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Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2006 and Newer

jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
edited January 7 in Chevrolet
I read in the '06 Impala forum that Chevy will be selling a new FWD Monte Carlo SS with a 5300 engine and heavy-duty tranny that will hopefully be able to compete with the '06 Ford Mustang GT.


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    Yes, we've go some information about the 06 model here.

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  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    Thanks! The car really looks nice. About as nice as the Mustang GT. I also took a peek at the 2006 Impala SS. I sure hope the price of the two Chevys is in the same ballpark as the Mustang GT. I also can't wait to see how they do in 0-60 and 1/4 mile runs against the Mustang GT.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    You'll have to wait for the Camaro, should it ever return, to have a comparison to the Mustang GT. At least in photos, the Monte Carlo still looks a bit awkward at most angles, while the Impala may in some ways look better. I guess rounding off the box is a good thing. In it's own way, maybe the previous form is more identifiable, or a stand-out design among all the rest todays cars. At any rate, still no RWD for the two, and they are both rather large, so I don't see any competition to the Mustang -- yet.
    The Mustang needs to go on a diet and lose a few pounds and inches too. The Impala need not shrink, as it does all of what she is suppose to do. As far as a V8, the gas companies will get richer, and the car will go a bit faster, but a sports car, it will likely never be. Drop that engine in a Nova.... oh yeah, they don't make them like that anymore ;-) Come on, let's see a cool looking Monte , Camaro, and maybe a Corvair again, with rear wheel drive. Plenty of cars, like Accords with FWD that will out sell these Chevy's get with it like DCX. Or it that too expensive to do? Is GM unraveling? Ah the good ol' days of 1968 when a Malibu SS or a Camaro looked all too hot!
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    They need a RWD Monte Carlo to compete against the Mustang, and I have no doubt that Chevy could borrow some Corvette parts to that end. I would love a Camaro, though.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    It would be too costly to use the drivetrain of a Corvette, but yes RWD will return to Monte Carlo, as will total new look. While it would be cool to have a closer to 50/50 weighted car, I doubt the cost involved would be worth the dollar return to Chevy. Too bad Malibu has been reduced to a FWD econo box look, which is a far cry from 1968 beauty she once was. Use to be body by Fisher was a sexy body indeed. Just think about all the cars, even the Corvair and Nova, made by Chevy compared to today's boring styles. Oh well :-|
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I didn't mean drivetrain. I meant suspension parts and other small things.

    I agree about the Malibu too.... but Chevy needs a midsizer....
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    The fiberglass leaf spring suspension was used on a Riviera, as well as, the Corvette. Why not. I say conventional is more likely for the Monte.

  • sunnionesunnione Posts: 1
    Help. I have found a brand new 2004 Monte Carlo on a dealers lot. Of course he has 2005s and the 06 will be out soon. What kind of manufacturer to dealer incentives and/or discounts can I reasonably expect on the 04?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well a 2004 has been around awhile. They don't list incentives for 2004, but an '05 would be $3K off, so that is a start. I would expect around $7K off. When the '06 comes out, you already will own a to year old car. If it is not a fully loaded car, maybe $6K off. Since nobody wanted that car for two years now, don't expect a high re-sale value. Tell'em, you will take it off their hands for the right price. Start at $7,500 off, or something like that and work your way to the fair price. I saw one of those Ernhart special cars discounted around $7K, or maybe it was more off. Anyway, it was still overpriced. If it was read wheel drive and had a V8, maybe then it would be fair priced at $7K off. All full sized GM start at around an extra $3K which they will take off. It's the new game. The Monte is a unique looking car. Good luck and have fun!
    :D Loren
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    I've found it. I sat in it at the NY Auto Show this year. The 2006 Dodge Charger. You will go back to the great cars of the 60's with this car. And, they even went back to the original colors, hemi orange, plum crazy, etc.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    " I've found it. I sat in it at the NY Auto Show this year. The 2006 Dodge Charger. You will go back to the great cars of the 60's with this car. And, they even went back to the original colors, hemi orange, plum crazy, etc. " ---end quote--

