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Hyundai Accent



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    Correction: the Accent SE does have standard ABS.

    So to be clear: you think the Fit is a good car, but you wouldn't buy one for yourself because your kids can't ride in the back seat. Is that correct?

    The Accent (2006 GLS) is already available for $3000+ less than competitors. The '07s will be there soon enough.

    As I've noted in the "Which Hatchbacks?" discussion, I think the Rabbit and Fit are superior cars overall to the Accent when you consider all the criteria. But I still really like some aspects of the Accent, so if the price is right I would consider it.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    I guess germancarfan1 must be young . . . the same thing could be said of a VW. $30K to $40K, or higher, for a VW - double yikes! I remember when they were $1,500!

    Yes, $30K for a Hyundai - what's wrong with that. Hyundai is a quality car, everyone simply needs to get used to it.
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    A VW can reach over $40k. $40k for a vee-dub?!?

    Not sure if you can still buy them, but a 12 cylinder VW Phaeton could cost you well over $100,000 (including the $3,000 gas guzzler tax)!

    A $100K VW is truly insane. No wonder Phaeton sales in the U.S. were abysmal.

    As far as $30K Hyundai's, buyers don't seem to be having a problem with that, as Azera sales for June are 68% higher than its predecessor, the XG350.

    Back to the Accent, the reason why I like it is the availability of options that you can't get on its competition, sometimes at any price. An example is the power moonroof on the Accent SE which is not available at all on the Fit and only available on the more expensive 4-door Rabbit. Factory installed fog lights are standard on the SE and the Fit Sport, but are not available on any Rabbit.
  • jkrafcik1jkrafcik1 Posts: 1
    FYI from someone with some experience about Hyundai Accent sales mix -- in the 2005 model year the 3-door accounted for 50% of all Accent sales. The lack of a 3-door has certainly impacted Accent sales -- a situation now resolved with the arrival of the 2007 model year lineup. (Accent sales were up 43% in June.)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    Thanks for the insight. The way buyers are snapping up Yaris hatchbacks w/o ABS (my local dealer says it's mostly parents buying for high school or college kids), I think the Accent GS could be quite popular. If someone could live w/o AC (as I did until I moved to Houston many years ago), they could have a nice little car for under $11k MSRP.

    Isn't there a cold air induction kit for the Accent SE (maybe all trims)? Do you know how much it costs and what boost in power it provides?
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I never claimed 70% increase in stiffness, Hyundai did; that comes right out of their press release, by the way. And, SE's unique because items mentioned other subcompacts do not offer.
  • acronisacronis Posts: 29
    I've read through this thread and there are some who decry the pricing of the Accent because they seem to believe it isn't priced competitively enough? A little reality check here is required. Has anyone tried to shop the price of a Fit? even the base price?

    Right. It's overall price to content makes the Accent seem higher with when optioned but wait....what are those ridiculous dealer adjusted mark-ups which add even more to their rip-off pricing that have been so conveniently ignored? Some dealers are getting up to $2,000! over MSRP on the Mulrooney. So where is the savings over the Accent?

    Yeah what the Accent really needs are rebates. Yeah. Sure.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    The Fit can be had at MSRP, although some dealers are charging more. If you read the Fit Prices Paid discussion, you'll see many buyers having a Fit (sorry) for MSRP or even a little under. Compare a base Fit for $14,400 with a 2007 Accent GLS with comparable equipment (power package and ABS, and 14" steel wheels) for $14,095. Not much difference, and the Fit has much more versatility, better fuel economy, and historically higher resale value. The Accent SE hatchback, with ABS, is actually a little more than the base Fit, but at least it comes with features like 16" alloys and a few other trim items the base Fit does not have.

    So yes, I think the 2007 Accent does need rebates to compete in this market. I don't think most buyers are willing to pay the same money for a Hyundai as for a comparably-equipped Honda. Honda has the long-term track record for strong resale value, quality, and dependability. Hyundai doesn't, yet.
  • azera25azera25 Posts: 45
    I don't understand why he comes here to discuss the Accent when his facts are inaccurate, irrelavent and biased.

