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Dodge Dakota Real World MPG Numbers

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Post your MPG and compare with other Dakota owners MPG numbers here.

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  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    2003 Dakota Club Cab Sport Plus, 287 (4.7) V8, 545RFE automatic, 3:55 limited slip differential:


    Average at 37512 miles, 16.45 MPG


    Highest tank - 21.76 MPG (summer, highway)


    lowest tabk - 12.79 (last week, sub-zero temps, all city driving)


    From 5/29 to 9/27, my summertime fuel mileage average was 18.05.


    Driven calmly the 4.7 will deliver the EPA mileage and better. The amount of driver impatience, however, will have a direct and corresponding negative effect on fuel consumption. But the 4.7 is a real nice motor!



  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    2002 Dakota Quad Cab, 4x4, 4.7, 45RFE automatic, 3.92 limited slip:


    Best tank: 19.0 (summer, all highway @ 70 MPH)(This has only happened once, best highway MPG since then is 17.8)


    Worst tank: 11.8 (summer, all city)


    Highway min/max/average: 16.4/19.0/16.8 (70 MPH)


    Mixed driving min/max/average: 13.9/14.8/14.4 summer, 12.8/13.8/13.6 winter

    (Mixed driving is about 50% highway, 50% suburban/rural. Most trips are 15 miles or less.)


    Reported averages are with Redline synthetic lubricants in differentials and transfer case. Mileage increased approx 0.75-2.0 MPG after switching.
  • Thats about what my 2003 Hemi Ram Quad does (grin)
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    2000 Dakota Quad Cab, 4x4, 4.7, 5sp, 3.55 limited slip, 31x10.5-15 tires, HD electric, stock air intake and exhaust systems, tonneau cover most of its life, now running "naked", southcentral Pennsylvania (snow sometimes)


    Best tank: 21+ (spring, mostly flat highway along Susquehanna River for 200 miles @ 60-65 MPH on cruise control, with tonneau cover, with nearly worn-out GY RT/S).


    Worst tank (s): 8.2 - 9.4 mpg (all hauling motorcycles of 4-wheels on a trailer, flying at 70+ mph on hilly Rt 80 across northern Pennsylvania, mostly with the GY RT/S, in and out of strip mines, logging roads, etc, all included in that tank of gas).


    Mixed driving min / max / average: 8.2 / 21.2 / 16.2

    (driving is about 40% highway, 60% suburban/rural. Most highway trips are 500 - 1000 miles round-turn with a load)


    Reported min / max / averages are mostly based on original lubes. Redline synthetic lubes were installed in differentials, transmission, and transfer case in July 2003. Mileage may have increased with the Redline products but new tires (Bridgestone Dueler AT - Revo), in Nov 2003, introduced a 1-2 mpg drop on average.


    Total miles: 65,173

    Total gas $: $5,979.02

    Total gals: 4,027.5

    Avg mpg: 16.2

    Avg $/gal: $1.48

    Avg $/mile: $0.092


    79.2% or 266 fill ups (336 total fill ups) produced mpgs between 15 - 18 mpg. Most common occurrence is 16 mpg at 59 fill ups. I have changed the spark plugs 2x (Bosch platinums & plain Autolite coppers). Also changed air filter 1x.
  • tcsmpsitcsmpsi Posts: 31
    2005 Dakota Quad Cab V-6 automatic 2WD all standard equipment, 2200 mi.


    Latest check revealed 14.3 mpg, flatland, 85% in town with a lot of stop and go, with approx. 6, 10-20 minute still running (waiting for children) segments for that tankfull.


    So far, have gotten as good as 20.6 mpg for combination city/highway driving.


    Always conscientious of braking and starting, with occassional 'bursts' in all type road/situations to know what the vehicle is capable of in emergency.


    Prior to the '05, I ran a 2001 Dak Quad Cab, standard equipment (except for handling package), V-6 standard transmission 2WD.


    The '05 automatic has thusfar shown just a slight edge over the '01 in MPG.
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    I think the Dakota review said there's only a 1 mpg difference between the 3.7 six and the 4.7 eight, so buyers may as well opt for the oomph of the eight. But in practice it sounds like the disparity is considerably greater than that. As Dusty (?) said, you can drive an eight for economy ... but the temptation to hear that pleasing V8 roar is hard to resist, I'll betcha. Heck, it might be worth it sometimes. Also, doesn't the eight require premium fuel? Thanks for the info.
  • tcsmpsitcsmpsi Posts: 31
    I know those who have/had the 8's in Dakotas and their actual mileage has shown to be notably less than what I have experienced with the 6. I seldom pull large loads and am not that enamored with the slight performance boost of the 8.


    There is the initial cost variation of the 6 and 8, the additional cost of maintenance and the (though slight it might be---however, with rising fuel...) increase in fuel costs.


    Between my wife and myself, we average 4000 miles a month on our vehicles. With our (so far) last fledgling teenagers at home, having grandchildren and being homeowners, we needed a pickup which was as economical, passenger oriented, safe and tough as we could find. The Dakota quad has fulfilled that perfectly.