    So you are saying the new Charger looks nothing like the photos? I know what a '68 or say a '70 Charger looks like, and it is pretty awesome. I know what the Chevy Malibu in '68 looked like. I only have the photos of a blocky looking 4dr. Charger for '06 to go by, but it doesn't look promising at all to me. As for the Monte Carlo, it could use RWD and raising the gas pedal up a bit so it is not so buried down there. Gosh, so many new cars have a very long travel for the right foot to go up and up, then over to the brake = totally wrong. As for the overall look of the Monte Carlo, I guess it rates as somewhat different, which is a good thing, and has some style to it. Looks like the front changes for 2006 but not the roof line. I guess that is a good thing. When the RWD comes out in a few years, if GM is in business, the car may have larger redo of style. May be interesting to see what it looks like then. Ford needs a killer looking Fairlane 500. I saw some photos of some SUV thing using the nameplate - yuk!
    :shades: Loren
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Looks like great deals on '05 models this month! Savings around $5k?
    A lot of car for the money. If I had the cash burning a hole in my pocket
    and could sell my two older cars, I would be tempted.
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    I talked with a Chevy salesman last week and he said their initial Impala SS orders will be arriving in mid-late September. Since they hadn't yet ordered any Montes, he wasn't sure when they would be available. He also said that in order to get a feel for the new 5.3 engine, he test drove a Grand Prix GXP at the local Pontiac dealership. He said the torque-steer was a bit of a challenge. He heard that Buick decided not to offer the engine in the La Crosse for that very reason. Their older generation buyers wouldn't be able to handle it. Anyway, he said Chevy buyers won't be disappointed with this great new engine. I will be looking forward to test driving both the Impala SS and Monte Carlo SS sometime this fall.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Hummm, can we say, let's go RWD?
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I think that they should change the Monte to RWD with little delay. Just my opinion, though.
  • cfazzaricfazzari Posts: 77
    Sounds good as long as you live south of North Carolina.... As for THIS Nor'easterner...FUGETABOUTIT!! I will NOT, NEVER, No WAY own a primary RWD car up here in NYC!! And I do NOT care HOW they present it!!
  • olpalgaryolpalgary Posts: 5
    I agree with you Chris,, where people live & how they drive determines what they should logically drive.... In the mid-west here, my wife has to drive 25 miles each way..
    So we felt Lucky to find our new Pontiac Gran Prix GXP , online before it even reached Dealer & bought it.. Very Happy with it so far..
    Gas mileage avg. 18-20 mixed.
    Torque steer, haven't noticed too much, but haven't climbed all over it yet; except for toying with TA Ram Air, & surprised him a little , after he seen what was up it was bye bye !!
    I would think any of you Monte Carlo, Impala enthusiasts will be quite pleased with SS's for 2006..
    We won't part with this GXP but i can see myself buying a Monte Carlo SS..
    Of course that would mean parting with my '02 Z-28 LS1 :D
  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    So, then don't buy a RWD as your primary car. Last time I looked, all Chevy cars except the 'vette are FWD... so you have your choice. Now, let the rest of us who favor the better handling characteristics of RWD have at least ONE model in the Chevy lineup!
    As you know, there are MANY folks that live "up north" who have a RWD performance car in a garage or warehouse all winter, and who bring 'em out for late Spring through Fall...

    Is 2007 still the target date for a North American-built RWD car to arrive? I thought the GTO was to be built by Holden for only 3 years (2004-2006), and then a new RWD platform will be built worldwide, including North America. What will Chevy's model based on this platform be? The Monte Carlo? A Camaro? Both? Since the GTO already has the LS2 RWD drivetrain, I would think it would be a reasonable choice for Chevy as well, since for 2006 it will already be in the Corvette, the SSR, and the TrailBlazer.
  • I live in Syracuse, NY and we get loads of snow in the winter. I have an 01 Monte Carlo and an 86 Corvette. The Vette comes out in the spring and the Monte sits waiting for rainy days or the fall. However, if I could have had a 5 or 6 speed RWD Monte Carlo, I would have preferred it to what I currently have - AND IT WOULD BE THE CAR I DRIVE IN THE WINTER. I think Syracuse had 180" of snow last winter. All you need is a set of Blizzaks and know how to drive that RWD car in the snow. I will say that it wouldn't be for everybody, though.

    Also, if you are going to be getting a decked out top-of-the-line Monte, you may not want to have it on the roads anyway in the winter due to the rust that develops from the salt they put down to melt the snow. Save your old FWD Monte for that.
  • cfazzaricfazzari Posts: 77
    Ah Syracuse New York In Late June!! The last snowfall of the season is probably already melting away in your driveway :)

    As for me - I live in the Bronx, I've got a wife, an ex-wife, three kids in Log Island, maybe more kids on the way, a full-time job and a part time job. What I do NOT have is time to be screwing around with snow tires, belts, chains or other traction-voodoo when my FWD Intrepid plows right through the snow, and my AWD Town & Country can plow right through an avalance if need be. I am DELIGHTED that the new Monte (and Impala SS) are FWD, and I actually do feel bad for Southerners that would prefer their MCs in RWD.

    As for YOU my Syracuse friend - I wish you luck with the Vette. Keep that baby safe, especially after the first new snowfalls of August appear overhead :)
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