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Chevy Tahoe Maintenance and Repair



  • Great, thanks. I will. I'll let you know what I find out.
  • same problem here with my 2004 tahoe z71 - chevy sucks!!! they do not stand by their products!!! :mad:
  • i have a 2004 tahoe z71 and the speedometer and another gauge both broke 2 years ago and I took it to dealer to have it checked out they said pay $900 and we can fix it. I didn't have that much to drop on a simple problem. Now they tell me it was a defective part! but they won't fix it now! chevy sucks!!!
  • chosschoss Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 tahoe w/ the digital climate control system. It seems to only have 2 settings either 60 or 90. the heat only works with the control set to 90. if i put it at 89 it goes to the coldest setting.

    does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?
  • I have the exact problem with a 2003 Tahoe. Tried replacing the entire heating unit into the dash. No help. Looking for answer.
  • Found the answer to 2003 Tahoe climate controll problem. Set on 90 heats and 89 and less goes to cold air. No inbetween. Look up from drivers seat to see small plastic in headliner. Looks like small speaker, but is not. Under the headliner is a small sensor type gizmo. Has fan and very small wire with black ball on end. Reminds me of a very small antena. This works with the climate controll system. New part was less then $30.00 new. Plugged it in which resulted in happy ending.
  • Can any mechanic put in transfer case fluid or does it have to be a chevy dealer???

  • chosschoss Posts: 2
    Thank you. That works and saved me a lot of money. I went to a dealer and they said it would be a few hundred $$$ just to find the root of the problem. I got the part from NAPA for just over $30.

    Thanks again.
  • My 2004 Tahoe just started doing the same thing, did you ever get a response/repair?
  • dino17dino17 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 tahoe 5.3 with 167000 miles never leaked . This month started leaking really bad around the rear of oil pan by the filter and other side. look like it could be rear seal or oil pan. Any info on the rear cover leaking?
  • well here's what i've got. i just baught a used 03 z71 tahoe with 54k miles on it and i have noticed a slip from first to second, but only the first time I put it in drive after starting. after it makes the shift and all subsquent shifts are as smooth as butter. any insight would be helpful.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Check the transmission fluid level.
  • that was my first thaught, and there was plenty and it is in great shape
  • fmarinfmarin Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 tahoe 5.3 with 154000 miles never leaked . This month started leaking really bad around the rear of oil pan by the filter and other side. look like it could be rear seal or oil pan. Any info on the rear cover leaking?
    i have change rear main seal / valve cover gasket / oil press. switch / cam sensor/ and ol pan gasket. still have same problem can someone help me. thanks
  • dino17dino17 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Tahoe 5.3 also with the same problem. It just started leaking with in the past 6 weeks same spot , It has 168000 on it . Iam doing the oil pan gasket tonight hope to fix the problem. All the info that I found out said it was not the rear cover? I would like to know if you find out any thing. thanks
  • simmysimmy Posts: 5
    I have a problem with my right rear turn signal. When I have my lights on the right light shows but when applying the brake and turning on the signal light there is nothing. I changed the module 3 times and still nothing. My front right signal light flashes very fast. Its just weird how the front signal works but the back doesn't. I rigged it up by placing a wire from the front signal light to the rear and it worked. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution. :mad:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    I'd say you have a bad ground in the rear light. By "module" do you mean the entire rear light assembly or just the "flasher" relay? You might try cleaning up the bulb socket and also running a ground wire from one of the bolts that holds the rear tailight assembly to some bare metal on the body.


  • simmysimmy Posts: 5
    I don't know if it is only the "flasher" relay because when I turn on the lights either it be the parks or headlights the right rear light does come on. Its when I press my brake it will not show the brake light but its still red and when I turn my right flasher on it will only flash in the front and not the back. And it flashes very fast in the front. I changed those modules a few times, one time it worked for a month and burned out then when I changed them again there was nothing. I cleaned the bulb socket so I was starting to think that it was something electrical.
    So if I run a ground wire to some bare metal on the body and it starts working do u suggest that it might be an electrical shortage or something. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks
  • Assuming the bulb is dual filament, what you have described tells me the brake/turn filament has blown. try fitting a new bulb.
  • simmysimmy Posts: 5
    I'm sorry but what is a dual As for the bulbs I've changed those when I bought the 3 modules. I was just going to take it to the electric shop and let them figure it out. I appreciate all the help, everyone has been very helpful. But if you think I don't need to take it to the shop please let me know I might save a few hundred dollars. :)
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