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Hyundai Accent



  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Has VW had its problems, yeah it sure has. But then so has Hyundai which still places below average in JD Power's long term dependabiity survey (but then they're biased against Hyundai, right? But not in their IQS, then they're accurate! LOL). At least with VW, you get an engaging driving experience as you drive it to be serviced

    Stop posting incorrect information once and for all:

    2005 JD Power VDS:
    Hyundai: 260
    VW: 335 (third from bottom)

    2006 JD Power IQS:
    Hyundai: 102 (third best behind Porsche and Lexus)
    VW: 171 (tied for third lowest)

    2005 JD Power IQS:

    Hyundai 110 (11th place)
    VW: 147 (fourth from the bottom)

    I don't have 2004 JD Power in front of me, but I recall Hyundai finished ahead of VW as well, although not by much. The correlation - Hyundai is improving constantly; while VW contiunes to struggle and is plauged by problems here in the US.

    Just for kicks:

    JD Power Customer Rentention (measures repeat buyers)


    Hyundai - 56.3% (5th)
    VW - 29.3% (6th from bottom)


    Hyundai - 57.6% (4th)
    VW - 33.7% (9th from bottom)


    Hyundai - 52.3%
    VW - 37.1%
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,622
    After reading all the responses to your original post, I'm not sure if your question about the pricing of the 2007 Accent being lower was answered. Actually, for comparably-equipped cars, the GLS sedan is not priced lower. However, Hyundai has changed the packaging of the GLS for 2007, so it is possible to pay less money depending on the options you want.

    For 2006, ABS was standard on the GLS. For 2007, it is part of an option package (along with power accessories and some other things). Also, there is a package now with power accessories that does NOT include the alloy wheels. For 2006, if you wanted power windows/locks/mirrors etc. you had to get the alloys too. So basically there is more flexibility now in getting options on the Accent. If for example you want a car with ABS, A/C, and power package but don't need alloys or automatic, you can get one thst lists for just under $14k. If your dad can wait awhile for rebates to appear on the 2007 Accents, and I don't think that will take long due to the strong competition in this class that germancarfan1 and others have mentioned, he should be able to get a GLS nicely equipped for $12 or less. If he can make do with a GS hatchback, it would be less still.

    There are some real deals to be had on the Accent. I am down in central Texas now and there's a new dealer in Kyle (says they are the largest Hyundai dealer in the world, not sure how they measured that...) advertising '06 Accent automatics for $9990. I wouldn't be surprised if these didn't have A/C at that price; the ad wasn't clear. If I have time this week I'll stop over there with my BIL (his wife is looking for an inexpensive new car) and check it out.
  • craig10xcraig10x Posts: 8
    Thanks backy, that was helpful...Any idea of when we might expect to see the 2007 4 doors to be arriving (I know the 2007 2 doors are already starting to come in)....

    Well, i guess if he can't find what he wants on the 2006 that are left in the South Fla dealerships, he might have to wait for the 2007s to come in...The closest one to him in Deerfield Beach says they will have none until 2007s arrive...The one in Boyton Beach has 2 (according to their online website inventory list) Coconut Creek (the new one) he will call this week to see what they have, and the one near Ft Lauderdale has the most...about 14, though he really wanted to buy from a dealer closer to home...

    And yes, i misquoted the sale tax amount, is 6% in fla....

    I have a feeling he will have to end up waiting a while...i was so hoping he would get it now, so i can fly down quick to visit him and start driving it! (lol) ;)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,622
    Since Hyundai and third-party sources have already published the pricing for the 2007 GLS, they should be arriving soon. Don't know exactly when, though.

    You can use the New Car configurator here at to get an idea of the list price of a 2007 Accent equipped the way your dad wants it, and the invoice price. Even though it's a 2007, I would try to negotiate down to invoice at least (before rebates) if I were you. The 2007 GLSes are unchanged from the 2006s (except for packaging) and competition is severe. Good luck!
  • inharmswayinharmsway Posts: 153
    Backy I wonder if there is any rumor about the accent hatchback coming out in a 5-door.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,622
    I hope so! The pre-2006 Accent was available in some places such as Canada as a 5-door.
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    I'd be very surprised if a 5-door Accent shows up in the US. Hatchbacks are still a niche market, and the Kia Rio5 already fills the 5-door slot (and is the same car under the skin).
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Since the Germans are hosting my favorite event at the moment (soccer WC), I've been trying to be more tolerant of posts regarding their products. However, we're now at the point where it makes sense to focus exclusively on the Accent, and take the VW talk to one of the many existing discussions about their products. Schönen Dank!

