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Nissan 300ZX



  • A TT motor will fit the tranny, but it will take a lot of parts, work and time to get the TT motor to work in the car. Check out the information at
  • There are a ton of high quality aftermarket systems that can be had. Check out the information at Also check out
  • rodan1rodan1 Posts: 1
    Looking to sell this 1984zx turbo 5speed that only has 11,000 original miles.
    It has been garage kept for show quality. Can I get some idea of its real value?
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Hi, rodan1,

    While buying and selling aren't permitted in our Forums, you can get an idea of how much your car is worth at's appraiser: What's Your Car Worth?



  • biddo85biddo85 Posts: 2
    hi all i own a 1984 300zx 2+2 5 speed and im having trouble with my heater core. does anyone know where i can get moulded carpet from because it seems no one makes them
  • biddo85biddo85 Posts: 2
    i had the same problem when i bought mine. i took it to an electrican and found ot that the prob is on your light switch in the car.what happens is the connections on the switch wear out so all you have to do is find the best connector and make that connection for both of your headlights to the one. the connectors are just behind your steering wheel.
  • I have a 1990 300zx 2+2 at . It has a miss fire more when it is cold it gets better when it warms up , but doesn't go away ,I was told it was #6 injector . How hard are they to R&R ? Also have serious vibration coming from center console area ? and several other problems . speedo cuts off when the car warms up and heater fan switch comes on at times then goes off . I had purchased the car at a very low cost , I have mech. skills but have never worked on a 300zx ? Can you help ?
  • jenny6jenny6 Posts: 4
    I own an 84 300zx with turbo. I've owned it for 3 yrs and it has run like a dream. I tried starting it and it wouldn't start so i jumped it. It flooded out really bad and ever since then it wouldn't start. I think i might have gotten water in my tank so i took out the fuel filter and it was a gooey green. I replaced that and it didn't dad tried replacing the heads and sparkplugs but it still won't start. Does anyone have any tips they could give me?
  • kenji1kenji1 Posts: 1
    i have a 91 zx. im having a hard time finding an electrical problem with my car. when iam on the brake pedal everything is ok, but when i release it my parking lights come on. has anyone had this problem before.
  • My daughter has a 93 300ZX, and we are experiencing a
    problem every now and then with it starting. At times
    when she goes to start it, it stalls and
    like it is sucking for air or gas. Then it starts
    normally on the second try.

    On the road it drives perfectly, even to speeds of 85
    mph. This problem does not happen on every new start,
    but perhaps every 4th time. Then there are times that
    it will do this 2 or 3 times in a row.

    I have changed the fuel filter thinking the fuel flow
    was restricted. I have changed the spark plugs,
    thinking that I may have a fowled plug or bad plug.
    The fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator check out OK
    as well.

    Not knowing a lot about the temprement of these cars,
    I am lost on this starting problem. Can you give me
    any insight as to what I should look at? Any info
    would be great! I am even thinking it could be a
    computer board/chip problem as well.
  • kvlovekvlove Posts: 1
    The car really needs tires bad, and when I took it to my local shop today they explained to me that there is a wheel lock on the tires. I called the owner and he no longer has it. The tires on this car are bald and I can't drive it until I find a way to get this lock off. Does anyone out there have any ideas. This sucks. I want to drive my new baby. The wheels on it are call progressive and I have a picture of the lock I took today.

    Someone please help a lady in need.
    Kirstin :cry:
  • novanova Posts: 135
    If it's those locks that have a desigh that you have to have the matching design to get them off they are a joke . I get them off for people all the time. Get a socket about the size of the lock. I have more luck with a deep socket but I have done it with the regular socket. The deep socket will flex more to geab the lock. Put it on the lock wack it a couple of times with a hammer so itr grabs the lock and off it comes. My system has never failed me.
  • I have just bought a 86 zx. The AC does not come on at all. I have worked on many manual damper AC units but this one is different. The blower does not come on, however It does run if a jumper is put in to the battery. Same with the compressor. It runs if jumped and the lines get cold. I am assuming I have the vacuum problem mentioned in other posts because all I get is hot air from the defroster. Any help with getting the blower to start??? The fuses are all good. Any other suggestions?

  • Does anyone know if Infiniti '94 Q45 hubs are interchangable with Z32 hubs?
  • there may be a switch on your brake pedal assembly that your brake pedal hits when it is not engaged and the pedal may not be hitting this switch when it is dissengaged.
  • Fixed the vacuum problem and the now dampers work. Still cant get the blower to start. I have to jump it to the battery.

    Any suggestions???

  • I had a simlar problem. Started off like yours and got worse over a year or so. Turned out to be a bad connection on the mass air flow sensor.

  • my_300my_300 Posts: 2
    i have recently bought my zx with very few problems. as of late it has started to back fire alot when i give it gas. i can feel that it wants to go and when it slowly get to about 3 grand rpm it takes off with the odd cough but at low revs and when the car has warmed up its a real mess. you can be doing 80kmph and floor it and it goes nowhere and starts to back fire. its alright in idel, main problem is taking off and at low rpm. i have checked the injectors, dizzy and spark plugs but i really have no idea. any help would be great.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    steve86zx, have you tried the Climate Control Problems (Air Conditioning, Heat) - All Cars topic in our Maintenance & Repair Forum? The folks there might have some input that you can use.



  • Thanks for the reply Steve! Now it is taking its time to start (turning over several seconds before starting), and the problem with the smothering out has stopped. Can you tell me where to find the Air Flow Sensor...not sure where it is located.
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