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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Care and Maintenance



  • Yes, I have the same problem. Took it to the dealership and was told it was out of warranty. Contact several people about this problem and nothing. If you have any results please let me know too.
    Thank yo
  • Yes I have the same issues. Really need to band together with someone to get this problem fixed. I've tried everything. Maybe if we join forces that will make Mazda fix the problem with their paint.
  • Last weekend I thought I would change my oil, change my transmission fluid, and change the cooling system water and antifreeze. Draining the cooling system was easy enough. However, refilling the system was nothing but aggravating and nearly cost me an engine! What the two repair manuals I have neglected to tell me is that, in refilling a system that doesn't have a radiator cap (Why not?), you MUST SLOWLY add the water/coolant mixture to the coolant tank and that you MUST also access and REPEATEDLY SQUEEZE THE UPPER AND LOWER RADIATOR HOSES, while setting the inside heater setting to WIDE OPEN, WITH THE BLOWER OFF! Apparently, this helps to purge the system of air. Additionally, I noted that, even after the thermostat opened and hot water began flowing through the upper and lower hoses, the heater core was getting no hot water. It seems that an air embolism still was evident. This resolved quickly, though, when I drove the vehicle.
  • I am having the same exact issue with the paint on my 2003 Tribute. Peeling above the windshield, hood, and now under the back license plate. Took it to the dealership this morning...service guy said "I ran a body shop for years". Big deal. Tried to insinuate that the peeling was caused by "tailgating". I then asked him if I was tailgating while going in reverse also. Very happy to find this forum. Have you had any luck with Mazda covering this problem? I would love to find out since my believe is that in order to resolve this issue the car will have to be completely sanded and then re-painted. Money that I really can't afford to spend.
  • Has anyone been able to get anything done about their paint problem on their 2003 tribute?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    A 2003 Tribute would be at least 10 years old by now. What are the expectations for paint at this age?
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