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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2006 and Newer



  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Next year, they may have the Solstice Coupe out. Not that would be hot!
    Civic Si should be out soon.

    The Solstice....
    xkss, "Pontiac Solstice" #919, 19 Sep 2005 3:39 am

  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    You are right, there is nothing worse than getting stuck with a greedy car dealer. After ripping you off when they sell you the car, they will continue to squeeze your wallet when you bring the car back to the dealer for spare parts, service or repairs.

    If you buy a Honda Civic, there are dozens of dealers nearby & there are always someone with the spare part in stock in case you need them. You can shop around for better prices & better service.

    If you buy a Mitsu Eclipse, there is only 1 dealer around & there are limited spare parts in stock waiting for your car in case you need them. Your Eclipse may have to sit in their repair shop for weeks waiting for the spare part to be ordered or shipped from hundreds or thousands of miles away. And when it arrives, the sky is their limit when they are preparing your repair bills.

    If they are greedy & rip you off when they sell you the car, you can bet that they will be greedy & rip you off when you take the car to the dealer for service or repair.

    I rather be boring when I take the Honda for service....than to get excited with the repair bills when I take my Mitsu to the dealer.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
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  • Isnt the main selling point of Consumer Reports that they are independent?
  • I have seen a few dealers offer the GT wit the Premium Sport packages at $27,800 - a grand under the $28,800 MSRP. but then I am in the DC area. What are people paying and where? I am a serious bargin hunter.
  • skyyvskyyv Posts: 13
    I'm in Iowa and I've got a 2006 loaded 6 speed on order from Charlie Zook Motors in Sioux City, Iowa that I will be paying $26000 + ttl for. My sales guy has been absolutely fantastic - no funny business and very prompt when it comes to returning emails and phone calls. The other really great thing about this dealer is they only requested half of the deposit the dealer here in Des Moines wanted along with selling the car for about $1500 less than the lowest possible price I could get in my area. In addition, I have in writing that if the car comes in and I don't want it for ANY reason, I can renege on the deal no strings attached and my money will be completely refunded.
  • I never had a car that premium gas was recommended. Do I HAVE to use premium? Will it hurt the car if I dont? Who is actually pumping premium every time they fill up their 2006 GTs? :shades:
  • skyyvskyyv Posts: 13
    I've heard some people say that you can use a grade that is slightly lower but personally I wouldn't do it.

    I intend on buying premium when I get my GT but since I will only have to fill up about once a month, the increase in cost isn't going to be that horrible.
  • i was just curious if people that own an 06 eclipse gt could give me an idea about their satisfaction with it??? are people generally satisfied with it, unsatisfied, satisfied but not thrilled? anything would help. im considering the gt or maybe a scion tc and im trying to get some input about the gt to help me make up my mind. i own a 97 gst and im unsure if the new gt has been treating people as well as my gst has treated me. any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  • vsnl7vsnl7 Posts: 4
    I bought this new ECLIPSE 2006 GT 2 weeks ago and I am already having problem with it. PRobably that is is the reason they came wup with that warranty plan and the dealer says "YES, THERE WAS A PROBLEM WE FIXED IT, AND SOMETIMES THINGS HAPPEN" you can take the car now.

    The problem I had was over the weekend it started flooding the carpets under the dashboard on passengers side. Took it to the dealer, they said it happened because of a clogged air conditioning drainage. I told them, sice the day I bought this car I have not used the Air Conditioning, how would it get clogged so soon, if at all it does get clogged because of dirt. The answer from dealer was "Sometimes things happen and we fixed it and now you can take the car". I do not understand how they would like to take me a car whose carpets got flooded and bulges out due to dampness. Doesn't it lead to possible rusting and corrosion on the base board or even mold formation.

    I am just not ready to take the car and they want me to pick the car by tomorrow.

    Please guide me if there is anything that I can do to resolve this issue and get it replaced. I am very unhappy with the state of things with Mitsubishi, about how they train their dealers and deal with customers.

    Thank you in advance for any guidance.

  • vsnl7vsnl7 Posts: 4
    I forgot to mention that it rained over the weekend and thats when it started flooding under the dashboard.

    When I asked the dealer to expidite this case with Mitsubishi, first of they are reluctant and explains me that under warrantee they will fix the problem and give me the car back. When I asked the car is 12 days old, and they repeasted the same line "Sometimes things happen". I do not understand how would I understand the logic of this explanation.
  • Bought my GT a few days ago and I am having a ball. It really is a nice car. Get the premium sport package if you can. I almost didnt but the stereo and leather seats let me know I did the righ thing by getting them. Wait until you see the blue lights in the dashboard - beautiful. And tap the gas to change lanes and watch the other cars get small in your rearview mirror in a hurry! And you already knows it looks sweet as hell! :shades:
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    Sorry to hear about the flooded carpet in your brand new GT (2 weeks only). If the car is designed or assembled properly, it is very hard to understand how the air condition drain can be clogged in a brand new car. If the drain can clog when the car is brand new, it will possibly clog again in the future.

