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Diesel Questions and Problems in General (non specific makes)



  • 0patience0patience Posts: 1,542
    No, more than likely, you have a blockage in the return.
    Which would cause pressure on the return line and blow the hose off.
    I would suspect one of the rubber return hoses has collapsed.
    I seriously doubt you have an injector problem.
    Fuel runs through the injectors all the time. The injectors don't regulate preussure, so you are on the wrong path.
  • I have a '92 7.3L IH diesel, 141,000k miles.

    I can't answer your question, but my truck does have a harder time staring in colder weather (I'm positive it is time for glow plugs as they have 90k+ on them, but lonts of long distance driving). It is currently in the shop because the the fuel filter/water separator developed some really bad leaks at the point where the wires enter at the top to heat the fuel, and the drain tube off the bottom busted off. Simultaneously, the braided fuel line developed a pin hole and sprayed fuel all over.

    It took them a week to find the correct parts (fuel filter and wires, etc).

    I just got off the phone with my mechanic (who hasn't done me wrong yet) and he mentioned that the rubber hoses to each glow plug (or did he say injector) are OEM, look bad and need to be replaced. Which sounds like the same thing the mechanic above mentions.

  • '92 Ford 7.3L diesel, 2 tanks, ~ 140k miles, almost always in S. FL.

    Both tanks about 1/4 tank full of some kind of junk that clogs the fuel lines and starts to cut off the motor if I let the fuel tanks get too low.

    1) I see ads for additives for anti-gel and anti-fungus. I've tried the anti-gel but it doesn't seem to work. Should I try anti-fungus additive?

    2) Is there some way to suck out this gel with a vacuum hose or pump?

    3) I plan on keeping the truck at least another 100k miles baring any complications. Should I not worry about this as long as it doesn't get higher than 1/4 tank?

    4) I am pulling a 12k pound Fifth Wheeler. Is there any possibility of some amounts of gunk getting sucked up thru the fuel lines and causing other problems? (i.e. I just had to replace the fuel filter/heater/water seperator & wiring to that), and rubber fuel line just popped a leak same time. Is it possible that some "gunk" is causing some kind of back pressure?

    5) Should I pull the tank and get it cleaned out?

    The truck is still at the mechanic. I don't mind spending the money. Have had this old truck since day one.
  • You don't have gel, that's a cold weather issue. You probably have of all things---algae! You need what they call a bio-cide. If the grunge is too thick you probably need to drain the tanks and replace the filters. Otherwise, if you don't drop the tanks and have them cleaned, you'll be hassled in the future. Your filters can't trap THAT much junk, if you have a great deal of it.
  • Your glow plugs are WAY overdue.

    Diesels by nature have a hard time starting in cold weather. They need optimum glow heat and optimum additive protection in cold weather.

    So new glow plugs, fuel conditioner (anti-gel) and new hoses if they are leaking or cracked.
  • Was pulling 12,000lbs trailer up a hill truck would down shift but would lose power until about 40 mph then would pick up speed again. Did that once then went into limp mode would not go over 25mph and check engine light came on. Turned off truck restarted ran fine but light was still on only for a few days then turned off. Once home hooked up code reader and came up low fuel rail pressure reset code then a day later truck stopped running going down the road and would not restart I replaced the fuel filter right there primed the system and it started right up. Have hooked the reader up to it to see what codes and there are no codes. Do you think it was just a filter problem or do I have an injector going out ?
  • Clogged filters are the bane of diesel engines, so you might have gotten it. A poor spray pattern will cause loss of power and drop in fuel economy. I don' t think it would trigger that code though, since pressure would be good even to a bad injector.
  • 0patience0patience Posts: 1,542
    Agree with Mr Shiftright. (again) :shades:
    More than likely, there are 1 or 2 glow plugs that are shot. Pretty common.
    I will say this. If you are strapped for cash, you can locate bad glow plugs with a test light or ohm meter. There is a way to do it.

    But honestly, I would replace all 8. They are about $8 each, depending on where you get them.
    The rubber hoses that go to the injectors are the return hoses and over time crack and leak. When you replace the rubber hoses, also replace the o-rings on the caps that the hoses attach to. Contact your Ford dealer and they have a kit with the hoses and o-rings for about $23.
  • Hi and thanks to all whom posted.