    In his mind Volkswagon, the most overpriced POS ever offered in the American market, can do no wrong. Yeah right buddy, that's why their sales have gone down the [non-permissible content removed] in the last 10 years.

    Hyundai, on the other hand, is winning recognition right and left and is making great progress because they make great vehicles.

    I'm sorry, I don't mind discussing the pros and cons of owning a Hyundai, but I don't appreciate when someone comes here just to take cheap shots at the brand rather than look at their cars for what they are. Please come in here for discussion not with the purpose of biased persuasion. Thanks
  • right on, azera5! well spoken! volkswagen's are utter garbage. overpriced, holy terror electricals, and jettas made in mexico. hyundai is the 5th largest auto manufacturer and will overtake nissan very soon. i love my hyundai!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I wouldn't call VW utter garbage (same goes for Hyundai) but they do command premium pricing vs. its competitors, for the most part. Reliablity and quality are still question marks but credits are due, since VW is finally enjoying growth (US), in terms of sales, after a few years of steady fall.

    In terms of ranking, Hyundai is 6th overall in the world. And, in the United States, they are 7th behind GM, Ford, Toyota, DCX (Chrysler), Honda, and Nissan (or 4th among import nameplates). As you stated, in the US and the world, they are quickly moving up (behind Nissan in the US, and DCX as far as the world is concerned) - amazing feat considering where they started.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    Yes, and the new Rabbit is a very nice piece, and attractively priced in 3-door form. Reliability is still a question-mark though. It is a larger, more refined, and more powerful car than the Accent SE. That is one reason I think Hyundai won't be too successful trying to sell the SE at/near list. Other reasons are called the Fit, Yaris, and Versa.
  • acronisacronis Posts: 29
    It's strange that I haven't seen any television advertising for the Accent here in S. Fla. Yet I see a lot of tv ads for the Fit. Part of the reason why I believe Accent sales are not as strong as Fit is because not very many people know that it's been redesigned or that they even offer a 3 door along with their Sedan.

    Again I understand that Honda has the 'name' and has a good rep as a car company and can demand a lot more for their cars but Hyundai is no bottom feeder and they need to start marketing the Accent. Offering 'bottom' dollar rebates may move some units but ultimately I think a marketing strategy along with their price and existing value options more than 'rebates' are what's needed to move more Accents.

    The so-called pricing 'advantage' Fit allegedly has over the Accent is marginal. Yes, I have read the threads but Hyundai can build all the best cars in the US and if they can't successfully convey that to a wide range of consumers it won't matter.
  • rangnerrangner Posts: 336

    Does anyone know what the maintenance schedule is for the 06-07 accent? I gather that the timing belt needs to be changed at 60k. I tried to find out at the hyundai website but it seems that the info is restricted to hyundai owners.

    FWIW I'll be looking into an 07 SE M/T when rebates kick in.

  • Well, I got to see an SE in person and I was a bit under whelmed honestly. I love the look of the GS and was hoping that the fog lights, 16 inch alloys and tinted glass of the SE would look even better but I found that it really had no impression on me. The fog lights don't give the more upscale feeling that they give on other cars, the 16 inch alloys still look small to me and if the glass is tinted, I couldn't tell. Still a great looking car, no doubt, just not as striking a difference as I was hoping for.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    Was this SE with or w/o the ground effects package? Maybe those would have made a difference to you.
  • It was without one. Is there a ground effects kit for the US? I've heard Canada is getting a version with side skirts, flared fenders, etc. ala the SR but I've not seen a mention of anything similar for the US. I would love it if we were getting one with the look of an SR but alas, it doesn't seem to be in the cards.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Something like this:

  • Does anyone know what the treadlife expectancy is for the 2007 Accent SE's tires? I am assuming they won't last very long since they are high performance tires, and will cost a small fortune to replace.
  • cambocambo Posts: 10
    Found this review of the Hatch…">link title

    I had wanted to see how much room was in the back with the seats lowered. Looks like plenty.
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