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Acura RL Maintenance and Repair



  • getakeygetakey Posts: 23
    just got a DVD in the mail that updates problems with the Nac software
    It would be nice if they told us what problems are fixed
  • Has anyone detemined what problems were fixed with the new DVD? Just curious. I've loaded mine, but can see no difference. Steve
  • blloydblloyd Posts: 4
    I am thinking of buying an Acura RL. I asked the dealer about the battery issue. He said, and then demomstrated the need to turn the ignition switch ALL THE WAY OFF. Many people turn it until it says goodbye, then leave the car with everything still on but the engine. The battery soon dies.
  • I've noticed the same thing, though I have seen other traffic icons come and go. That would sound like its a problem with the traffic information feed.

    Regarding your question about how to tell which direction the traffic is on, I'm guessing that you might be asking this question because it looks like the information is reversed. I'm convinced that the information is backwards -- I've seen this on the Northern Parkway around Westbury. I've read on another message board that in another part of the country (California?), the information feed was reversed and all of the traffic info was on the wrong side of the road. Is this what you're seeing?
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    I think some people may also be leaving their remotes either inside or within a few feet of the car by mistake, too. If the remote is in or near the car, the car stays "on," so it's important to take the remote into the house or away from the car.
  • kacuratkacurat Posts: 33
    Yes, I too notice it on the Northern State. The only way I can tell if the yellow or red line is for my side of the road is if there is traffic. But there is no way to tell prior to getting to the traffic spot.
  • ephraimwephraimw Posts: 1
    I am going nuts with the very same problem of noisy brakes. I have only 1,900 miles on my RL and it squeals horribly in wet or dry weather. It began about one month ago and I can't relate it to anything. It doesn't happen every day and sometimes days will pass before it happens again. It happened once on the Cross-Bronx expressway,which is a road used mainly by truckers,they looked down from their cabs at my brand new car and were aghast at the noise coming from this little car. My dealer offers no solution. Acura Headquarters in California says that they are very sorry but that there is no solution from them. I LOVE THE CAR TOO but THERE MUST BE SOME HOPE.They also knew of NO ONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM.
  • Took delivery of RL 1 week ago and the first time I was on the highway I noticed "road noise", a type of humming sound. Suspect it may be coming from the tires (Michelin). Noise is also present on local streets, but less obvious. Is this the type of noise you're referring to? Anyone else experience this type of noise?
  • Have the same problem. My RL is 10 days old and the noise is worst at high speeds. Am thinking it may be due to the tires. have you any new information on the source of your noise?
  • Could either (or both) of you define the area with a bit more detail, perhaps giving the exit numbers between which you are seeing the problem. If there is a problem I guarantee it will be looked into immediately. The issue you mention in California is being rectified, thanks to observant RL owners like yourself. Thanks for your reply
  • blloydblloyd Posts: 4
    I just bought a new Acura RL. It is great. Does everything I expected. Great pickup and ride. Features such as XM Radio and navigation work well. Great looking car, many positive comments from friends. Mileage looks good too. My Verizon V 710 cell phone paired right away and works fine. I am a happy Acura owner.
    I asked my dealer to install a backup camera using parts designed for the Acura MDX SUV. Awaiting a response from Acura.
  • Ditto, same situation here, same fixes from dealer. My dealer actually had a rep from ACURA to come to NC. First he tells me that I will get a new car. The next day he says that they will try one more fix and if that doesn't stop the problem I will get a new car. He also said that this was the first time he has heard about this problem. There is another Acura dealership about 30 miles away they have seen this problem 3 times. (CROWN ACURA, GREENSBORO, NC)

    I bought the car in October drove it home 54 miles and it was dead the next morning. It has been hauled away from my home 3-4 times by Acura Roadside Service. It has been started apx. 5 times by a local gas station. It has been fixed by my dealer ( FLOW MOTORS, Winston-Salem NC, THE BEST DEALER EVER) apx 3-4 times. It has been out of commision 97 days. Today it has been in the dealership for 23 days.

    I am leasing this car for about $1000.00 per month. The car has 2000 miles on it. So far I have paid $6000.00 for a car that is operable less than half of the time.