    As stated this truck is only used occasionally so as long as I could get it started and with limited time it took me a while to get into checking things out.

    I found a very very small fuel leak. Replaced fuel hose and it starts instantly now.

    Again thanks to all who posted.

  • All fuel hoses - done check. First time in a long time haven't smelled diesel.

    Glow plugs next. Just the plugs or is there anything else that needs to be replaced at the same time? I saw something about electrical wires somewhere, but wasn't sure if the wires get replaced or if the wires just hook up to the glow plugs.

    My dad is a mechanical engineer and would like to replace these for me, but he's not a diesel mechanic (but otherwise very much a mechanic and trouble shooter). Is this fairly easy for someone who hasn't done this before?
  • Algae - that's what it probably is. The algae gunk starts to get sucked up into the fuel lines at about 1/4 tank. That sounds like too much to kill and then try to suck dead algae up thru the lines/filters to get it out, right?

    I do change the fuel filter every other oil change, unless I accidently get some of that stuff sucked up into the filter, then I change it as soon as possible. This is the fuel filter / water separator. You stated "filters". Is there more than one filter that I need to track down?

    Ford quoted me $599 to drop and clean the fuel tanks. That seems a bit high. Is this a difficult job and can any mechanic pretyy much do this? The mechanic I've been using has been good so far.
  • The same thing happened to me. I was pulling the 12k trailer up a hill, truck downshifted, lost power to 45 mph, and didn't resume power until I got over the hill. But - the next week is when multiple fuel leaks were found.

    Wound up replacing all the rubber return lines, parts in the fuel filter/water seperator (leaking bad). Once those were fixed, the next weak link went, the fuel pump.

    Sometime before the end of the month will be tackling that big hill again and see if I lose power down to 45 mph. Long ago, I used to pull a heavy horse trailer (fully loaded about 10k), and didn't lose power, although it would downshift.

    Will try to remember to post the results of going over the hill the next time... I'm going to guess if no power loss, fixing all the fuel leaks did the trick. From my guess, the fuel filter/water seperator & fuel pump were the culprits (as opposed to the rubber hoses - part of the return system) --- or maybe all of them together.
  • Dang,,,,, I don't know if the mechanic replaced the o-rings...

    Will have to go there and ask him. Thanks for all the great stuff guys!!
  • Some diesels have a primary and secondary filter. I don't know about yours though.
  • 0patience0patience Posts: 1,542
    The glow plugs are like spark plugs.
    A 10mm deep socket and extension (I prefer an extenstion with a wobbly tip) will be needed.
    And a pair of needle nose vise grips for teh glow plugs that are a little stubborn coming out.

    The 2 center ones on each side are a it of a bear, you may need to unbolt the clamp that hoses the injector lines together to get the socket and extension in there.

    Some of the blow plugs may be swelled and a little hard to get them to come out.
    Use the needle nose vice grips to gently work them out of the hole.
    DO NOT force them to hard, as you can break the tip off and that wouldn't be good.
    Put a small dab of never sieze on the threads before installing them.
  • Thanks !!! :-)
  • :confuse: I heard a couple of weeks ago that Ford had a recal on the older 7.3 trucks. Has anyone heard what this is about or when they will send out the recall notice? I own a 2001 Excursion and have not recieved a notice yet. Thanks
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,496
    This is for replacing the troublesome cam position sensor. See recent posts in the Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems discussion.

    kcram - Pickups Host

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • :) Thanks. I had mine replaced at 110K. I heard this was a big problem and many folks carry an extra one just in case.
  • ok, my son accidentally put abt 4 gals of unleaded gas in my deisel..waaahhh!!! I had abt a half tank of diesel already in it, but not knowing this I drove it abt 5 miles when it stalled and, of course wouldnt restart. I had it towed to my mechanic hoping he can cyphon the mix out of it and run new diesel in it and replace the fuel filter. Do these models have a sensor where they detect gas and automatically shut down? Im sick abt it.
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