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Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2006 and Newer



  • cfazzaricfazzari Posts: 77
    The beauty of my AWD Town & Country is that it frees me up to buy whatever the hell I want late next year!! My Intrepid will go to my sons, and maybe Dad gets a RWD Mustang, an AWD 300-Hemi, a RWD Charger or FWD Monte. The road ahead is wide open...Any day we DO get snow the new car will wait it out in the driveway and the T&C will handle the tough stuff. :)
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Looks like after the employee pricing and $2,500 rebate, the price should start at around $16,212, for the one I saw on the lot with the 1st pkg, on it. Can't recall the number, but it is the s1 pkg or something. If I had the cash in hard right now, I'd be tempted. I see that dealer fees are extra -- how extra are they? The 2006 is not going to be that much different if it means saving thousands more on the '05.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Correcting my post. Looks like the net cost is more like $18K or more for a rather base model before tax and fees. They add $250 for something, which I don't car to know what that fee was suppose, though I no longer car to know why since the car is simply not worth the price. In two years, it is but worth under $14K, so why put out $20K or more? If the retail is under $14K in a couple years, the wholesale must be around $11K. Best bought used.
  • ssmontemanssmonteman Posts: 15
    Its funny, when I look at pictures of the New "06 Monte, I cant help but think that from the front bumper back to the windshield, it looks just like my "95 Monte I previously owned. And then of course from the windshield and the rest of the way back, it looks just like my 2000 Monte I currently own. So are they really considering this a new generation? I am happy that they are offering a 300+ hp engine with the SS model, although it wont be compariable to the Mustang. But keep in mind why should it? In all the years that Chevy built the Monte Carlo, it never was considered a Mustang fighter or even anywhere in the same ball park. So it would be unfair to compare the two. They are just two totally different classes and always have been. Also just as a side note with all of the talk to RWD, there was just an article in the current Motor Trend where GM has killed all plans of producing a RWD coupe past the 2007 model year with the exception of the Vette and the new Caddy roadster. They have however also decided to let the GTO live on in RWD form but thats it. Hope nobody is getting their hopes up too much for a RWD Monte or even a reborn Camaro/Firebird. Doesnt look like its going to happen anytime soon. But thats GM for you.......never gives you what you want, just what they think you SHOULD want.
  • Has anyone seen the new MC yet? When is it due out? I have seen a new Impala SS; it is, in my opinion, much smoother looking than the superseded model. But, my understanding is that the new MC will not be as extensively restyled.
  • You can find pictures and information at the Chevrolet website.

    And you're correct that the the new Monte Carlo isn't that different. Look at the taillights and they don't really look different from the previous generation. The interior does seem to be pretty nice.

    I don't know exactly when it is to be released, if it's not out already but I'm guessing October-December of this year.
  • You know you are absolutely right. Except for the front the 2006 is still the same old ugly body design as it was before, but now they've put a 1995 Monte Carlo nose on it.

    Sure wish the Chevy division of GM would hire someone with some creativity that could design a good looking car for a change.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The 2006 Monte Carlo is not of enough face lift to call it new. From what I gather they are making slight changes-nose, interior, engines, for now. The redesigned model will come out in 2008, and probably be rear-wheel-drive.

