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2006 Toyota RAV4



  • ptl4ptl4 Posts: 2
    I have been searching alot lately on the wiring harness trying to get ready to tow my tent trailer on vacation. I ordered just the tow prep pkg, then went looking for the pig tail to finish the wiring but couldn't find it. In searching I found out that US spec and Canada spec Rav4s are different. In Canada the wiring ends under the dash. Everyone else was telling me that I would find the end of the "Pre-Wiring" in the back compartment on the drivers side. I looked and looked to no avail, called the service dept, the tech I talked to hadn't run across this yet and had no idea where it might be. He did give me the number for Toyota Customer Service to ask them (1-800-331-4331). This I did and was once again told it is in that back compartment where the jack handle is stored. This time I used a mirror to look up into areas my hand couldn't reach. And I think I found it! I'm off to the dealer today to get the "experts" to verify this. And to buy the final part of the harness to run it to the outside.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It is an automatic function, c-best, and you can have the dealer change from the current factory default to a no-op.
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Posts: 191
    Are there any rumors if the 2007 RAV4 will keep the same rear door design, or go with a hatch.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    This much is certain. One of the key design characteristics of the RAV is the side opening door. It will remain this way for at least 4 more years. Probably longer. It's the design of the RAV4. The Highlander is a bottom opening hatch vehicle. It's how they are differentiated.
  • eljoeljo Posts: 1
    Stay clear of the Xterra. It made national news several weeks back about being tip-over proned. And it is no wonder, as it is too tall and narrow.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I though I posted this already. There is no harness to the rear of the 2006. You have to buy...$132 from Toyota and install it from the dash to the rear of the truck. Lots of work but not the end of the world. Lots of panels to remove and replace. There is much info on this around.
    This site is not very userfriendly in posting pictuers etc. But the info is out there. Just google 2006 RAV4 hitch harness etc.
  • jm005jm005 Posts: 1
    I also believe Toyota may have a problem with their windshields.Just picked up my new Rav 4 v-6 Thurs.June 22 Good excuse Sat. for a ride,and breakin period,to my favorite hunting and fishing outfitters store.I also do not follow to close to anyone, especially trucks.Came out to find a 10 to 12 inch long crack in my windshield.It starts in the center ,very bottom,up about 6 to 8 inches and 4 inches toward the drivers side.Nothing hit the windshield at all while I was driving.There are no marks chips dings nothing.I have 170 miles on my Rav, a cracked windshield and can't wait to see what kind of runaround I get.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I would say there that there are enough reports of this that it is more than just a few random cases. Your situration where it broke without any debris impact is the 2nd one I have seen on the net.
  • bcbob8bcbob8 Posts: 17
    Ouch! Why the cynicism? Toyota has a good rep, do they not? This is the second you've heard of? Out of how many tens of thousands sold? Better recall them all, eh!
  • It's comical that people bash new RAV4 for being too long not realizing that it is actually SHORTER than corolla. RAV4 is 181 inches while corolla is rated as 178. However, the extra 3 inches are coming from the rear tire. If you measure bumper to bumper, RAV4 is shorter! It is more maneuverable than my corolla, or any similar compact car!
    I initially disliked the swinging door design, but now it grows on me and it's kind of cool.
    I guess if one has to have a hatch, highlinder is the answer.
  • Untrue info, its more than 760 lbs. The 2006 RAV4 payload is rated in US as 850 lbs for 5-passenger and 1350 lbs for 7-passender version, as per the car manual. I learned that 7-passenger uses different springs/sway bars.
    Not trying to start a war but just to clarify :-)
  • For those of you who drove the sport vs the Base/Limited, can you tell a difference in the Sport Suspension?
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Yes, I have driven all models and several Sports. Handling on all models is pretty good, especialy for a truck.
    The Sport is a little tighter and quicker it seems. You will also feel the bumps and road strips a little more.

    I liked it but you should test drive it as not everyone here likes the slightly firmer ride.

    And the 18" wheels are very nice along with the dark interior.
  • Yes, I've heard alot of people like the dark interior. Too bad it doesn't come with factory leather (but dealer add on is always an option....).
  • silverphxsilverphx Posts: 41
    So it seems that the Toyota Hitch has more bolts/connectors than the typical after-market tow hitch (which appears to have just the four bolts/connectors)??? Any thoughts from anyone on whether that means the actual Toyota Brand hitch will be a stronger/better hitch? Just curious because the Toyota hitch is A LOT more expensive than the aftermarket hitch and if the aftermarket hitch is just as good, I'm gonna buy it instead.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 528
    I think the real question here is are both hitches capable of safely handling the design load. I purchased and installed a Hidden Hitch. As a structural engineer, I feel confident that it is securely mounted to the frame. The stronger/better issue becomes irrelevant unless you're planning on exceeding the design load. However I doubt that the mechanical connection to the frame would be the likely failure point anyway.
  • 96gc1owner96gc1owner Posts: 54
    Yes. I drove a sport 5 passenger w/17 in rims and a base 7 passenger w/16 inch rims. The sport is much tigher and gives a rougher ride than the base I drove.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Sport is 18" wheels with good handling. One thing I noticed on all V6 RAVs is much torgue steer. You have to pay attention to this as a quick accel at speed will cause some lane drift. I am sure after 1000 miles it would become 2nd nature in driving.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 528
    Is you RAV 2WD? I haven't experienced anything like this.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    760 lbs is the payload for the 05 and earlier models.

    The Element is only rated for 675 lbs payload.

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