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2006 Toyota RAV4



  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Just to add to the confusion. Many AWD systems will only kick in when the front wheels start to slip (CRV, Matrix and others). These systems should provide better gas mileage. The current (4WD) RAV has equal distribution to all wheels at all times. Appearantly the new RAV will have a new system similar to the one in the Matrix. However, it will have the additional feature that will allow it to be locked in to permanent 4WD. The best of both worlds. Then there are vehicles that are available with low end 4WD systems. They are usually found in trucks and SUVs for off-roading. It is not recommended that these systems be used in regular or normal driving conditions. They are hard on the tranny and gas mileage really takes a beating.
  • I am open for suggestions from you who know far more about all these vehicles than I do!!
    I had one of the very first RAV's in my area, and now am on my 3rd one. The have all been 4WD automatics. The last 2 I did the lease thing as I like to have rather new vehicles and it seemed the way to go.
    Most of my driving would be considered local..I don't need it for heavy snow or anything like that..I wonder why I keep getting 4WD? One thing I like about the RAV is the way th rar door opens..sideways rather than up/down. Funny, I have had many men comment on the convenience of this when noticing in a parking lot.I don't think I could go back to a sedan..I thought about the Matrix, but have noticed some unfavorable comments about its power!
    I would appreciate hearing what you all might come up with for suggestions for me. My lease ends early August...seems like that might be a good time IF I do another RAV...
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    The new RAV will have a different on demand AWD system. We also had a 1998 RAV and found the Matrix way more functional. Also, our AWD Matrix was quieter and quicker than the 1998 RAV. I'm not saying the Matrix has a lot of power. It had more than the 1998 and it suited us fine. The current RAV now has 2.4 engine. The comparison probably no longer applies for power. However, we chose the Martix because of the larger interior space and functionality. He seemed less cramped compared to the current RAV. We will give the new RAV a look. It sounds and looks like it may be our next vehicle. Time will tell. Take the Matrix for a spin. Take your time sitting in it and observing all the features it has and try to get a feel for it. You will have a few months to compare it to the new RAV. Good luck.
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    What is the latest info on what hp the 6 cyl will have ?
  • The Rav gets bigger, gets a 3rd seat and a figure that has to cost somewhere near a base Highlander, maybe more if they sell at MSRP for a while? Any pricing yet?
  • inkink Posts: 10
    The previous RAV was not even close in popularity to Honda’s CR-V and if the new 2006 RAV will cost close to the base Highlander, again you won’t see too many 2006 RAVs on the streets. I own a Toyota, and was looking to buy another one, but it seems that it is simply too expensive for what it is offered and the Toyota quality is not what it used to be :( In my opinion Toyota falls behind. Currently I am considering between RAV or CR-V.
  • inkink Posts: 10
    and what's up with all the talk about 2006 RAV intruding on the Highlander territory. The dimentions of the new bigger 2006 RAV are within millimeters of the current CR-V dimensions. so toyota is playing catch up with the very popular honda cr-v and 2006 rav should cost the same or even less then CR-V if toyota serious about attracting customers.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    see my posts #319 and #320..

    I think the new V6 will be a detuned 3.5L ~250 HP. WAY more power than the current Highlander except for the HH @ 268 HP.

    But after they link the HSD to the 2.4L in the Camry next year it would make sense to add the RAV 2.4 to the HSD lineup.
  • Toyota already confirmed a 3.5L V6 w/ 268hp. So it won't be detuned. A new Highlander is expected this fall so they didn't update it.
  • inkink Posts: 10
    All this talk about 3.5L engine!!! Toyota itself said that most of their camrys are sold with 2.4L engines. and camry is 100 kg havier then current rav, maybe the new rav will be as heavy as camry, but V6 is 100 kg heavier than V4, so you won't get as mush of a gain in power as you might think. and besides i tried them all 1.8, 2.4, 3.0. 3.3 and to tell you the truth i find that 1.8 is quite enough, i don't miss 3.3 AT ALL. i'd rather sit in traffic with only 4 cyl working and not 6. Toyota redesign their 2.4L engine for quietness and now most of the reviewers seem to agree that toyota's V4 is almost as refined as V6. so if you want a little more power, quietness and economy toyota's v4 is hard to beat.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I agree with you all the way there on the 2.4L in the Camry and in the '05 RAV but the '06 RAV will be almost as big as the Highlander for one year. The 4c Highlander died after the first 2 years. No one wanted it except the ultrafrugal. Also starting @ $25K it was overpriced. If the New '06 RAV with the same 2.4L starts at $22K then Yota is competitive.

    For the very reasons you mentioned I dont think the 3.5L will be a big seller either. The RAV buyer is not a high performance freak. As a matter of fact 'Yota might get more sales from a 2.4L-HSD combo... But.. for the time being the 3.5L RAV acts as support for the V6 Highlander in the same way that the XLE Camry V6 acts as support for the Avalon series. Nature abhors a vacuum and so does the market.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Fine for a 5 passenger model, but imagine having 7 people and some gear inside the new, bigger model, then asking that same engine to get them around.

