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2013 and Earlier - Audi S4 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • The dealer (New Country in CT) is offering two 2004 S4s (one with nav and 30k; the other does not have nav and has about 28k)for 36,900. What's a good price?
  • s4ers4er Posts: 2
    Just purchased an 07 S4 with 3,800 mi...think the deal was ok, but believe I could have done better. Specs:

    - Brilliant Black
    - 18" BBS RE Rims
    - Nav System
    - DTM
    - Audio Pkg
    - Premium Pkg
    - Blue Tooth Phone Prep
    - Carbon Fiber Beltline Trim
    - Rear Acoustic Parking
    - Tire Pressure Monitoring
    - Heated Front/Rear Seats

    Dealer wanted $52K I offered $49K...they accepted. In hindsight, know they would have gone lower...damn! All that said, love this all around car (power, luxury, fun to drive) I've owned :)
  • Leased a 2007 S4 Cab Fully loaded with 15k mile allowance and every available option for $1100 with nothing down except gas guzzler charge. Tax worked into payments. Looks like a good deal because no one else came close. Took 4 months to get it.
  • Early 50's mid-life crisis here. Want a quality fast German 4-door sedan. Owned a new '86 S-Series M-B for 3 yrs. and loved it, but gave it up for perception' issues (don't ask :cry: )... went 'American' for quite awhile, but need that German feeling again. I'm torn between a new M-b C55 and the S4. Need advice... thanks!! :confuse:
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    If you want a fast car that corners on a dime, the S4 is for you. Sure, the BMW M models might beat it off the line, but in a slalom, the S4 kills it. The quatro on this thing is amazing. I actually live in Germany right now and am having a blast with this car. There is this windy country road in between my house and my work that I take the thing on and I am doing corners at 60 - 70 mph that I would have never have thought before to take above 40mph. It is just fricken amazing. If you are looking for something to shoot off the line, this car is not for you. However if your looking for that power to give you constant acceleration from zero up until as fast as you want it and to take corners at almost any speed, this car has the power at any speed. On the autobahn I can get this thing from 80 mph to 150 mph in about 10 - 20 seconds.

    Again, it wasn't the speed that so impressed me about this car, it's the fact that it corners on a dime!!! :shades:
  • s4ers4er Posts: 2
    Agree with mdhauke. M3 vs S4, S4 is a slam dunk...Audi interior craftsmanship is 2nd to none, all-wheel drive, four doors and superior handling caps the 2-door M3's slight advantage 0-60. That said, the new BMW 335i 4-door is worth considering...couple ticks advantage 0-60, 4 or 5K price advantage...all around a very good car, but lacks all-wheel drive. Bottom line...I'd drive both and make your choice and buy the car that's right for you.

    BTW...I decided on the 07 S4. More exclusive (just don't see that many compared to the BMW 3 series), all-wheel drive, a sweet sounding V8 and a look that really appeals to me.

    Bottom one can make the call for you; you need to buy the car that speaks to you.
  • Hi everyone! I am planning to do an engine swap for my A4 to the S4 engine 2.7T bi-turbo V6. I know that its cheaper to buy the Audi S4 itself but the point of me doing the engine swap is for cheaper insurance and i don't mind the money and time i will put in the swap. So if anyone knows, i am just wondering which year 2.7T bi-turbo V6 engine is the Best selection in terms of power and quality for the B5 model. If anyone can tell me the year and why, i would really appreciate it.
    Thank you so much.
  • Are there any end of the year killer deals on S4 leases?
  • 1in2501in250 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm considering purchasing this 25th anniversary S4:
    link title
    I drove it today, and it's pretty sweet. However it's got a black roof. EVERY other pic I've seen on the 'net of the 25th anniversary cars shows the roof body-coloured.
    The Carfax is clean, so I'm curious if Audi changed the roof colour during the limited production run, or if the original owner must have painted it?
  • I have never seen or heard of two-tone S4s, I agree with you that the owner likely painted it black. I have one S4 and am shopping for another one - not impossible to have a two-tone factory original, but unlikely.
  • wayknow1wayknow1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any experiences with agents that charge usually a grand to buy the car you specify at a off lease auto action. I have be talking one agent that do this for a living and it seems like a person can get a 04, 05 S4 that just came off lease from Audi Financial for somewhere in the low-mid 20's.