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    shouldn't that read Dank Schonen? And how did you get those two dots to appear over the "o"? These tricky hosts! ;)

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • inharmswayinharmsway Posts: 153
    Amen to that.
  • acronisacronis Posts: 29
    2nd and third that. Whew!
    Back on topic.....
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209
    And how did you get those two dots to appear over the "o"? These tricky hosts!

    You can copy and paste from Character Map (Windows) or hold down the alt key and type in 0758.

  • azera25azera25 Posts: 45
    Yes, I'm tired of hearing Germancarfans biased rants that are completely off topic. I'm here to discuss Hyundai, not read about other cars I have absolutely no interest in.

    Thanks, kirstie_h.
  • kingsalmonkingsalmon Posts: 97
    Thank you Kristie. You're doing a great job! :P
  • Isn't ironic that since Kirstie reprimanded us, no one has actually spoken about the Accent?

    Does anyone have any ideas what kinds of options will be available (dealer installed)? The original press release talked about 150+ different options but if you go to the Hyundai Canada website, it is a far cry from 150+... more like 15+ options.

    I was seriously hoping to have enough customization available that I could make an Accent hatch that almost looked like the Accent SR concept but alas, it appears that will not be the case unless someone knows otherwise?
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    Does anyone have any ideas what kinds of options will be available (dealer installed)?

    From what I've heard there will be a cold air intake, interior light kit, and subwoofer among other things. I have a 2007 brochure at home that briefly touches on only a few of the accessories available for the Accent. I'll check it out again tonight.
  • ross14ross14 Posts: 36
    At some point, the year 2007 should be considered, since both 4 door & hatchback are now 2007 models.
  • I finally got to test drive a 2007 Accent and grab a brochure showing some cool new pics and '07 color and cloth swatches. I felt the automatic transmission shifted smoothly but the 1.6L engine responded slowly when punching it into passing gear, though its 37 mpg rating is a respectable tradeoff. Plus, my insurance quote with the Accent's smaller engine and standard safety features was $200 cheaper annually than a Ford Focus ZX3 with its 2.0L engine. I'm still waiting to compare the SE's suspension with the currently available GS trim.

    I like how Hyundai locates the ignition facing the driver where it's easier to access than a side-mounted key slot. The wide side mirrors provide great rear visibility and fold in for more space in a tight garage. The locking fuel door is a good feature. The door handles are nice and tight (compared to the loose feel of Focus and Reno) and the rear hatch handle is well hidden under the tailgate molding.

    However, the rear cargo area is not flat with the seats down (Focus also has this inconvenient two-level step design). And you have to remove the rear headrests to lower the seatbacks. The rear split bench seat has an awkward release system and reduces the driver's leg room when folded up. The pivoting rear deck lid gets in the way while loading cargo since it's not tethered to the hatch. The driver's armrest is good, but a center armrest console with storage would be better. The seat belt is anchored too far back -- belts that far back on other cars have a seat-mounted guide. And there's no cruise control option on any Accent trim.

    Hyundai, why does the automatic transmission cost $1,000 on the GS and SE hatchback but only $850 on the GLS sedan? If I want a sunroof, why am I forced to buy the stereo upgrade? I thought the dealer-installed customizing options were your selling point for the new Accent -- when will the complete list and prices be available?

    Are there any after-marketers out there working on Accent personalization? Hyundai's $150 for color face gauges seems steep. Also excessive is $3,500 for the SE upgrades. Rebates and deep dealer discounts are mandatory for the new Accent to be the value-priced vehicle expected from Hyundai. Otherwise, there's plenty of other options, such as Focus ZX3 SES, Versa hatch, and Cobalt LT coupe. The longer we hold out on buying the '07 Accent, the sooner we'll see Hyundai begin offering rebates!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I don't recall any press release from Hyundai indicating the hatchback would have 150+ accessories to personalize. 30 accessories is already a lot on ANY car, and I believe Hyundai has about 35 planned.

    Imagine, what would an Accent cost, if it had 150+ accessories and all added ;)
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