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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2006 and newer



  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    here's what i dont understand...the commander is basically the same size as the cherokee. couple inches wider, couple inches longer. why didn't the add 8 - 10 inches and make it a usable 3rd seat? a cherokee has limited room. a cherokee with 2 extra inches in length plus a third row seat just doesn't make sense.
  • Read this today in a local review...

    "...Because the Commander is built with the same distance between the axles as the Grand Cherokee, and is a scant two inches longer over all, the truck's solid rear axle intrudes on passenger space in the way-back.

    Even with the third-row seat set so high, the Commander has less legroom than a kindergarten desk. Children's friends can pile into the back for a trip to the mall, but forget any notions of third-row cross-country treks. The ride over dips and potholes is bouncy even in the driver's seat; in the back, it feels like a school bus on speed bumps...

    No thanks!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Wow, sounds like a real mis-fire! I'm surprised, because I'm pretty impressed with the new JGC.....
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    according to the experts(my kids), the 2nd and 3rd rows in the commander are compromised. in other words the 2nd row in the commander has less room the than the JGC.
    3rd row in the '06 explorer is not as good as the previous version('02-'05), either. it looks like the explorer and freestyle use the same 3rd row seats.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Well, the second row was too tight for me, and I'm only 5'11". I think the Explorer still has the best layout in the class.
  • ilmorilmor Posts: 8
    I am 6-1 and fit fine in the 3rd row; in fact, it was the most roomy 3rd row of any mid-size SUV I tried. I didnt try a Navigator, Tahoe, or similar but those beasts are just too large overall for my tastes.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    same height as you. i can fit in the 3rd row of my '02 explorer. i did not try the 3rd row of the '06, but my kids who are not as tall, said it had less room.
    the split folding seat might work ok. my kids like having they own row to sit in on long trips. we work the luggage around that.
  • ilmorilmor Posts: 8
    We picked up our 2006 Mountaineer Premiere this weekend. Its black w/ black leather interior. Options are 18" wheels, moonroof, adj. pedals, rack cross-bars and cl. III tow package. Price out the door was $31,900 + tax/tag/title. MSRP was $37,725. We absolutely love this vehicle! It is so quiet, smooth and powerful. :P
  • kmannkmann Posts: 1
    I am thinking about buying one just like that. Did your's have the navigation system in it? Did you put any money down, and what are your monthly payments? I'm a women and am trying hard not to get messed over, because I don't know what is a reasonable deal. The dealer I'm going through wants to sell me a premiere for $33,000, and it has a navigation system.

    I appreciate any help I can get.


  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Am I allowed to offer forum participants an X-Plan PIN now that Ford no longer compensates employees/retirees for issuing PINs?

    It seems that this would be an incentive for people to visit & participate in Edmunds.
  • Is it fair to compare the 2006 Ford Explorer Limited to the Nissan Pathfinder and Dodge Durango? I rented both Explorer and Durango. Explorer, I like the vehicle alot pleasant ride, and had no problems with it what so ever. There is one little thing that kind of got me thinking. The gas mileage of highway some what suxed. I expected alot better. The Durango, wow the 5.7 HEMI I mean wow! I like the exterior look which was a plus and the usable 3rd seat I was comfortable, the Explorer I dont remember sitting back there. Back to the Durango I was so shocked to see the Highway mpg alot better then the Explorer. Comfortable ride but alot of wind noise though! And I'm currently trying to rent a Nissan Pathfinder and hope to see which I liked overall! Like all 3 vehicle just wanting to see what you guys thought! Oh and I have attention to look on the Mountaineer, just not my brand!
  • I looked at the Pathfinder, and was considering it until the 06 Explorer came out. The layout, styling, rear seat room and a V8 were reasons i chose the Explorer (Eddie Bauer V8 4x4) and LOVE it. The Pathfinder is nice, rides rougher and does have a strong V6, but personally like the explorer better. Take them all out, try them and decide.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    Funny, I was just thinking of a similar post...I was going to ask the folks about comparing the Explorer to the Durango to the Grand Cherokee/ much as I write about the arrogant UAW, I am trying to stay within the US makers, as I believe that their products are much better than the junk of the 70s, 80s, and some of the 90s...anyone who has made the comparos can post, of course

    What (I think) I know...Durango, full size; Expy, midsize; GC/Comm, smaller than Expy...

    Durango/Jeeps available Hemi, Expy 292 HP 4.6L (seems enough for me)

    Expy, on demand 4WD; Jeeps same, I think (Quadra Drive?), Durango, 2WD or AWD, no on-demand 4WD (I think)

    Durango, almost decent gas mileage, Jeeps always rotten, Expy better than Jeeps...

    I lean to Expy ( and maybe the 2007 Santa Fe) because it seems to be like Goldilocks, not too big, not too small, but have not even come close to making up my mind...

    Oh, ruled out Mountaineer as either 2WD or AWD...

    Heck, maybe I just need a Kenworth and be dome with it...
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    I'm curious about the reason for this statement.

    "Oh, ruled out Mountaineer as either 2WD or AWD... "
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    What I mean is that the Explorer can come with on demand 4WD, hi and lo range, whereas I believe that the Mountaineer has only 2WD or full time AWD...the Durango, while I believe that it has the same arrangement as the Mteer, has as its positive factors full size (if I want to go that big) and a Hemi engine which rocks, IMO...does that help?
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    My '06 Mountaineer with advance trac (or whatever it's called) has a selectable third option ... 4WD where all 4 wheels always get power. I believe it's the same as Explorer in terms of on-demend power delivery to all wheels, but lacks the high/low option. The owners' manual warns against using this mode for highway driving.

    The 292 HP 4.6 with its drivetrain ratios should be adequate for all but climbing vertical walls.

    Are we on the same page regarding the differences?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Check the Santa Fe closely, and you'll discover though it's a good SUV, with a good warranty, it's heavy, old tech, mileage isn't so great. Not a revolutionary SUV. About as modern as a Chevy Blazer.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010

    "We did a little math. Turns out the Mountaineer is less expensive and offers more stuff than the Explorer."

    Follow-Up Test: 2006 Mercury Mountaineer (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host

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  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    I recommend that Edmunds reviewers read the owners' manual:

    "The system, which is called AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, uses a gyroscope to sense a roll condition and then applies braking and engine controls as necessary to help the driver regain command of the vehicle. It works, but it seems to come on prematurely, and there's no way to shut it down."

    No way to shut down? False. Even the ABS can be shut down.

    Have to climb over the second seat to enter the third? (photo included) False. The second seat rotates forward beyond what is shown in the photo.

    The credibility of Edmunds' reviews has dropped another notch.

    Again: Please at least read the operating instructions before criticizing.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    Thanks for reading the review. :)

    Comments and corrections can also be made directly to the editors via Letters to the Editors or use the email address on the byline of the review.

    Steve, Host

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