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2006 Toyota RAV4



  • This was on my most recent trip:
    40% highway (65 mph) 40% rural open roads with hills (50-60 mph) 20% small town (35 mph). 1700+ miles on the odometer.
  • soopereddsooperedd Posts: 32
    I would not go so far as to call it a problem but my primary issue is the touchy throttle. I've never had a vehicle with such a touchy gas pedal, while at the same time I love how fast it is from a stop light; I am going 60 and almost a football field ahead of everyone else before I realize I need to slow down. I know I am going to get some speeding tickets; it is just a matter of time. :shades:
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Sounds good
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Yea, yea, blame it on the
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    I do not think it is the throttle. I think it is the 260 horses under the hood.

    I have the VVT4 and find it more than adequate. Although I did not test it yet, supposedly it does 8.7 s to 60. The V6 suppose to do 2 seconds quicker.

    But there is 100 horses more with the V6. I bet that the throttle is sensitive. lol.

    The clunks you hear is normal (according to the owner's manual). It is the self check of the Security package (ABS,stability control etc.) Only hear it here and there.

    Visor rattle was noticed but not when tires are inflated right.Windows are huge and usually it rattled only once and the reason was it was not up all the way.

    I have the base 4WD and my tire cover is hard-shell.
    Also I've got DRL, the 17" steel rims with Yoko tires ( which are excellent even in rain), mats, the bumper protector, the cargo area cover ( tonneu), which is also great, has an adjustable basket) and paid 22700 for it.
    And I am fine with that. I know I probably could have bargained more, but there was only one beige on the lot and I did not want somebody else to grab it. :)

    Knocking on wood, the car is a charm! Has little issues, like I'd like a bit faster steering at higher speeds.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well I have test driven the V6 Sport and the throttle is touching when starting off. A small throttle motion makes a it jump forward and for the few times I drove the V6 you have to keep aware of that. Other than when starting off I found the V6 throttle to be fine and the 269 HP is fun. I would think this would be an easy design tweak for RAV4 in 2007.
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    I drive the speed limit and not 1 mph over. 55 and 65 in my area
  • martin16martin16 Posts: 11
    Maybe the dealer threw it in or something?

    The 2006 brochure specifies the soft tire cover for the base and Sport and the "moulded" cover for the Limited only.

    - Martin
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    Before everyone gets confused, the Canadian models have different features than the US models.

    Toyota Canada

    US Base and Sport models come with a hard/soft tire cover, limited has an all hard cover.

    Canadian Base and Sport come with a soft cover, the limited has an all hard cover.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Test drive or rent a Cadillac DTS or Buick Lucerne with the V8 and you will find the same type of touchy throttle. At best, it is an annoyance.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    For $28k and Toyota, this kind of "annoyance" is is GMish shall I say?
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    no that is not the hard cover. Hard (lockable) cover only comes on the Limited.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It's an old GM trick. They basically make the throttle less linear, so at the beginning of the throttle a small change in throttle position (where you foot is) results in a big change in throttle opening.

    If you've driven a model with the mid-size V6, such as the Beretta or Corsica, you may remember. Put your foot on the gas even lightly and it's like you floored it. It was hard to get a smooth start, in fact.

    It fools a lot of people into thinking the engine is more powerful than it actually is, but it's less smooth and probably wastes gas.

    The 3.5l is legitimately powerful and has no need for a touchy throttle. Perhaps they should re-program those.

  • Did not pay for it. The parts guy got tired of me asking questions and printed off the 28 page instructions. Will get is scanned and submit to the group for reference.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 528
    Let's not make too big a deal out of this. In short order, you automatically adjust to the sensitive gas petal.
  • soopereddsooperedd Posts: 32
    Just getting back from running errands and I am getting adjusted to the throttle, just need a light touch at first and then slowly accelerate. :shades:
  • werm9werm9 Posts: 8
    I am looking at a base 4x4 rav4 and want to know if Toyota has have any incentives at the end of the year when dealers try to clear out there old inventory? I would like a rav4 but they are a bit pricey for such a small 4x4
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Fat chance. There is nothing to clear out.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Perhaps you call the Rav4's pricey and small, but consider this: it is cheaper and has more features than let say the jeep Liberty (I owned for 4 years).

    I bet you have not been down to the Dealer and checked it out. It looks actually big, and it is big

    I am 6'2" and it is just right.

    Actually park it to next to a previous generation Gran Cherokee and you'll find it about the same size!

    So you should not call it a compact SUV, because it is not anymore.

    It has grown and matured considerably, yet has a ride sweet as a BMW x5. Do not believe it? Go and drive both.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    One of the reasons I was skeptical about buying a 2006 RAV4 was because I thought the insurance for it was going to be high. I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that my insurance would only be right under $400 a year for my Limited, and that included full coverage. Considering the high cost of insurance in California, that really was a shocker to me.

    How has everyone else done in terms of insurance?
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