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MazdaSpeed3: Styling Impressions



  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Tirerack now has the 07 3 with 17" rims on there. Just checked it out today.
  • That's the base Mazda3, not the Mazdaspeed unfortunately.
  • Just bought my canadian speed3 in edmonton over the weekend. Didnt really have any plan, just sort of bought it.

    Anyhow im debating on whether or not to put winters on the current rims and just upgrade to aftermarket rims in the summer like i had already planned to, or get 17" mags and throw some 17s on there. At the dealership the service manager said 17s would be no problem.

    This is the part numbers he quoted me at:

    Wheels-mag SR17705000S
    Tires 00MI-23-641 (215/50R17)

    The tires are Mich. X-Ice.

    Since i live 500km north of edmonton Im just going to purchase them here in McMurray.

    By the way i just barely got away with this car. The first salesmen i talked to said the car was sold and that i would have to wait until spring to get the next 250 coming into canada. When I came back later to check it out to see if i liked the styling/interior after I talked to another salesmen saying that vancouver owed him one. I asked yet another salesmen at the current dealership about how come the car was sitting in the showroom if it had been sold. He said the guy put a small downpayment on but would require a larger one due to credit. So I hurriedly purchased the car.

    Anyway, The first 250 in Canada (true-red only) were divided among approx. ~225 Mazda dealerships, and I have heard that 8 of them were sold in Edmonton alone. I imagine the majority will be sold in western canada, as there is a lot of money here. Not saying that they are expensive, just that the demand is probably higher. With the rate they are selling at, I could see Mazda bringing it in as a more regular seller, but as my knowledge of this is lacking it is no more then a guess. I kind of hope they dont, since its a little exclusive, but most people just mistake it for a plain Mazda3 anyway.

    I am dissappointed with a few things in the car. Such as we dont get the leather trim seats, not heated either as far as I can tell. My door was also out of alignment, didnt notice this right away. And of course i would have liked the NAV and a sunroof and anohter colour then red and the forthcoming white. The blue or grey colour would have been more my taste.

    Oh and driving on the secondary highways during the snowstorms saturday night on the Potenzas was seriously scary. My traction control light never stopped coming on for 4 hours. I had some doubt about purchasing this car to use in the North after that. Hopefully these tires should help.

    Also anyone have any word on the perforance exhaust/CAI package they are coming out with? (Dealer installed)
  • ms3cbms3cb Posts: 1
    >>True, dealers do not have to honor S-Plan for any vehicle, however, S-Plan is not even being offered by Mazda on the Mazdaspeed3.

    YES Ford Partner plan has the MazdaSpeed3 priced for S-plan.
    However, it is totally up to the dealer whether they will honor S-plan pricing. In the DC area I didn't find a dealer willing to do S-plan, and so far have only have seen one dealer that was adding a premium - $1995 on the MS3GT that was on the lot.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    The MS3 runs 18" wheels right?
  • pdldpdld Posts: 3
    Yes, tire size is 215/45/18.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    YES Ford Partner plan has the MazdaSpeed3 priced for S-plan.

    You can price a Mazdaspeed3 at S-Plan, that is very easy. It is dealer invoice. However, S-Plan is NOT offered by Mazda. No Mazda dealer can file S-Plan on the Mazdaspeed3 and have Mazda accept it.

    I am a Mazda dealer, and I am looking at the eligible products, and the Mazdaspeed3 is CLEARLY it it's own column under "restricted products"
  • Does anyone know if the Xenon lights on the Speed 3 are projectors or reflectors?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Projectors, available only on the Grand Touring as a factory option.
  • banibani Posts: 39
    16"s will fit the speed3.
  • swatson19dswatson19d Posts: 20
    Has anyone polished and/or chromed their Speed3 rims? If so, any pictures? I have a Cosmic Blue MS3GT, and am thinking about doing something to them, or getting new wheels.
  • swatson19dswatson19d Posts: 20
    Does anyone else think the foglights suck? Any way to improve their effectiveness - different bulbs maybe? Or aftermarket retrofit?
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    I had a similar issues when i had a 2001 silverado. I measured up the opening and went to the accessory store. Found a nice set of PIAA three way lights (fog, driving and drl) that fit in same opening and was 100 times brighter. An option to look at.
  • swatson19dswatson19d Posts: 20
    Thanks... I was leaning in that direction.... But was hoping there was a simple retrofit fix - Something that won't require too much modification. I'll contact a PIAA rep, and see if they have any ideas.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    polished? ok.

    chromed? sorry, don't ever do this.
  • swatson19dswatson19d Posts: 20
    I know, NOT chrome... I was thinking of polishing and clearcoating them for low maintenance. I'm also open to other wheels entirely - Any examples/ideas?
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Go to and the can show you your car in close to your color with many differant styles or rims and tires.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    what color is your three?

    to me a nice set of five spokes would do the trick!
  • I have a Cosmic Blue GT, and am looking for another set of wheels - something more unique. Anyone have pics of Speed3's that they've upgraded?
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