    I think the V6 is a wise choice if you opt for the 3 row model and plan to use that 3rd row. Or if you routinely tow or haul heavy loads.

    For most people, though, the 2.4l is fine.

  • inkink Posts: 10
    not really.....and the key word here is "routinely"! I had five people and some stuff in the trunk in the car with 1.8L and guess what? it was fine! of course, you have to step on gas a little bit more, but it is not like the car could not go 140 kmh. Mercedes-Benz calculated that statistically people have only 1.2 persons in their cars! not even two! so unless most of the time you have 7 people in your car, 3.5L is a bad choice. my friend owns a driving school and has a 3.3 camry and she hates it, because she sais it is suprising how those little cost increments of owning 3.3 engine tend to add up at the end of the year.
  • tupintupin Posts: 71
    Well, I just got some ordering info from my local Canadian Toyota Dealer. The news is not good for me....maybe other people will be satisfied.

    This first order (what they call Nov and Dec allotments) is only for 4 cylinder versions....6 cylinders to follow.

    It seems that Toyota Canada has made things really simple.....just 2 flavours Base 4WD and upper grade 4WD. Pricing is not announced but the upper grade version will be $4000-4400. more than the base.

    Automatics 5 speed option! No mention on if it is 4 speed or 5 speed auto.

    Here are the highlights:

    BASE RAV4 has the following:
    Power doors
    Power Windows
    Keyless Entry
    Cruise Control
    Dual front airbags
    17" styled steel wheels
    Vehicle Stability,Control Traction Control, On demand electronic 4WD
    Super Electronically controled Transmission (ECT)
    Electric Power Steering

    The Upper Grade Rav4 adds the following for $4000-4400 more:
    6 disc CD changer
    dual zone A/C
    upgraded seat material
    power drivers seat with lumbar
    leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter
    Large capacity storage box under rear deck
    footwell lamps
    Alloy Wheels
    Privacy glass
    Chrome grill, moulded spare tire cover
    Power moonroof
    colored door handles and rear spoiler
    Fog lamps

    Towing capacity rated at 2000lbs and 60 litre fuel tank.

    So there you have it....what REALLY BOTHERED ME:

    No side airbags!!!!!!
    No mention of a 3'rd row seat (must be a 6 cyl only option)
    No Manual Tranny

    Don't they notice Kia and Hyundai adding side and curtain airbags to everything!!!

    The base unit has decent features if the price is good. My guess Base at $26-27K Canadian with the upper at $30-31K.

    I'm sure the US cars will have more options available...likely inc side airbags which is the current situation (2005 Rav no side airbags in Canada but yes in US)

    I had high hopes but now I'm feeling bad....wife would like a 3'rd row seat for kids and their friends and I wanted side airbags....have to keep limping along with my 98 Forester S....2007 Mitsubishi Outlander??
  • inkink Posts: 10
    I am sure now that toyota is falling behind its main competitors. Honda's accord cost almost exactly the same as camry, but 30,000 cnd $ accord comes with features such as telescoping steering wheel and automatic a/c. You can get automatic ac but only in V6 top model and no telescoping steering wheel in any model, but it will cost you something like 37000! Yeah, right...who would buy a 37000 dollar camry!? all CR-V models (even the base one)come with side air bags and 5 speed automatic transmission is an option. neither of which you are telling 2006 rav has. so.....
    i drove Forester...nice, very nice!!! Subaru will have a completely redesign forester for the late 2007. what do you think is it worth the wait? should i pass on 2006 rav?
  • suvtimesuvtime Posts: 58
    ink if your not sure I would wait until you see the 07 Forester. Don't forget the CR-V is getting redesigned in 07 also.
  • moggiemoggie Posts: 6
    I'm also feeling less excited about the new RAV4. I was only considering it because it will have a third seat. I'd only need to use it about 20 times a year to haul another two 100-150 pound kids and would much rather stick with the 4cyl. I think you're right that the third seat will only be available with the 6cyl (I think that's the way it is with the current Highlander, too). No side airbags will be a deal-breaker for me. It looks like I'm going to have to shlump around in my Sienna minivan a while longer.
  • tupintupin Posts: 71
    Just to remind people that my list above is for Canadian vehicles. US Rav's will likely have optional side airbags....even in the base car.

    I also forgot to mention that Base Rav comes with a telescopic steering wheel.

    Next Tuesday there should be much more info on the Rav from the US launch.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Thanks for the preliminary info. Is that official? Don't care about the manual tranny (demand for them is too low). I don't know of too many 4 cyl SUVs that have a 3rd row seat available (nice to have only). With the air side bags, it would be nice if they were made available. I'll reserve comment until it actually arrives.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    17" rims are nice, on the base model, too. Some competitors still use 15"s.

    2000 lbs towing? That's it? Pretty wimpy for a V6. Why have all that power and then not let it do the job it could do?

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