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Pontiac Sunfire



  • I purchased a 1995 Sunfire GT a year ago (May 2009) and I can not believe how much rust proofing saves a vehicle from harsh Canadian winters. I wasn't intentionally looking for a Sunfire but they are so plentiful and because they never really held their resale value they are cheaper than alot of other used cars. I had to admit that I never expected to have to do so much mechanical work to it because it wasn't kept up but it has turned out to be a great little commuter. My car was the first year for the Sunfire GT and the only year with the 2.3 liter and I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a cheap car to either fix up or just to get them around town, buy 1996-2005 and avoid a 1995 GT if it needs alot of engine work because they are hard to get parts for. Luckily all my engine has needed was a new water pump, other than that it has given me no problems and it purs like a kitten, has lots of power though I think it could be a bit better on gas but it is still not bad. :surprise: :)
  • i have a 2001 sunfire with 86k on it. the car doesnt spit sputter or stall but it is running low voltage. i was going to change the alternator but now im getting a strong electrial smell, dont know if the car is going to go up in flames or not. can the smell be caused by the car running low voltage? PLZ HELP
  • michelpmichelp Posts: 3
    chek your ignition switch or smell your ignition switch lol ,i think they have a recall on this part.
  • stockl1stockl1 Posts: 1
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    Not sure if you will see this, but I am in the process of buying a 2001 sunfire and it is having the same problem as yours with the light sound and service repair. Dealer says its a bulb issue but I hope I am not buying a lemon! It also has some grinding noise which the dealer also says is the a/c pump clutch. I am getting in over my head? Email me at so I can get it sooner, thanks!
  • I have this rattling going on and i believe it is the heat shield but i am not sure where it is, can someone please help me and tell me where it is located.
  • dustyrose1dustyrose1 Posts: 1
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    I'm looking at buying one and just wondering what comments people may have.
    Good,bad or indifferent.
  • bobandubobandu Posts: 1
    I bought a Pontiac Sunfire 2004 new at the end of 2004, and am the first and only owner of the vehicle. At year 3 I noticed the clear coat was beginning to come off the top of the roof of the car (it had a kind of white rough look developing). I took to car to the dealership and was told it was not under warranty and that it was "sun bleaching"... I argued that I don't care if I was living in Arizona.. the clear coat shouldn't come off after just 3 years. Needless to say the claim was denied. Additionally my power windows stopped working at year 3 of owning the car, and a fan blade for the venting system broke off inside and the car made a monotonous clicking noise, which drove me nuts.

    Three years later my car looked so bad that most cars made in the 1980's had better paint jobs than my car. The "sun bleaching" had spread like a disease to cover the entire roof, about 50% of the trunk, and about 50% of the hood, and around all the edges. I took may car back to the dealership and was given a phone number to call for GM. After about 15 phone conversations and numerous more voice mails left with my "district specialist" and 3 case re-openings GM finally told me that they would cover 10% of the paint job, at a shop of their choosing. The estimate for the paint came in around $2,000.

    The worst decision I have ever made was in purchasing this vehicle. I am not upset that the car had problems. I know all cars do. What I am upset about is that my car is very clearly defective and GM will do nothing to honor their poor workmanship and make it right. Has anyone had the same issues with the paint? I am to a point of trying a different tactic with GM.
  • Have you cleaned the mass air flow sensor and changed your air filter lately?? This might help and will at least maybe help get better gas milage!
  • buff52buff52 Posts: 1
    Thanks for Posting the detailed procedure. I have a 1999 Sunfire GT 2.4 Automatic that was experiencing the same Identical problem with the high idle and rough shifting. Firestone charged me $540.00 to change the intake manifold gaskets, and fuel injector O Rings. The problem returned the very next day. I took it back to Firestone and they changed the A/C compressor idle sensor. Again, the problem was not fixed. I received a full refund from Firestone, followed the procedure you outlined with the TPS, what a you know, the problem is fixed!! Thanks for taking the time to post the info!
  • Dude thanks soo much I followed the imstructions u gave me and it works thanks so much for your advice
  • When I start my 1996 Sunfire convertible when it's cold (2.4L, manual transmission, 152000 miles), my Check Oil light stays on. If I turn the car off and back on, or if the car is warm, the light does not stay on. I had a sensor (Sorry, can't be more specific) replaced without any effect. Any ideas on a fix? BTW, there's oil and an OEM filter.

    Thanks for looking into this.
  • The rear turn signals in my 01 sunfire are getting some sort of build up in them and causing the bulbs not to work. I tried cleaning them out and replacing the bulbs but it keeps coming back. This time around it even killed the bulb. In the middle picture the bulb on the right seems to be corroded. Basically I need to know how to clean these and prevent it from happening again. I can't keep buying new bulbs every month. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks!
    Images are too big to post in msg but click the links to see examples
    corroded bulb
    old bulb
  • I own a 2000 pontiac sunfire 2.2L. The check gauge light comes on after I fill up and the gas gauge takes a very long time to go from low to full. I have also noticed a decrease in my fuel mileage recently as well and just a general rough idle. I am thinking maybe fuel pump is potentially going out or perhaps i just need to replace the gas cap. Or could it be a cooling or compressor sensor going out?? Any help or feedback would be great. thanks
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