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BMW 7-Series 2007+



  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    I also like the 2002-2005 model, while I feel the 2005 Front lights face-lift was not necessary and decreased the eyebrow full of character impression.

    The rear face lift was welcome as it simplified a complex setup.

    I still love the E38 1999-2001 which is made of classic and discreet simplicity. I have a 740i and I can't help spending a few seconds looking at it before driving it.

    Very surprised MB blatantly copied the 7 dash arrangement. I would have expected something different.
  • mph100mph100 Posts: 3
    When can you order a 2007 750LI? I heard the competition from MB and Lexus is going to cause early release of 2007 7 series, and that the 2007 will have some enhanced features (night vision). Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • petrescupetrescu Posts: 1
    I bought my 750i 2006 last August and have by now 14,000 miles. No problem to date, the car is wonderful. It came with the sport tires, luxury seats, premium sound, satellite radio, convenience package, self close doors/trunk. The Pirelli tires are superb, even in the Maryland winter. The car delivers excellent driving, braking, accelleration. You are always in control. I have also a Lexus LS430 2002, but the Bimmer is a much better car. Not to forget the extraordinary quality of the interior and exterior. I ordered mine to my spec, and waited 2.5 months, yet it was worth. The one big desapointment is the GPS, which is small, very much user unfriendly and time consuming to program. BMW must do something about this feature, which, ironically, they invented. The Bluetooth works very well with the Motorola Razr, and the garage door remote has power and no problems.
    Go for it without hesitation.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Since the Future version of this vehicle is a 2007 model, I've change the title of this discussion to 2007 BMW 750i/750li.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I took delivery of my 2006 BMW 750i in December 05. Great car, wonderful driving experience, fast, head turner, and very sporty with razor sharp steering. Every time before I drive this babe I pause to admire its beauty. ;)

    Anyhow, I had the engine rattle problem as well. At first I didn't notice it as much but one time, with music off, windows open and driving on an empty quiet road, I could hear the rattle, specifically when accelerating at low RPM's at low speeds, might get worse when you select the S sports mode transmission program. Took it to the dealer, apparently seemed to have fixed the problem with a computer upgrade. After they have serviced the car, I didn't hear the rattle noise and the acceleration was better, but I noticed a different feel from the steering. In the work order sheet they stated to have reset the steering angle, any input on that? :confuse:

    Nonetheless, now I am starting to hear the rattle sound again, though less frequently and not as intense as before. Very unfortunate, given how much I love this car, but I will be taking it to the dealership soon for further analysis and hopefully they will get rid of that annoying rattle noise and sensation for good! :shades:
  • Mine has the sport package. With the sport package, the car sport tuned suspension is stiffened and the shock absorbers are tight, and the car is lowered a little. The ride is not and won't be as smooth as let's say a town car, but with the sport package, steering is very precise and is razor sharp, feels like a true BMW. Without the sport package, the steering is a little bit loose and doesn't have that feeling that you get from the sport package. You also don't get the ugly chrome body molding instead you get a high gloss black and body colored contour instead. Not to forget the nice 19'' alloy rims.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    Must be in a time warp....To make a long story short, I went to pick the car up and due to the manager not confirming the car, the selling dealer wouldn`t let him have it....I let thing cool off, and went to the new audi dealer and ultimately ordered an a8, which I am very pleased with....Foe me things worked out in the end and I have no regrets...I hope the same is with you.... Tony
  • snobbersnobber Posts: 1
    The sports package gives you a true BMW ride and handling. Does anyone experience a significant drop in power once the A/C is engaged? I notice a big difference between A/C on and A/C off. I have the 2006 750Li.
  • armishenarmishen Posts: 2
    When can one order the 2007 750LI??
  • armishenarmishen Posts: 2
    When can one order the 2007 750LI.
    I should have added 'For European Delivery Program'
  • acbrbmwacbrbmw Posts: 19
    the 2007 will be avalible in late sept. and you will be able to order the car aug 1st and everything is the same as the 2006 except that there will be an aux. input for you ipod or mp3. also, there will be an option for night vision for 2k, i've seen it and its great!

    the redesign will not be comming till 2009
  • q_krielq_kriel Posts: 2
    Did you get the rattle issue resolved. I also have this i took the car in once and they said it required a software upgrade, after this is was better or at least i thought so. I feel a very "rough" sensation in the steering wheel as well as the accelerator. It is very annoying and ruins the experience, i also have a X3 and i have to say it is smoother no vibration/sensation.

