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2006 Toyota RAV4



  • Hi - I'm in total sympathy on the height issue, being nearly 6-5 myself. We drove a RAV4 Sport last week, I was pleasantly surprised that even with the moonroof, headroom seem perfectly adequate when the seat was at its lowest position (manual adjustment, same as the base). Overall it felt it was a bit roomier for me than the CR-V, and also had a more comfortable space for my left foot while driving than the CR-V. Another big plus: I find the RAV4 easy to get in and out of because of the way the doors open - lots of knee space climbing in.
    Of course, I would prefer not to have the moonroof, but the way these packages are configured, it's hard to know what variations are possible.
    rs in boston
  • ss1967ss1967 Posts: 3
    I have been back and forth with the local Toyota dealers here in NW Ohio on pricing. Looks like 28+ for a limited 4cyl with heated leather seats,DRL,SAB etc. With tax, it puts the Rav into the low 30's, a 4cyl suv over 30 grand!
    so I test drove the Escape, got it to 80MPH and it shook so violently I thought the car was going to fall apart. Researched the Kia and saw the MPG, off to test drive the CRV......
  • in July, there will be a new 2007 Santa Fe.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Since you were lucky enough to find a RAV4 Sport version to drive, any comments on handling, noise and smoothnes compared to other models.
    Jim D
  • Jim D: I have only a short test drive to go on, and I havent driven the other models. The Sport seemed fine to me - I wouldn t call the ride harsh - it seemed pretty much the same as the 2006 CR-V I drove recently, but somewhat quieter in terms of road noise. I could only go on surface streets "our insurance won t cover us on the Mass Pike," the salesman said - that seems weird to me. I really like the handling and the 4-cyl seemed more than adequate - a lot better than my current 6-cyl Jeep Grand Cherokee. I also love the dark charcoal interior on the Sport; it s maddening they don t offer it on the Limited (you pay more for LESS choice of interior colors? I don t get it.) that s about all the wisdom I can offer until I check out the base and limited versions.
    richard in boston
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Thanks for the input on the Sport. My local dealer says he has one in flow for January. Price is MSRP-minus $500 maybe. Claims Side Bags come only on Limited in NE but I have see 3 base models with them so I am not sure these guys know for sure. They are getting cars but no choice of what they get or we get! Some dealers have RAV4s with stickers "Fleet Unit-not for Sale". Not sure what that means.
    Jim D.
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    I wonder why no navigation system is offered.
    I want factory NAV.

    Also, what's up with the radio antanae on the fender?
    Retro look?
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I had a chance to drive a RAV4 Sport AWD 4cyl today. Definitly different feel from Base but good if you like crisp handling. Not noisy but a little choppy over rough spots. Suprised by acceleration of I4 engine and would say it is adequate for most driving unless maybe fully loaded or steep mountains etc. If I did not know better I felt maybe the Sport had different gearing or shift points than Base. Who knows? Car must realy rip with 104HP more with V6. Sale price is MSRP of $25500 roughly! Lease quote was terrible at $479/MO with NY sales tax in lease and $795 fee outside of lease and zero down. Residual looks like 61% so they must be charging like 9%+ interest it would seem! Dealer says you do not order these things. You tell them what you want and they see if it is located anyplace or being shipped. Sport did not have Side Airbags.
    The saga continues.
    Jim D.
  • Wow - that sport must have been loaded up with extras. I've been quoted a price for the Limited of $25,800 before TTL, if I remember correctly. The Sport should be cheaper than that.
    They're going to turn off a lot of buyers with these prices, it seems to me.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 528
    How is it that Edmunds and MSN both have prices for the v6 version and Toyota's website doesn't. In fact, the Toyo website doesn't even acknowledge that a v6 exists. Oddly enough the 06 RAV literature is loaded with V6 version photos.

    When are the 6 cyl versions supposed to be available? The salesman I spoke to said April but he was misinformed on several other issues.
    - hutch
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Posts: 191
    what's the hurry. never never put down a deposit there will be more rav,s and the prices will come down in a few months.
  • Just drove the Tucson on Saturday and was really surprised. I own a Pilot and was surprised at the quality of this vehicle. Hyundai actually offers a decent package and the feel is very high-quality. I was most surprised with the quality sound, feel and acceleration of the V6. I was expecting it to be a 'dog' but it was very smooth and peppy. I took it up to 85 and it had a solid feel. I am interested in this vehicle but am concerned about reports of 18-23mpg which is better than my Pilot but should be considered its a 2.7 vs. a 3.5 V6. By the way, I couldn't buy a Limited Tucson V6 as the demand is too great and I have to wait til one comes off the boat....1 week or so. Who woulda thunk it that Hyundai would have supply problems?!
    I want a a V6 which rules out a RAV 4 cuz sales said it would be 'several months'. Who knows what that means when a salesman says it!
  • The RAV4 prices being what they are, the only thing that keeps me from really seriously considering a 4 cyl Sportage or Sante Fe or Tucson is the mpg. That's where Toyota has a significant edge - unless their estimates turn out to be way off.
  • clamclam Posts: 36
    In Canada at least, a comparably equipped Tucson is almost $10,000 less than the Rav4 limited.

    You will never be able to offset that by mileage savings! Although the toyota will retain more of its value. Still, that's a shockingly high differential.
  • Speaking of price differentials...In NE Ohio we have yet to receive RAV's in the local dealerships. Since my vehicle was totaled by a drunk driver a couple weeks back I didn't have any more time to wait so I went with a 2006 AWD Pontiac Torrent. At first I was dissapointed to not get the new RAV, but after driving the Torrent for a few days I think I made the right decision. The interior is both sporty & roomy, it rides nice and it cost much less than the RAV's which must be bought at MSRP right now. I paid thousands less than what it would have been to pre-order a V6 RAV plus I was told a by various Toyata dealerships that they couldn't guarantee I'd get the exact options on a pre-order and it would be until March before it arrives. Sorry Toyota.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well if you look at prices at site such as MSN you will see Sport and Limited are not far apart in price if you do not get leather on limited. The Sport I priced had side airbags at $640, floor mats and another bunch of little odds and ends that brought total options and accessories to $992.
    Jim D.
  • fblackfblack Posts: 26
    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. The Torrent looks like a nice little SUV. I just wish they would offer stabilitrak to sweeten the deal. Not even an option???? Come on GM!!
  • Hyundai's/Kia's are infamous for having poor gas mileage for the first 3-4,000 miles. After this break in period, the engine loosens up a bit and mileage should get better. I get 31.5 miles/gallon on my Elantra city/hwy driving. Although it's mostly city these days(Los Angeles). We Californians should stop buying so many cars... Anyhow, hope it helps. btw I've had nothing but good experiences with Hyundai.

  • Welcome to the club.
    The RAV and the CRV are very close. My wive drive a CRV and I drive a 05 Tacoma DC and I could tell you that the baby car seat take a lot of room on top of that you will have the stroller (umbrella or regular), lil suitcase,diaper/baby bag, and most of the time you will have all this on the way to the mall or the store or vacations. We have a regular stroller and the space in the CRV is good. I had seen the xb and I do not think that It would be a practical Vehicle plus THINK SAFETY the xb is tooooo small. this is my opinion.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    V6 in Mar/apr is about right..
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