    They are a nice driving car, and they probably could be bought for a pretty good price considering the large size of the car.
  • I am surprised that there is not more action on this board about the 303hp DOD V8 that is being introduced into the Impala and Monte Carlo for 2006.
    I have a '99 Monte that really moves out with just the old 200 HP push rod V6 -- and the thought of an additional 100HP sounds very interesting. Has anyone taken one out for a test drive??
  • I dont believe the new Monte is out quite yet. Ive been keeping my eye on all of the local chevy lots, which there are quite a few of here in Columbus, Based on the pictures Ive seen so far, I will probably for go the "restyle" and hold onto my 2000 and wait a couple of years to see if a total resyle appears and go from there. Besides, from what Ive seen of the new Impala, which is sharing the identicle nose as the new Monte, my heart doesnt exactly race. Also has anyone else noticed that once again Chevy has done away with the Monte Carlo script in favor of more block like letters and they have also dropped the knight crest, which is a shame. Its almost like they are saying the car isnt special enough to pay tribute to its own heritage. :(
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    I haven't test driven the '06 MC SS yet, but did test drive an '06 Impala SS. The torque-steer was very strong when I mashed the pedal. I launched it at a traffic light and left plenty of rubber behind. It started to veer left towards oncoming traffic, so I immediately backed off on the gas. I told the salesman about it, but he changed the subject. The Impala SS is very fast, so I think the MC SS should be too. BTW, the dual exhaust sounds great! Reminded me of my '66 Nova with the 327-350 horse engine. Thanks to Chevy for bringing back the V8, even though the cars are FWD.
  • Ive heard many people complain about the same problem with the Grand Prix's with the higher performing engine. Hoepfully they will correct this problem with enough complaints.
  • The '06 is Monte is starting to show up in Ontario dealerships. Took a silver LTZ for a short drive today. I think the front end looks better than promo pictures are showing. This one had a very very light colored beige cloth interior just begging for dirt. The 3.9 is a bit stronger than the 3.8 in my '02 Grand Prix GT from a stop.Its noticable, but nothing spectacular. Passing should be somewhat quicker too. Cant seem to find anything in the GM camp that pulls like my lightly modded '87 Buick Grand National did in its day. No Vettes for this guy and we cant get the GTO here yet. Did drive an '06 Impala SS two months ago, but the saleperson directed me through an area where conditions were not there for a wide open throttle run, so I'm still looking to see how the 5.3 compares. Another day. Anyway, just like the Impala LTZ, the Monte LTZ just has the just bare tailpipes. They'll look like crap in a year or so just like earlier Monte SS's did without the chrome tips. Would be nice if they did something to class that up a bit. The side of the car looks very "big" and plain. Needs something to break it up, perhaps even just an emblem. Could be just the light color, not sure. The SS may not have that same issue with me. Drives very well and its a possibility for my next car early next year.
  • Anyone found a website where the tu-tone version of the new SS is shown. Or any other sites showing something other than the Mfg own photos?
  • Whats the tu-tone version? I havent heard anything about that. Is it a two tone paint scheme?
  • I suspect he's talking about the ground effects being silver like in previous model years.A black SS was supposed to be delivered to a dealer in my area this week with the black/silver paint. I'll snap a few pics if its there. There's a "tu-tone" interior available as well, gray and ebony combo.
  • Took a look at the Black SS today that was listed as being Black/silverstone Metallic, but it was all black. Salesman didnt know why GM's website listed that particular car has having that color combo. Absolutely gorgeous with the black leather.
  • Sorry for the delay in responding, yes I was talking about the ground effects being silver. I have an 04 Supercharged SS in the Dark Grey Metallic, with the Silver ground effects. I really like the look with the contrasting colour. I haven't been impressed with the colour choices GM has offered for the past few years, and then for them to restrict the ones you can pick really sucks. I like to try and make my ride stand out a little but GM seems to want to put us all in the same box. They need to offer more exterior options where you can personalize the car to suit your taste. Anyway, I just wanted to see what an 06 would look like with the contrasting ground effects, it is offered in the brochure, but not a picture anywhere. :cry:
  • In your opinion, does the 06 look all that different from the 04-05's? I haven't actually seen an 06 in real life yet but they don't look all that different to me. By the way, GM is offering what looks like a really nice optional polished, triangular spoked wheel. Does anyone know if this is a factory option or do they make you buy these over and above the wheels that come with the car. I know they offered the 20" wheel on the Silverado, but they stuck you for both the wheels and then you had to buy the 20" tires to go with them. What a joke some bean counter at GM must have dreamed up this idea, thinking it was a good way to get another 2 grand out of the customer, and make him buy 8 wheels instead of 4.
  • Here's a few pics I snapped at the dealer the other week. I apologize for the quality..showroom was cramped, photographer inexperience..yadda..yadda. :P

    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic1
    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic2
    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic3
    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic4
    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic5
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