A WORD from the company. In years of buying cars, I've never had such silence from a manufacturer.

    Has anyone else been treated this way by Acura??? :sick:
  • Don't feel bad, I bought my 2006 RL in January and within weeks had reported several problems to the dealer. I know the dealer was concerned and sent the info to Acura. After 6 months of no response I called Acura HQ and had about a one hour long conversation about the problems (one of which involved the car speeding up when you let off the gas!). It is no almost a year and the silence is deafening.

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