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2006 Toyota RAV4



  • philholtphilholt Posts: 4
    I bought a 2006 Sport V6 4X4 Rav4 from a highly regarded dealer from whom I bought the 1995 T100 that I traded (along with a 2001 Lexus IS300). My goal, which I think I achieved, was to acquire a vehicle with the better features of the two traded but with more comfort and better gas mileage than the truck and, of course, greater carrying capacity than the car. The dealer had to hunt to find the Rav4 with side airbags. Oddly, the one he found had the bags but did not have the tonneau cover (which I wanted and cost a lot to buy separately) or the daytime driving lights although it had the rest of the Option Combination #A described on the Toyota web site. Also, the spare tire cover came in black although the rest of the paint is Slate Grey (the dealer gave me a grey replacement).

    Gas mileage on 2 fillups, mixed driving, was a little over 22 mpg. I think it will improve when I stop getting such a kick out of goosing the most powerful engine I've owned in 50 years of car ownership.
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    The bodyside mouldings are only available on Canadian models as an accessory from Canadian dealers, I got mine from Ben Cholette at Peace Arch Toyota, cost is $82 plus $15 shipping, but you'll need to have a UPS or Purolator account to charge shipping to.

    I got the Canadian style bug deflector made by FormFit from my local dealer, part HD20K06S, $64.38. It covers the entire leading edge of the hood, not just the center section.

    Mudguards are available from retailers on Ebay and other Toyota parts stores for $42-$60.

    The rear bumper applique is just a 3M decal with some lines and logo on it. A far better choice for your money is the South East Region bumper protector offered by DeLand Toyota. W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33640QQitemZ8064802867QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

    Weatherflectors have their window visors available now...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I agree with Andre, when you buy a 6/75 you are basically adding 3 years or 39k miles. 3/36 are already included, you are just extended that coverage.

    So if you go to a 7 year warranty it should increase by 33% compared to a 6 year, or more, since at that point it's older and problems are more likely.

    The math should be similar for adding more miles.

  • heel2toeheel2toe Posts: 149
    When I looked early this week, the DC area Carmax was undercutting fitzmall by around $500 per new RAV-4, which could have contributed to their adjustment.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Sounds good to me. Maybe RAV4 price sanity is spreading.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I told you so. ;)

    Same thing happened with the Avalon. When it was new, people were paying close to MSRP, and I told them to wait it out. Same thing here...

  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Hey, I am not buying till Nov-Dec so just watching the scene now.
  • janetsuejanetsue Posts: 8
    I have the 4cyl 4x4 and have been averaging 27-28 mpg (70%hwy/30%city) and have 1000 miles on vehicle.
  • Found this out the hard way. Bought my 2006 RAV4 Limited V6 fully loaded except for the actual hitch system, because they did not have one in stock set up that way. Found the hitch at my local boat sales store ($189.00)and the wiring harness for a 2006 RAV4 was $42.00. A lot cheaper than the dealer wanted. At first they were unsure of what the "Pre-Wired in the Tow-Prep package" on the invoice actually meant. After a day of their research, they informed me that it meant all wiring to the converter box is included (actually just a hot wire) but not the wiring harness from the converter box to the trailer hitch. Only problem, is finding the converter box placement on the vehicle. Hitch was simple to install, (removed the rear tie down bracket and attach the hitch frame with four bolts torqued to 65 ft lbs) took me 10 minutes. Now if I can only find the converter box, without paying the dealer to find it for me, I can attach the wiring harness I got from my local boat store. Anyone know where it is located?
  • tbjorkmtbjorkm Posts: 3
    How are the body side moldings installed ?
    Do they stick on ?

  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    Yes, they use 3M tape that's already attached, all you have to do is remove the backing.


    While I'm at it, here's the deflector I got from my dealer.

  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well other net RAV4 sites have found that the converter box is part of the $132 extra harness from Toyota. This runs from under the dash to the rear of the truck. The converter box isolates the trailer from the vehicle electrical system as I understand the discussion. See RAV4World.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Anyone lookng for a V6 Sport in Flint Mica, Sunrise Toyota on Long Island, NY has one of tonight. Pretty well loaded but no curtain side bags.
  • wizzobutterwizzobutter Posts: 72
    The moulding looks very nice. Looks like it will protect from dings at just the right height.

    About the hood deflector, will that help prevent rock chips on the hood? My 7 year old black Camry had about 30 chips in the hood before I traded it in 2 weeks ago. The chips were spread out all over the hood.
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    I hope so, the new water based paints are notorious for chipping, the only other choice would be to cover the hood with 3M film!
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    I think the only thing preventing chipping would be a full front cover. I've got chipping right away on the bumper.

    I also think that the placement of the gas tank door release lever is bad.

    Someone mentioned before that the interiro plastic is cheap. i think it looks ok, it is just very thin and bends easily.

    Indeed, the touchy auto down/up window switch drives me crazy too. i think they should use a stronger spring in the switch.

    I am getting 20.5 Mpg in city out of the 4 cylinder. I am happy, this is a 30 mile gain over my old Jeep Liberty for the same 5 gallon of gas!

    a HID headlamp would look good on this car.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    "I am getting 20.5 Mpg in city out of the 4 cylinder."

    Is that a 4x4? I averaged 24.5, but I have the 2 wheel drive/4 cylinder. Guess I was used to my Accord, now it seems as though I see the gas gauge needle drop as I drive from point A to point B.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Yes, it is a 4WD but that should be only 1 mpg under. The car is still new though...
  • mwinter66mwinter66 Posts: 5
    I have a Sport, V6, 4WD and my first tank averaged 22.5 mpg. It's a mix of highway, rural, and some stop and go traffic. Not bad. Much better than my 99 Silverado I just traded in.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    To be that molding really makes the car look sportier and better. Plus it will protect it. Did the color match exactly? As I understand it I'll have to get some sort of UPS number and have it sent from Canada right? Is it a genuine Toyota part? How much was your hood protector? Did you instal lthat too? Was it hard?

    T H A N K S !!!!!
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