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BMW 7-Series 2007+

jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
Seems like an improvement in the body and who couldn't use more horsepower, better idrive, and bluetooth technology.. I'll be waiting for this model and will place my order once definite pricing is in. Although resources say price will be negligibly higher.


  • I was just curious as to where you might have heard or read that the pricing will only be negligibly higher. I've got a deposit down on one myself pending approval of the new pricing.
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    read about pricing being negligibly higher at some internet site and also was told this by several BMW dealers in my area
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    I too heard that the price will be slightly higher, in fact one of the dealers told me it's $1500 extra. hope this is useful
  • Yeah, that is useful. Any insight is helpful. I just received notification from Edmunds that they should have the pricing on the 2006 up within about a week. A $1500 increase is reasonable, especially considering the base price of the car.
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    Lease prices will be out April 1st and delivery of these new 7's will start early May
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    Just in, the official 750 prices will be out by next week. There will be a 'slight' increase in the price but for the first six months deals will offer no discounts. In fact they expect sales of 750 to spike and limited number of the cars will be available. My question, is it a good time to buy an 05' now or not? since dealers will try to get rid of their 05s.
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    Hope your wrong about no discounting and limited number. Wonder how long it'll take to get one.
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    well, I hope I am wrong too. I got this info. from two different dealers.
    But there is a solution for this. Go by a dealer once the prices are out and reserve a car that you would like and tell them how much you want to pay for it. If they agree, sales won't effect you. You see dealers like this, to them this is money in the bank and to you this is money in your pocket...or you can get an 05 for cheap, just make sure you time it right..
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    the new 2006 7 prices are out. have them already. now what??
  • Careful guys, although the prices may not have increased much the diffence in the money factor, or interest rate, used by BMW is substantially different between the '05 and '06 models. Between this and the discounts off of list, the lease prices can easily vary by $200+ between the '05 and '06. If you're buying outright, the damage isn't quite as bad, though still clearly a couple grand most likely.
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    Whatz up guys,
    Just put in my order for a lease on the new 7. Just so everyone knows, no deals are available. Suprise, suprise! But I'm happy I'll be one of the first driving around this newly improved baby (should be in by early June). Seen it at car shows and new design is definitely an improvement. Back end is nicer and those dreadful owl eyes have been thankfully made sleek and sporty. Wouldn't have been happy with the old model. Just too awkward looking for my taste. The new 7 is a car, I'll no doubt enjoy and proudly drive. (Oh by the way you can get good deals on the old 7 (2005) now because lots of these cars are on dealer lots and the demand just isn't there.) I, personally, wouldn't pay them a dime for the old one!
  • Put my order in last Saturday, 4/2. I did manage to get a discount though not a substantial one. Just hope you don't live anywhere near me as I want to be the 1st driving a new They are gorgeous cars and just saw the first commercial for the 2006 BMW 750Li on TV on Wednesday during West Wing. Won't be long now....
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    HI guys,
    Now is the best time to buy an 05 7series especially by the end of this month. the new ones are coming on May and every dealer in the country wants to get rid of their 05 model. So this what you do, Go to a dealer and pick the car you want and let them run your credit once they see that you qualify tell them you want a good discount like $10K off. They will tell you NO WAY, then tell them you need sometime to think about it and LEAVE.. (must leave) play the waiting game until they call you and believe me they will and when they do you will get the best price for the 7 you want. I just got a call from my dealer telling me about a $10k off.

    Hope this is helpful
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    '05 s OUT
    '06 s IN
  • I don't know about 10k off of an '05 either, though about 3 weeks ago I did personally experience offers of discounts in the $4-5k range. I would suspect that those discounts will be steadily increasing now that the '06 deliveries will begin in just about a month. Keep in mind that the selection was already somewhat limited and that was on the 'cookie-cutter' color Titanium Silver. Best I could find was a car equipped with only 3 of the 6 options I desired.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
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  • oladolad Posts: 2
    I applaud all of you 750 buyers! That car will absolutely and emphatically be the best car out for years to come. I'm just now attempting to enter the world of 700-series owers, so I have to start at the beginning. Does anyone have any guesses as to how the buyer market will look for 2002 745s over the next few months due to the entry of the 750? I'm looking to possibly find one in the mid to high $30K range (w/o more than 50K miles) by September. Any thoughts? Suggestions? I've only been paying attention to the and websites, but didn't know if there were perhaps other places on which I could keep an eye. Thanks!
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    you can try ebay, you also can try carmax. If you have time, go by a dealer and ask them to local one for you using their track system.

    all the best
  • oladolad Posts: 2
    Thanks. I'll try all three of those.
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    you are most welcome sir. Could you tell us how did it go and if you found something you like? Also you can post what you are looking for and have some of the members in this forum help you locate one.
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