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Pontiac Sunfire



  • im not sure where the governer is but it does have one. my 2000 sunfire is goverened at 108 mph roughly. after that the its as if there is no more gas to the engine and is slows down so fast its almost like the brakes come on not a good feeling to have when your going that fast.
  • slackermanslackerman Posts: 43
    Sunfires are electronically limited to 109mph. Figure it's more due to the suspension not being able to handle any more speed than the engine not being able to produce enough power. What is your tach at when you hit 108?

    Moral of the story, you're not meant to go that fast in a Sunfire.
  • armada23armada23 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 sunfire, and i was just wondering where the location of the radiator plug/draincock is at
  • just bought this car. now all of a sudden the turn signals, hazards and brake lights wont work. checked the fuses, relays, and bulbs. all fine. somebody mentioned a multifunction switch... can anybody help me? i dont even know what that is or if it's the problem!
  • anyways to take out your cd player open your glove department on the left hand side there will be 2 10 or 8 inch screw or bolts there take them off then get in driver side turn key to start possitision press brake put car in drive amd remove plastic cover remore both screws of cd deck and unplug wires directly off cd deck. my sunfire had same problem i just went to hock shop and back new deck anyways i cant tell you how to fix it just because the decks are crap but i can tell ya how to take itr out. good luck
  • sheila8sheila8 Posts: 1
    2003 pontiac sunfire, automatic transmission, vehicle has 70,000 kms.
    When engine is turned on, idles around 1000 rpms. Speedometer doesnt move when going forward, when trying to accelerate rpms will jump between 3000 to 5000 and car will not accelerate at the proper speed. Car was fine earlier in day, parked for 6 hours, then problems began. :confuse:
  • mhvqemhvqe Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem with my 2005 Pontiac Sunfire. Did you ever get your problem resolved and if so what was the problem?
  • slackermanslackerman Posts: 43
    Has anyone else noticed the new Toyota Prius looks a lot like a Pontiac Aztek?
  • the glass in the the doors are super heavy, and burns the motors out after a while. To replace them take it to a glass shop or body shop.You can buy the motors online for around 25-35 dollars each.
  • mi325imi325i Posts: 2
    Just had the same headlight problem on a 2000 sunfire. There is a common ground underneath the battery, bolted to the chassis. That particular ground is for all of the lights in the front of the vehicle and the washer pump. The car I was working on had a lot of corrosion on the connections. I cleaned it up and the problem was solved.
  • mi325imi325i Posts: 2
    Just did a head gasket, waterpump, plugs and wires. I flushed the cooling system which took quite a bit of time(45 min.). The vehicle was running the entire time and seemed normal. The next day I started it up and it ran fine until it reached normal opperating temp, then stalled out and would refire. After several hours I rechecked and it started fine, and again stalled when it got warm. It will run if you work the throttle, but missfires, sputters, and lacks power. No smoke of any other signs of a faulty head gasket. P.S. I,m no rookie when it comes to cars, this is about the 10th head gasket I've done. The installation procedures were by the book, and the head was resurfaced. Please help.
  • i have a 2003 sunfire and it won't start. i tried boosting it and it still won't turn over. could it be that i need a new starter for it. any ideas will be greatly appreciated. it happened twice all ready. i checked all the fuses and still nothing. thank you
  • if you think it might be something electrical then it sounds like a faulty ground somewhere. perhaps the main ground. if you think it's something else perhaps the fuel pump is shot. if it were the starter i don't think that it would work intermitently it would probably just get progressively worse also if it were the starter you would probably crank crank crank nothing then crank crank crank voom car starts. have you ran out of gas recently if so turn the ignition on up to 20 times without starting the car each time pressure will build up in the fuel line. and you wont have the problem again.
  • found out that my 2003 sunfire has a new problem. When trying to start it, it doesn't do nothing no sound or anything it's like the ignition switch is dead or something. Could it be a neutral safety switch or something like that. please help.
  • hi, i own a 97 sunfire 2.2 and i have gas keaking from one of the conectors on the fuel rail im pretty sure there for the injector how do i take them out, do i have to take the whole intake off to get them out or what please help.
  • Hey, I've changed a resister once before its on the passenger side just above your feet above the heater blower motor it's not to hard to change only 3 screws if I remember only takes about 15 min or so I think I also removed the blower motor at the same time and cleaned out the leaves and dirt that gets in there.You should see it sitting above the blower motor on the top left corner.
  • I have a 2001 4 door sunfire, I am the original owner. I have always taken care of it and was wondering mostly about the wire issues and was wondering how many people have had these problems...

    things that have gone wrong with my car..
    1. replaced the CD player
    2. back speakers rattle
    3. have changed the signal arm 4 times because only the daytime running lights would work.
    4. rear defrost wont work
    5 have replaced the back tail lights every 2 months burns out and signs of melted light bulbs found.
    5. parked car outside grocery store wouldn't start again.. towed it to the shop mechanic put keys in and viola it started for him.. so we replaced the battery.
    6. middle of the dashboard light gone out.
    7. clock light burnt out x2
    8. now my lights come on for about 2 mins when cold and flick off then I have to turn my high beams on and they will stay on but if I hit any kind of bump the flick off again..

    I am so tired of this stupid car!!!!
  • Yes, its in the manuel. After replacing the remote's battery (clean the terminals first) you push and hold in the lock and unlock buttons on the remote( while in the car), holding them both down for 5-15seconds. You'll hear the door locks click and thats it, your on your way. carl
  • 20sunfire0520sunfire05 Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    First i was having an issue with my high beams turned out it was a broken ground wire, now my fuel gauge is reading 110 mph any suggestions on wtf the problem is?
  • fireman17fireman17 Posts: 1
    the car will run but rough idle plugs and wires have been changed iam thinking it might be the coil packs put there firing and there are no cracks in them number 3 coil is cross firing to the num 2 when i take the wire off some are blue and some are reddish. help!!!. Also had low oil pressure. and no pressure on EGR valve. ive got good oil pressure now thanks to some kerosene.At start up before this happened it had a little miss fire for a split sec. at start up
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