    NC lemon law applies to this situation. If I sue Acura they have to pay me 3X the cost of everything, insurance, tags, taxes, down payment and much more. It also very likely that I will even get money for "emotional distress". The Attorney General (I think) handles the whole situation.

    I am a Loyal ACURA Customer, this is my 3rd leased RL, before that I leased a Legend. So 4 acuras in 12 years. I buy them all sell them to relatives and all are maintained and financed by the ACURA DEALER.I suggest you check your state's LEMON LAW. I am almost sure you qualify for a NEW CAR or a COMPLETE REFUND. After ACURA jerks you around for awhile go ahead and sue them. My car is "fixed" again. I refuse to pick it up. It seems that most of the ACURA's with this problem were the first ones Sept-Feb. Kinda interesting that the 2005 RL's that are being sold now don't seem to have this problem......Things that make You go Hmmmm. Let me know if I can help!!!
  • Fighterwso,

    I have an 2005 RL with an issue that the factory cant resolve. When I start the car the calender and address book are grayed out. the voice req wont make a sound. (I adjust the fan speed and the front speakers mute out as if she is trying to say something, but no words are spoken)
    Also, when I push the Audio button the radio turns on but the audio menu will NOT appear. Is there anyone else having this problem?

    I also love cruising to a stop light have having BOTH front brakes singing like an 18-wheeler in an emergency. Am at 2k miles lets see if it goes away. :mad:
  • Typically - the missing information (Think of it as "personal information"!) is associated with the key fob. These items include - calendar entries, address book, home address, presets, seat position, etc.

    I recommend trying the other key fob. Be sure to associate the fob [my previous posting]. Of course, all the above mentioned settings will need updating. Be sure to use the memory setting on the door that matches the fob key number. (Probably not required -- maybe a good practice.)

    As for the "voice" not making a sound ... check the voice command settings. Check the "Settings" button below and to the right of the interface dial. Then, check the volume selection. (FYI - Don't forget to check the other menu here by moving the interface dial to the right.)

    The audio menu never appears? (I get the menu displayed when I press, XM, FM, power/volume button.) Does the stereo work?

    Sorry to 'hear' about the brakes...
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    I am leasing this car for about $1000.00 per month.

    :surprise: :surprise: :surprise:

    You must've been extremely upside down in whatever it was you traded to get that thing!! Or you have horrendous credit. Or, more aptly, the dealer spotted you when you crawled out of bed that morning. My word!
  • With only 350 total miles on my odometer, I was very surprised and pleased to get 25.3 mpg on a two-lane, rural trip. Can I expect any improvement in the future? Thanx
  • Ephraimw: I have good news for you. The problem goes away and appears to be a break-in issue. I would say by the time I hit 2500mi, I no longer had the problem. Others on this site have had the same experience. Let me know if your problem lasts longer. Good luck.
  • Jburkehhi:

    That's impressive milage. My odometer is at 2900 and I am getting 18 on a mix of city and highway.
  • dano4dano4 Posts: 35
    Bought my RL December 2005. Now have 6000 miles. Only two problems to date.
    The first 2000 miles, I had a nasty brake squeal in right front brake first thing in the day. This went away on its own and did not return. Also had a noise in front suspension over series of bumps at 20-30 mph. This was diagnosed as a problem in the right front caliper (may also relate to brake squeal). Caliper was tightened, rotor turned and no problem since. Service at Ed Martin Acura in Indianapolis was excellent. Also had the same annoying "door locking" problem following the software updates. As advised on this board, I disconnected and reconnected the negative battery cable and problem is gone. I very much appreciate the advice.

    Like the car very much. Gas mileage is 27 on highway at 75-80 mph. Average overall is 22-23. My only complaint is lack of rear seat leg room, but I knew this when I bought it. Like the handling, engine response and sound, and high tech features.
  • dano4dano4 Posts: 35
    Had same problem. Went away on its own. You might also try going to an empty parking lot with no obstacles or traffic. Try some good hard braking while in reverse at a comfortable speed. This appears to be a brake break-in issue.
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