    The air conditioner unit is inside the dashboard & there are a lot of wires & electronic components inside, it is quite possible that moisture had condensed inside the dashboard & may cause rust & corrosion.

    Beside rusting on baseboard & mold underneath the carpet, you will also have to worry about rust & corrosion inside the dashboard.

    It is a brand new car only 2 weeks old, Mitsubishi should replace it with a new car.
  • I was searching online for aftermarket exhaust systems for the new Eclipse GT. I really do not like anything that sounds like a "rice-burner" I would really like the deep sound that a V8 puts out. My brother has a 2003 mustang GT with a Mac Cat-back system on it and it sounds really good. The deep "muscle-car" sound. Anyone know of any exhaust that I could get a deep sound from??
  • vsnl7vsnl7 Posts: 4
    No resolutions so far, and dealer gave me the car back with wet carpets and wet dash stating the reason that it is not a big problem, its just air conditioning drainage clog. Few questions arise from their explanation:

    The stated its a clog, and they do not know what was material that clogged it. Their guess was "it could be anything, maybe spider web or dust. But you said you car was covered all the time, so it could be spider web".

    First of all I do not understand, if its a air conditioning drainage clog, why would it leak inside, and if at all it does leak it should be because of condensation and that happens only when the air conditioning is on. But in this case I have never switched on the air conditioning. So there is no question of condensation of moist air.

    Secondly, if the leak was rain water because of the clog or not, the rain water entering the car itself is a problem in a long run as it is pretty caustic and impure. So I do not understand why the dealer does not think its a big problem.

    Yes I had to pick up the car as the arguments with dealer were futile, and in fact the sales manager was off on the day when I was called to go and speak to them. So had to explain the whole situation anew again to Asst. Sales Manager and he said all he can do is pass the message to his manager.

    All I am asking the dealer is to cooperate with me to take this case up to Mitsubishi and let the Mistsubishi answer this situation. I want to reach their General Manager, as I was told by the customer rep at Mitsubishi customer service. And that can happen only through the dealer.

    I am running out of time, and resources and nothing looks positive. IT looks like a one bad decision to give a chance to Mitsubishi from its down trending business, and buy this PROBLEM.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    to play around. Since I'll get my post pulled if I blatantly spell it out (even if it helps you out), I'll give you some hints - who made your car? . Anyway, I've not spent much time there, but I did see at least one mention of a new eclipse with water entering into the floor board. This post mentioned a faulty firewall between the engine compartment and the inside of the car?? Maybe you can get some answers and/or advice there.

    PS I would, at the very least, make them replace my carpet and floor mats. After the problem has been fixed. Good luck!!
  • vsnl7vsnl7 Posts: 4
    All they did was sucked the water out and gave the car back to me, and said I can contact Mitsu directly. When I did that Mitsu customer says I can do so only though dealer. A real catch 22.

    I want to know rain water entering inside, is it serious issue. Dealer says it is not.

    I will try to get to that forum posts that you mentioned, but if you can get me any pointers to those popstings that would be great. Thank you very much for the posts lhess and bigal.
  • We have had out new Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 since August 23 our 35 th anniversirty. This is my wife car and she just loves it. She has put 1734 miles on the car so far. We looked at the G6, Crossfire,350Z and R8. She liked the GT the best because she had a 1992 Dodge Stealth that was made by Mistubishi and she loved that car, so the Eclipse was the winner. We have had no problems yet and hope to have none in the future.Price paid was 27,350 for the GT with everything, except the 10" speaker in the back. Our dealer bought the speaker back just for the sell. My wife wonted more open room in the back. We still have the up graded stereo system but no 10" speaker. The car is fun to drive and does good on gas mileage. :)
  • If the dealer bought it back, how much did he knock off the price? I havve the same fully loaded GT and I paid $27,500 with the Sunset Pearl paint which is an extra charge.
  • I bought the first one that our local dealership had delivered (GT, 6spd, sunset pearl). Have already made my 4th payment, and haven't had a single cause for concern. I absolutely LOVE this car. I don't feel at all like I've downgraded vehicles, even though my previous car was a Saleen Mustang (which was totalled, btw).
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