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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2006 and newer



  • Hello I was thinking about getting the 2007 explorer. But I was wondering is it to big for a single person? I may be going to a FBI job in atlanta and is the explorer to big for that type of city driving if i'm usually going to be by myself? I usually drive alone except when family comes over so is the explorer to big? Should I focus on the rav4, escape or smaller vehicles? Thanks and God Bless
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Check out the freestyle.

    Or the Edge.
  • Those are nice but they seem somewhat funny looking, I would not mind a mid-size SUV. But I'll probably look into some more stuff, just the Ford is very reliable I'll keep looking thanks and God Bless.
  • zeeman84zeeman84 Posts: 16
    I purchased an Explorer about six months ago after looking at a lot of different options. I do have a family and the Explorer is great at hauling them around. But other then that I looked at all of the safety features built into this vehicle. It is very quiet at and it makes driving a pleasure which I think is important. I traded a smaller vehicle which got better mileage, but it was not a as adaptable to different hauling situations and it was not as much as a pleaure to drive. These all have to be factored into your decision on what vehicle you want. Yes, it is more expensive to operate. But I just budget and cut back on other expenses because this is the vehicle I wanted.

    Hope this helps :shades:
  • Yeah, the RAV4 is small though, you need to sit in one to decide if you can fit into it. The Toyotas amd Hondas are usually very reliable.
  • I was checking out the real life MPG string, and I am nowhere close to what everyone else seems to be getting. I have about 6000 miles now on my 06, XLT, 4wd, V-8, and I have been getting 9.5 mpg in San Diego, and about 12-13 mpg freeway. This thing is killing me! I have tires at full pressure. Even when my wife drives (not aggressive at all, trust me) she gets less than 13 mpg. How is this thing getting 50% worse mileage than a full size F-150 with the V8?!!!
    Even if I have the cruise set at 75, and I reset the MPG computer, its getting 15 or, thats crap. No acceleration, maintaing 75 and I am getting 15mpg!!! Either other people are lying, or my explorer has something wrong with it. ANy ideas?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Well yeah, what you're telling me is that you
    ARE getting what we're getting. You'll get 15-16 on the freeway, and 13 in town. That's what we get. You, however, have your foot in the intake manifold, if you get 9.5 in town. It'll get a tad better as it breaks in, but this is what all truck based SUVs get, regardless of size, really. If you want more mileage, you have to go to a Minivan based SUV, like the Pilot. They do a little better, because they're lighter. But they are no way as tough, if you tow, or haul, or are tough on a truck, like on bad roads a lot.
  • My 2006 Mountaineer 4.6 AWD got 9.3 MPG on a 2,000 mile trip pulling a 5,000# trailer.

    21 MPG at steady 70 MPH on X-way.

    It's either driving habits or something is wrong. A good check for the effect of driving habits is to count the number of brake applications. Every time you apply the brakes, you're converting fuel to heat.
  • Ok, I probably drive a bit aggressive, almost a prerequisite to drive in San Diego, but that doesn't explain the 4-5 MPG less freeway that I get compared to others. Hopefully it will get better as it breaks in more. Can gas make a difference? One of my co-workers said he had a similar problem and switched gas brands from a no-name "cheap" gas station to a name brand (Shell) station. He claims a 20% increase, I will experiment, but I am not holding my breath...
    As far as the pilot goes, not an option, I pull a boat, and those things couldn't even pull my boat trailer without the boat. I am definitely a Truck-based SUV guy, (plus my father-in-law works at the plant in KC)
    I will post the results of my fuel experiment, as well as the brake idea, although, I reset the MPG computer and even while braking, it doesn't drop, but we shall see.
  • The MPG won't drop while braking. It drops when you get back on the throttle to recover the energy that was just converted to heat.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    See, the thing is, Freeway driving in California, is actually stop and go go like hell, then you panic stop to between 0 and 25mph, then you suddenly go like hell again. This isn't going to get you "highway mileage". That will occur with the cruise on for a couple hundred miles, and no interruptions.

    I think your car is fine, it's just your location and driving necessities that are eating up your mileage.
  • Good point. Makes sense to me.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    to me, getting 50% better mileage with an f-150 is just strange. what engine does your f-150 have?
    my '02 explorer actually gets it's best mileage on long 75-80 mph trips. downshifting and braking make a noticeable, negative difference.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    No one has mentioned ethanol content in the fuel. The more ethanol, the worse your gas mileage will be. Urban areas, particularly those where the do-gooders have mandated oxygenated fuels, get gasoline with way too much ethanol. Great for power, but lousy for mileage. Here in Denver, we have lots of ethanol, even a few stations that sell E85.

