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Pontiac Sunfire



  • mandykmandyk Posts: 2
    Is there anyone that can help me on this problem I'm having with my car. I replaced the starter, fuel filter, igniton switch, spark plugs. And it still won't start. It will turn over but it won't start. The theft system light stays on. I don't know it that matters. But then I noticed that when I go to start it and the little orange triangle isn't lit on the dash above the P (park) then the car will not start. I hoping that this makes since on what I'm trying to say. If anyone knows what might be the solution, please feel free to let me in on something. I just bought this car in Feburary. I know nothing about Pontiac's. Nor does my father. :sick:
  • i have a 1998 sunfire,and the problem is it wont take gas after it gets hot. it will sit and idle but when u try to give it some gas it chokes out. after it cools off some it runs fine. i dont know what the the problem is. please help :)
  • mtm6042mtm6042 Posts: 2
    try the ignition switch same thing happend to my 98 sunfire
  • mtm6042mtm6042 Posts: 2
    try the ignition switch same thing happend on my 98 sunfire :shades:
  • wade11wade11 Posts: 1
    I'm new to this site, so I may not be in the right place. I'm looking for some ideas on figuring out this code. I bought the car not running. Found it to be a broken timing chain. The car starts but idles rough. Smoothes out about 1500 rpm. Get to 4000 rpm and it starts missing and can rev no higher. MIL is flashing. Had coil pack/ignition module checked at Autozone. Replaced wires, plugs, throttle position sensor, number one fuel injector, fuel filter. Found an old code reading in the glove box for a PO300 random misfire, but not sure when it was taken. Anyone got any more ideas?
  • caylahrcaylahr Posts: 1
    ok i am looking for a transmission for a sunfire. what kind of transmission do i look for. What other cars can it come out of?
  • jaco0062jaco0062 Posts: 8
    To reset anti-theft light, leave ignition on for about ten min. You must have a good battery as the headlights will be on. Don,t touch the car untill time is over.This is also to fix start and stall problems. Alsoo if vehicle has a remote start, often the security bypas screws up and sets theft light.
  • jaco0062jaco0062 Posts: 8
    Everybody who owns a sunfire seems to neglect to change the fuel filter. The fuel pump can handle only so much. Put a fuel pressure tester on and note the fuel presure should be about 40 psi.I have been a tech for about 5 years and have had probably 200 cars that req fuel pumps due to improper maintainence. Fuel filter needs to be changed 1 a year. If fuel pressure spec is too low rec change fuel pump and filter
  • jaco0062jaco0062 Posts: 8
    Sounds like timing might be out a tooth
  • scuba1819scuba1819 Posts: 1
    My car's air isn't working. When I turn it on it works fine unless I am stopped, then the RPMs jump from 500-1500 and everything in between instantaneously and drops just as suddenly. It also blows hot air instead of cold air when I am stopped. The last time I used it, it smelled like it was burning. I took it in to get it recharged because I thought that was what was wrong, but they said the freon was full that it was an electrical problem. It also never sounds like it turns on if you listen to the engine. Any idea what this could be?
  • chneelchneel Posts: 2
    I have the same problem as Dodge. The scanner states that it is the passlock device. Is there a way to disable this anti theft feature?
  • chneelchneel Posts: 2
    A/C clutch?
  • jaco0062jaco0062 Posts: 8
    No u can't bypass the system. Theft shuts down fuel injection. Rec u take to a qualified tech. Most likely cause is the ignition switch. Proper testing is req to confirm. Theft system is not very complicated tech should not have very much trouble.
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    We have a 98 Sunfire and are experiencing the same thing. The air is very cold when moving, but when stopped at a light or so, I can tell the compressor cut off along with the cooling fan. Are air feels, warm and humid when this happens. Is the A/C clutch easy to replace and where is it located? Thanks :cry:
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    Took our car in to have the problem checked. Our A/C system was fine. The problem was the Cooling Fan Motor. (This explained why, in hot weather in stop and go driving, the temp. gauge would move up in the high normal range.) The motor was replace for $286 at the dealership and the problem is gone. :)
  • my 2001 sunfire 2.2 is starting to make an anoying strange grinding noice when driving. comes from the steering. does anyone know how to fix it or what is wrong.
  • Help, My '96 Sunfire with 2.4L and 5 speed manual is hesitating when I try to accelerate. It feels like when I learned how to drive a manual transmission. The car jerks, then accelerates. I know the clutch is starting to slip, but this happens at speed when I try to accelerate and when the car is already warmed up. Any ideas? My wife wants me to start looking for another vehicle; and this one is only twelve years old. Help!
  • I have a 2001 Sunfire that had bumper stickers plastered directly on the trunk...right above the PONTIAC logo. In trying to remove them I ruined the paint and plastic on it.

    In looking at the trunk, it appears that this is a trim piece that can be removed and replaced...( This is the large plastic piece that has PONTIAC on it and also has some red reflectors on it.)

    The problem I am having is trying to find this part because I do not have NAME for it. Any one have a name and or a place to buy a replacement.

    Thanks all.
  • Hello, I started having a problem today with shifting gears. It's very hard to shift almost like there is not clutch. I don't know much about cars so I don't know if the clutch is gone or if its the transmission. Any info you might be able to give me would be great.
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