    I suppose the last 'need' I had for throaty sounding/performance oriented vehicles was fulfilled with my last '57 Chevy with tricked out 327, etc., etc. :-)


    Getting used to this new auto transmission in the '05 has been interesting. Of course, the last truck I had an auto in was a '79 Adventurer, which was much more direct and 'to the point'.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Past 4.7s did not require premium fuel. Starting in '05 there will be an optional 4.7 High Output that will. The regular 4.7 will still only need regular.



  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    >>we needed a pickup which was as economical, passenger oriented, safe and tough as we could find. The Dakota quad has fulfilled that perfectly.<<


    Yep, that's what appeals to me about the Dakota Q Cab, too. (I had a black '57 Chevy hardtop with the 283, 4-barrel and dual exhausts. I suppose cars are "better" now, but still ...)
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    MPG-Real world "numbers"
  • Info '02 Quad 4.7, 5spd, 3.51 LSD, tow pkg,

    added K&N cool air induction, (3")Dynamax cat back exhaust, "tornado", Redline syn in eng, tranny and diff. 265-70 x 16 toyo country road tires 52,000 + miles.

     Best mpg Bakersfield to San Diego 250 mi 22 mpg w/ wife, daughter, mother-in-law and myself in cab about 400 lbs in bed. traveled at 65-70mph.

    this trip was not a level drive going over the "grapevine" pass north of LA I5 and along the foothills on I 210 s to 15 s to San Diego.

     I normally avg 15-18 mpg combo driving 16 miles each way to work and running around.

     I've noticed if I keep my foot out of the pedal on trips and keep the speed between 65-70 I get right at 19/20mpg depending on how many hills/mountains are in the way.

     I run regular fuel from Shell or Chevron.

     I don't keep written records around town, but I do on trips. Best trip mileage was trip in august to Waco Tx round trip w/ running around town was almost 2900 miles. A/C on 99% of trip with hwy speeds between 65-80 avg around 75 with final mpg of 19.3. worst trip mileage was a trip from San Francisco to San Diego hitting a head wind (50% of 525mi.) going 65-75 final mpg 15
  • eharri3eharri3 Posts: 645
    04 Quad Cab 4.7V8/45rfe 4x4, with 245/75/16 tires, non-tire and handling package.


    LAst Winter with less than 15 thousand miles, in the dead of Winter, short hop trips to work consisting of 10 minutes in town than 5 on the highway: 11.9-low 12s.


    Warmer weather, same trip: Normally high 14s.


    Best road trip mileage with speeds restricted to 65-70 mph: high 18s. With average speeds closer to 75 mph: 17mpg.


    Of course the 4.7 now has about 25 thousand miles on it and I hear that's right about when these trucks really start to get broken in. But I stopped measuring a long time ago and don't plan to check again any time soon.
  • 00 Club, 3.9, auto, 2wd, 47,000 miles, 17.5 mpg on 20-mile, two-lane highway to work and back. V6 gives me plenty of power when I need it, and I think I would give in to the urge to show the power more if I had a V8.
  • eharri3eharri3 Posts: 645
    And Im willing to pay the price in terms of bad mileage.
  • shineshine Posts: 20
    I have looked at all the mid size trucks but I still end up with the Dakota. Can someone tell me what to expect with a QC 4x4 with the 6 should I expect an average of 15 or 16. I know it does look to good but the GM Twins get about 19 combined. Any insign would be appreciated
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Mileage reports vary considerably on most vehicles. The posts in the S10 forum indicates a wide variation of results. I think the same basic rule applies to all vehicles. It's how you drive them. There is no way a correctly running Dakota or S10 should not get the EPA ratings.

    My '03 Dakota Club Cab, two-wheel drive, 4.7 V8, automatic with 3.55 gears gets 14-16 around town, winter, 17-18 summer. I've hit almost 22 MPG on the highway (summer).

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Since January 1, 2005 my average has been 15.48 MPG.

    The cold weather has had its effect.

  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    The best mileage was 22 mpg.
    Worst was 14 mpg.
    Usual get 16-17 mpg with mixed city/highway driving.

    2001 quad cab
    4.7l v8
    5 spd manual
    3.55 ratio
    265/70/16 tires

    40k miles on truck now.

    see my profile for truck details.
  • tootall1tootall1 Posts: 7
    Need some advice please. I owned a 01 Quad with the 4.7 V8 and the towing package. Not sure on the gears. I was averaging 14MPG with 30 mile commute, 15 through hills and 15 flat highway each way. I ended up selling the truck, but want to come back. I am interested in buying a 05 Quad and I will need a 4x4.
    Should I go with the new 3.7 V6 or back with the 4.7 V8. Which would give the best MPG? I do not need the towing so I imaging I should leave that off to help.
    What about the gears> which would be best for MPG.

    I do not expect 20mpg, but 18 would be acceptable. 13-14 is not.

  • aaronwiaaronwi Posts: 18
    I have an 02 Dakota Quad SLT with the 4.7 (bought new in 01)

    Best tank ever: 14mpg (65mph freeway driving all day)

    Average tank: 10 (90% highway at 70mph, 10% rural town)

    I run full syntetic motor oil, diff, transfer case at the lowest recommended viscosities.

    Dealer says "your still within specs"

    Any pointers?????
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