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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2006 and newer)



  • mikewdcmikewdc Posts: 2
    I read that Mercedes has an iPod integration kit for certain models 2004 and later. Does anyone know if this will work with a 2004 CLK500 (with 6-CD changer)? Anyone have any experience with it? Thanks!
  • mikewdcmikewdc Posts: 2
    I used to live in Michigan too! Even old enough to remember studded snow tires!!!

    Anyway, I would get some real snow tires for the rear. Also, turn the ESP (stability control) OFF. Sometimes you need to be able to spin the tires to get out of a snowdrift, etc.
  • daisy10daisy10 Posts: 4
    My air conditioner cooling fan will not shut off even when the unit is turned off and the car is turned off. Anyone have that problem? A fix for it?
  • my 2000 430 has 23,000 miles and after 2 sets of Michelin pilots I went to the ToyoProxes 4`s at about half the price. The tire dealer noted 3 of the four aluminun orig equiptment wheels have a slight bend in them. Question: will this make for less tire life? and if so ,can this be corrected with out the expense of new wheels. Appreciate any advise.....Bowser
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I have an '06 CLK and love the car but the rims do seem to bend in a strong side wind - actually New England roads after winter are torture. I got a quote for $325 each to replace or $125 each to straighten (one they just re balanced). I had them straightened - I have a short lease so if I make it through I'm ahead of the game. As far as the wear it has been 4 months and the tires look ok. Hope this helps.
  • hi cneff thanx for relaying your experience with these rims. I think I`ll go for straightening them . Do you have any idea where yours were done ? No one locally has proper equiptment here? thanx R Thrust
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    Mercedes Benz of Morristown NJ has a guy that does the work, not that close to you. But if you are in the area call ahead since the guy is not there everyday. I would think most MB dealers have a guy they use, bent rims are pretty common around Northeast roads. Good luck
  • benztunerbenztuner Posts: 76
    Mercedes Benz generations. Mercedes-Benz has learned its lesson. The W107 SL was sold for nearly 20 years, the car's exterior was changed VERY LITTLE, imagine having the same basic SL for that long with only moldings being changed. Those days are gone. In the early 2000's, 01-02 Mercedes-Benz released a press release saying that from now on, Mercedes Benz would only keep a current model for 3-5 years at the most without changing it. In other words, the W208 CLK which was made in 2000 is nolonger made. The newer CLK is the W209, so I would think we should see a new CLK in a couple years give or take. Mercedes-Benz has had the W211 E class out for a few years now and this year they gave it a facelift so I dont look for that car to be around much longer. Also another good indicator of when they'er about to bring a new model out is the AMG model cars. When the AMG model car has been out for about a year and a half or 2 years you can look for a new model. And just as Mercedes did with the CLK they took the 430 and upgraded it to the new 550 engine, I would look for them to increase horsepower in the next generation CLK as well. The real changes in these cars is what you cant see. Mercedes-Benz like many other luxury car makers have started using Aluminum, Magnesium, Boron, etc in their cars. Because of the gas issues Aluminum has become the new favorite metal for exterior and some structural members, because it weighs less and is still strong.
  • bryangmdbryangmd Posts: 27

    I have an 06 CLK350 Cab. Recently I've hears a metal creaking coming (I think it's coming from)form above the sun visor on the driver side. I think it might be the piece on top part of the windshield, before the top. I think it might be flexing since I only hear it at high speeds. Any one else heard anything similar?
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Yet another problem. Today I popped my trunk open and then went to close it (car sat all week) and the red brake light in the trunk literally popped out of the trunk. Seems it cracked off. Meanwhile, assembly has fallen into trunk. Anyone else have this happen? Receptionist at dealer said she's heard of it.

    I really am not happy with quality of this car. This is my second CLK cabriolet and quality sucks.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I've experienced that brake light falling out twice - it is a bad design. The rest of the car has been above average for reliability for a Mercedes - I am pleased with that as I've had MBs in the past that got homesick when they left the dealer. Though they are still far more reliable then the Audi I had and the service I've been receiving has been very good.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Thanks very much. Any chance they will try and tell me I broke it so not covered under warranty (car is 2.5 years old)? It looks like the assembly that holds the light is loose and that caused the red reflector cover to get broken off from the assembly. Any info you have on this that would help me avoid confrontation at dealer will help. The reason I ask is this past summer my radio would not work and they tried to get my wife to say I had an accident. They replaced it and did other things and after over a week they figured out it was an amplifier. Anyway, any info you could pass on would be very much appreciated.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    Sounds like you may want to find another dealer if they give you issues. The car is covered for 4 yrs or 50k miles - whichever comes first. The brake light is a defect (I'm sure known) and I had the same problem with the plastic cracking, silly me for using the trunk. The dealer never gave me a problem. In fact, whatever I question they investigate and repair it without question or if it is user error (it happens) they take the time to explain it to me. I also have a radio issue - when using the ipod connection (crystal clear when not using MB system) I get hissing sounds, they replaced all the wiring and other items, it is better but not great - they told me to bring it back if needed (no issue). Service has been good for years with MB and me - of course the dealer is the real supporter - I'm in NJ.

    The dealer should not point a finger at you, this is why I will never go back to Audi, it was all I ever got...everything was my fault even if the mechanic witnessed the actual failure - they even wrote it in the repair....truly pathetic. Sorry don't want to get harping on that brand, wrong forum (though I made some posts there)

    Bottom line bill124 your car is under warranty, it is expensive and MB, especially the dealer) should not give you any hassle. Good luck
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Thanks very much. I bring it in tomorrow morning and will hear what they say. Will be looking at 08 next year, unless I go to something else to avoid these annoyances..

  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Dealer acknowledged that brake light is not my fault -- never questioned me on it at all.

    Dealer then said my 2005, with about 15K miles on it, is showing wear on rear tires and that life on the tires is 15-20K miles. Anyone else have this experience or hear this? He said I probably have another 1-2K miles left and given that car goes back in May, I will likely ride it out.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    dealer is right - you are lucky if you get close to 18k so you are right on target. I'm at 16k and right now they look at home on the drag strip
  • hey Bill 124 ,15000 miles on a set of CLK tires is not bad, regardless of the brand.First. they can`t be rotated if the front and back tires are different widths and most performance autos are. Second ,the alloy wheels bend very easily causing uneven tread wear. I have a 430 CLK cabrio with 23,000 miles and all 4 wheels are bent to some degree.The price per wheel runs over $300.. I`ve changed from Pilots to Toyo`s . So far they`re fine and considerably cheaper. I avoid every pothole like the plague....(Roland Thrust)
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Thanks for the replies on tires.

    Does anyone know how to turn off or reset the reminder for service a/b? My neighbor (retired mechanic) did service but he didn't know how to turn off reminder. Used to be could be reset by pushing in reset button but that doesn't seem to work on 2005.
  • I got about 22K out of my rear tires, front ones are still going at 32k. I think I got 6 months out of the tires after the dealer told me to get new ones. Unfortunately I blew one on a hot day in August. I put Continentals back on, not a great idea. I get a wobble to the car especially when cold. I was told that Continentals are referred to as "the square tire" because of the way they ride.
  • Three trips to two different dealers finally fixed it. Above the windshield there is a piece of molding that covers the top of the windshield. The clips holding that on were not clipped on properly and the piece was separating from the windshield at high speeds causing a medal creaking. Most likely happened when I had the windshield replaced.
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