    Let me know if you got it resolved, as i want to take mine in again
  • bybasher1bybasher1 Posts: 2
    I am also having the same problem with the rough idle. I purchased the 2006 750li in May of 05' since then it has been back to the dealership numerous times for computer upgrades that do not fix the problem. If anyone out there has had their problem resolved please let me know how. I have already had 2 BMW engineers look at the car and they are saying that it needs a computer upgrade but its already been done and no luck. I have put in a phone call to BMW Corp. as I am very frustrated and seem to be getting nowhere.
  • bybasher1bybasher1 Posts: 2
    has the exceleration problem re-occured?????? Have you had any issues with a rough idle?????
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    I got my 750Li this Feb. and its a great ride, so fast and smooth. Copmared to my other new lexus, its so much faster. The acceleration is fast. Not very much noise with the door sealed up.
  • ageorgeageorge Posts: 9
    I was planning on buying an A8, 750 or a new S class. I was very surprised that the Audi puts 4 times the pollution into the enviornent. While these cars use more gas the Audi seems to be very environmentally unfriendly I'm going with one of the others. Not sure which.
  • bigjattbigjatt Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 750Li and have ahd a "vibration" in the vehicle since I took delivery last September. After several visits to the dealer they replaced all tires but the problem is still there. They refuse to do anything else so I am working with BMW corporate to see if they can help. Essentially the problem is there is a constant vibration felt in the wheel, the seat and my body feels its sitting on one of those cheap motel vibrating beds. The vibration increases with speed and is max at around 68 - 70mph. Does any one else have this problem or a fix? :lemon:
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    My first instinct would be to check the driveshaft and have it removed and checked for balance....and at the same time, the car can be run without the driveshaft to see if the vibration is still there at "rest" with engine revving.

    If the vibration occurs at "rest" with engine revving, then you have perhaps some accessory vibrating, like power steering pump or AC compressor.

    If there's no vibration at rest, and the driveshaft checks out okay, then HMMMMMMMM.....I'd check rear tire and wheel balance....maybe even check rear tires and wheels first. They could even test the car on a lift with and without the rear wheels on.
  • bigjattbigjatt Posts: 5
    Thanks. I have a rendevouz with the BMW corporate Rep tomorrow. I'll post what they say. If nothing comes of it, I will pursue the Lemon Law. I have already retained an attorney for the purpose.

    The dealer VOB just plain sucks! Another exapmple of their incompetence is they drove my other BMW into a wall while working on it! Unfortunately they are the only dealer around this area. This is my 4th 7 series and I have a 330 CI and a 645 Ci. Never had this kind of problem before!

    BTW, ALL, the tires have already been replaced, twice, by the dealer! they claimed the first set they installed were also defective!

  • mmxdocmmxdoc Posts: 1
    I have a 99 740iL which has always vibrated. I've driven the dealership in town and local tire places crazy trying to fix it with no success. I also have a new 2006 750 Li now that is vibrating in addition to a rough idle when cold which they say requires a software upgrade that is not yet available. It also sounds like a diesel at times even when warm. They told me today that the rough idle is necessary for the fuel efficiency. I also have a 645Ci which has no problems and a friend who just got a 2006 650Ci which I believe has the same engine as my 750Li and he has no problems of a similar nature. I'm becoming frustrated. The service advisors seem to know less than I do. Any suggestions?
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