    Details on how this works from the agent are:
    I spec the car I want, colors, extras, and such, the agent sends me the list of cars at the next auction, I tell the agent what I want, the agent attends the action, inspects the car(s), calls me and discusses the car while he(the agent) is standing beside it. The agent and I decided if the car is what I want, if so the agent bids up to my max $, if my bid wins, the agent buys the car with the agents money (not mine) then has the car inspected by a shop. The agent and I meet so I can buy the car from the agent. If I do not like the car for whatever reason I am not bound to buy it from the agent and am only out my travel expenses.

    Anyone had any experiences with agents?
  • Hi there,

    I'm curious about the current money factor for the RS4 sedan (12K miles, 36 months). Any other useful info on residuals, incentives, and how much I can expect to pay at, under, or over invoice would also be greatly appreciated!

    Also, how easy is it to break a current lease with Audi (an A4) to start a new lease on the RS4?

  • How did that swap go? ;)
  • Wayknow1 - did you get any feedback on this question?

    I used an agent - mainly does fleet but will source one-off new or used cars, to recently buy a replacement for my 02 Forester with an 09 (great vehicle, btw) and he was the negotiator for terms - paid for by someone else. It was a good experience even tho i did most of the leg work to get to my asking price - he had the tough conversation on price and trade-in (unless it really is a conspiracy and he's in cahoots with the dealer!). i drove it and picked it up - all very friendly.

    I'm considering using him to source a below-market 07 S4. Any futher thoughts?
  • I am thinking about buying a 2001 Audi S4. It has all the bells and whistles one could ask for and the price is right. My hesitation is that this car is a '01 and has 107k. I have never had a car with that many miles on it before. I know that Audis are $$$ to maintain but is there anything I should look out for specifically? I dont want to buy the car and turn around and have to put too much money into it. Can someone give me a little advice. It would be much appreciated, thanks!!

  • Friend of mine wants to sell his 2004 Audi S4. It's been gently/barely driven for the last several years and parked in a heated garage 24/7.

    Specs: '04 S4 with 28K miles ( silver color, manual transmission, bose, nav, seat warmers etc).

    Asking price is $14,000. This is a good friend of mine and I know this car well, driven it several times, no known problems except for some light scratches on the bumpers). Is this a good price or should I be wasting my time shopping around dealerships? Basically in the market for a used sport compact.
  • nyjfnyjf Posts: 1
    25th Anniversary Edition with 22,000 miles going back to dealer soon; can purchase at end of lease if someone commits to purchase; excellent condition; looking to make a couple grand after covering taxes on purchase; NYC metro area
  • s4ces4ce Posts: 6
    I just completed a buyer's agreement with my local dealership for the 2nd 2010 S4 they will receive and wanted to get everyone's opinion. The pricing and order guide are not yet available, so here's what we agreed on:

    2nd allocated 2010 S4 to arrive ~September 2009
    I can configure the car however I choose when the order guide becomes availble
    I will pay 3% above dealer invoice as well as the $399 "dealer service" fee, tax, tag, title
    Audi Care will be included in the above price

    Has anyone else committed to a 2010 S4? What was your experience?
  • jpdisarrojpdisarro Posts: 33
    s4ce, that seems like a pretty good deal considering that the car will not be released for a few more months. I may consider the S4 in the next year or two, depending on its price. From what I have read online, it has been speculated that the 2010 S4 will be priced significantly below the S5 and even below the previous S4. We'll see if that's the case.
  • tarheel8tarheel8 Posts: 1

    3% above invoice means that you'll be paying roughly $1500 above invoice. I looked at last years S4 and it seems that on average people were paying $1000 above invoice.
    Considering this is a new model and a pre-order, sounds like you got a pretty good deal. How much haggling did you have to do to get this? Any other details because I think I'm going to call up my dealership and try to get this deal too. Was just wondering if you had any other advice. Also did they mention how they were going to price options? Thanks.
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