    My new explorer V8 is very sensitive to my right foot. If I take it easy, gas mileage is about what the sticker says. If you use all 290+ horsepower very often, you will pay the price in gasoline. We did a 250 mile loop through Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend and got 19.7 mpg. With typical suburban-freeway mix with very little stop and go, I get about 15 mpg. The car computer seems very accurate compared with the hand method of figuring gas mileage.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with the car. It's a company vehicle, not what I would have chosen to spend personal money on, but we get a smokin' fleet deal on Fords, and I don't have to buy the gas. The off-road ability is just marginal, but I'm particularly happy with the ride and quietness. The seats are pretty good (I have leather) and the audiophile stereo is quite decent. I'm selling my VW Touareg, which I will miss, but not the cost of keeping it on the road.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I had forgotten about the adverse effects ethanol has on fuel mileage, but it's not insignificant. On the contrary, it's very much a factor. And it could explain your inconsistent numbers...
  • Guess what gang, we may be on the right track, experiment completed, I stopped using the "cheap" gas, and moved to the name brand "shell", and I got an average of 15.1 compared to my normal 10ish. Its the same route I drive to work all the time, now another possible independent factor may be temperature as well. It has been about 10 degrees cooler in the last week. But I can live with 15mpg and pay the extra 8 cents per gallon as well. I have no other complaints about my explorer, except the fact it doesn't have near enough cup holders! The 3rd row gets four, the middle row kind of gets two. The console shifter blocks convenient use of the front two, and if you have somtehing plugged into the power connection, you are screwed, but overall, I am very pleased with my truck.
  • I just bought my wife a 2006 Explorer EB with all the toys. We purchased after test driving a Lexus RX 330, Subaru B9 Tribeca, Honda Pilot and Toyota 4Runner(V8). The Explorer won out over the others 1) Best ride quality of all, if your looking for a comfortable cruiser, 2) Had every feature my wife wanted...cargo room for all of the bags she likes to pack for vacations, memory seats and adjustable pedals, usable 3rd row seating(as defined by the few times they are needed). None of the others offered all of those features and as mentioned the ride quality was better than all of them including the Lexus. The brakes also had the best modulation allowing you to get exactly the amount of brake power you need and never too grabby. Now all of that being said my biggest disappoint is all the cheap plastic. It's everywhere. Chrome front grill...NOT, it's just plastic. The ends of the roof rails have a plastic quality similiar to the $2 toy cars I buy my son. The plastics used on the dash remind me of a first generation Dodge Neon. The overhead console cubby that stores glasses or what not is a joke even if on the cheapest economy box and all of the internal switchgear feel bargin basement as well. It's just very disappointing on a vehicle that stickered for $39,650. Given the retail price is inflated and you work your deal off the invoice not the retail but I would have gladly given Ford an extra $1000 of my money if the materials used were a bit richer and I feel it would go a long way toward Ford winning over a few more customers. As so many pieces you see and touch feel cheap. On the plus side you do get lots of "features" for your dollar and the ride quality as mentioned is second to none.

    So with all this babbling my question is for those of you who have had your 2006 Explorer for a number of months(or for the past year). How are your plastics holding up? Are they rattling on the inside? Has the plastic front grill cracked from road debris? If you have the 18" Chrome-plastic covered wheels how have they held up(cause I have'em). I really like a lot of things about this vehicle I just worry about the plastics(in particular the front grill).

    Happy Driving....
  • I have had my 06 Eddie Bauer for about six mounths now with about 6,000 miles and everything is holding up very well. I can find no problems with any of the concerns your mentioned. Everything is holding up quite well. I am enjoying my vehicle very much. :)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm fascinated by your "front grille" paranoia.... Wondering if your previous car was a 1970 LTD or something because that's about the last time I recall anything other than plastic being used for anybody's front grille. My 05 Lexus has a plastic grille. But let me assure you, you can beat the snot out of this explorer, and she won't shake, rattle or roll. I've had 5 of 'em. They're tough little trucks.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,210
    '06 Explorer XLT here. Owned for 7 months and no rattles yet. I don't expect any either even on our terrible roads around here.

    Given the retail price is inflated and you work your deal off the invoice not the retail but I would have gladly given Ford an extra $1000 of my money if the materials used were a bit richer and I feel it would go a long way toward Ford winning over a few more customers.

    You probably should have checked out the Mercury Mountaineer. The interior materials are a bit better but you still get the same truck underneath. Although the exterior isn't quite as nice IMO.
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