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Ford Taurus X Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited May 29 in Ford
Share your Prices Paid & Buying Experiences on the Ford Freestyle.

Remember, posting the names of dealerships, city and state are allowed - posting of individual salespeople, their contact information (emails, phone numbers, initials or physical descriptions), "email me" or "tell them ____ sent you" is not.


  • cmentcment Posts: 15
    I looked online, called a few dealers and tried to close deals with three successive dealerships.
    First one was the closest and getting calls back from him was spotty at best. Second was a flashy dealership on route one. Expansive showroom and quality furnished. I actually placed an order that he told me was really just giving me the right to first refusal. The order never came and did not look like it would any time soon. I needed a car, the dealer could have tied me into a deal by providing me some help with a loaner, but they may have held out little hope of getting a Freestyle LTD FWD build any time soon.
    During Presidents day week end I spotted an LTD AWD 7 seating and all the options Merlot advertised for $4,500 under list. I went on line and and saw no car to match it in dealer two's inventory. Perhaps if I pushed I might have knocked it down more. Dealership number three was at the edge of a suburban town center, your basic lot with a brick and cinder block building and a rather stark interior. We closed in an hour, I got the ford 2.9 loan rate and two days later drove away with what I wanted. Price 30,200
  • bandman1bandman1 Posts: 1
    I'm intersted in a Freestyle SE without any additional options. I'll be using this car for my work so I'm not getting carried away. I answered an ad here in the DFW area that listed a fairly good RCO deal (total price being at market value, not sticker)obviously quoting a price for a base SE. That was 6 days ago. At first the salesperson claimed they didn't know of the advertisement even though it took up a half-page in the Dallas Morning News.
    Every step of the way since then has been taken by me. Getting a call back is an act of God although I've visited the Dealership, took a test drive, showed them the ad, and agreed to buy. These people obviously don't want to own up to there own publicized offer. I guess the idea here is to get people on the lot and try to sell them into a higher trim line or at least add options. I made it obvious from the get-go that the base SE was what I wanted, nothing more. This musn't agree with their bottom line.
    I love the Freestyle but this first experience with Ford is really getting me dark. Don't these people want SOME money? Frankly, I don't see a lot of Freebies on the road. The crossover/small suv segment is mighty crowded and the Freebie is a new player. You would think they would want to try to get some out there so people could see them.
    I bet If I'd walked out there without doing any research and paid sticker at some ridiculous interest rate we would have already closed. Does anyone have any idea as to my options?
  • In reply to bandman1, I purchased a an SE with the safety, heating, and convenience package at Town East Ford in Mesquite. I initiated contact through the internet and received constant and caring attention. They even feature a "make your own bid" option if you prefer that to the haggle experience.

    We received an internet shopper discount of $500, which I qualified for by using the forddirect site and asking for more information. Note: I did not receive any indication from Ford that I was eligible for this rebate-- I got this tip from this message board. But since I was an internet contact they checked and I was "on the list."

    Town East Ford regularly has ads in the paper for a basic SE (no options) and they had a couple on the lot recently. If they don't have one in their ad, I would take the competitors add to them and ask them to match-- you have nothing to lose.

    We got a discount of approximately $2500 off of the sticker price plus the $500 rebate. The Freestyle with the options we wanted was not in stock and had to be driven up here from near Corpus, so we felt we got a good price.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    i had the same experience with Ford while shopping for an '04 F150 last year. All I wanted was the dealer to honor what was advertised. It was one of those deals for all in stock - not just one at that price. They pretended that it couldn't be. I walked and found another dealer who said he would match it, but again ran into another dealer saying the price must be a mistake once I showed up. Third dealer finally took my offer. The whole process was so mind boggling and the sad thing is it happens at just about every dealer - they just don't know how to deal straight up.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    if you don't have a trade in, the internet route can be the way to go. you can get a price on a specific vehicle. not all dealers are willing to give quotes over the 'net although you can ask thenm for one using the manufacturer website.
  • On March 31, I bought a Freestyle Limited AWD, fully loaded, black exterior with pebble interior. Bought from Bredemann Ford in Illinois, where I walked in and test drove the vehicle. Solicited three other bids through the Edmunds site. One of the other three offered me MSRP, one did not have the model I sought with captains chairs in the second row on the lot, and the third offered about $1,000 under dealer invoice, but it did not have the reverse sensor on it and it was considerably further from my home.

    I paid $500 under dealer invoice. My sales guy told me there was some sort of unpublished dealer promotion. I'm sure they made money off me anyway. This was my first experience buying a car, never mind a new one, so I don't think I did too badly.
  • skovatchskovatch Posts: 24
    Today I signed the paperwork for a 2-year lease on a Titanium Green/Shale leather SEL from Marshall Ford in Cleveland. I drove one a while ago and today my wife agreed to try it out, mainly to make sure she didn't absolutely hate it. It wasn't our intention to actually buy a car today, but I had pretty much made up my mind at this point. My experience may not be typical, since I bought it under the X-plan, but I did get .25% on the lease for 24 months, and $1000 back for X-plan purchasers (I suspect A/Z have a similar deal as well, but don't know for sure.) I had done enough research on that I knew what features I wanted, and once I agreed to the lease we found exactly what I wanted (colors, front row comfort, leather, safety package, 2nd floor console) about an hour and a half away. I should get it Monday. Everything went smoothly, and since I didn't trade in anything I felt pretty good at the end of the whole process. I have to admit, I've never leased before because there's always some odd charge lurking at the end of the deal. The only thing I paid for that I have some regret about now is an extra $500 for a higher excess wear and tear limit ($2500), but considering a Honda balloon payment deal I used a few years ago had a $100 limit that's not that bad.

    I did not do much comparison with other dealers since I had the X-plan, and I liked my salesperson and her manager. We considered having a look at a 2004 Volvo V70, but in the end I'm much happier with the Freestyle. Oh, and one nice touch: As I mentioned, I didn't drive it home because the car has to come in from another dealer. Marshall is not unreasonably far away from me, but my wife would have had to adjust her schedule to get me out there tomorrow. So, the dealer lent me another Freestyle with a dealer plate that I'm keeping overnight, and will just drive back out tomorrow when the car gets here. Very nice! Of course, this evening I picked up the cold my daughter had last week and now feel horrible, so hopefully I will return it tomorrow.

    So, in summary, if you're in the midwest and can use one of Ford's plans, you might want to consider buying by the end of April (2005) while the financing and rebates are still in effect. I guess the main thing I learned this time is that if you go into a dealer knowing exactly what you want, with invoice information in hand and a clear idea of how much the dealer will get when you're done, you can have a smooth, reasonably positive experience. Can't wait to do some real driving!
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I first checked out the Freestyle when I was at the dealer having transmission additive put in to my 2004 Ranger. The impression I got from a salesman there was the sticker price was firm because the car was new and popular. After researching and searching on the Internet I returned to another no haggle dealer (Apple Valley Ford, south of Minneapolis) to possibly purchase. Four hours later I drove off with a new Freestyle for $1100.00 under invoice. I figure Ford knows this car is going to be popular and in big demand when the word gets out. Checking there are still no incentives or rebates. I compared prices from Internet dealers and feel I got the best price at the time. For financial reasons I purchased the SE, FWD. It comes with so many standard features I'm very satisfied. I expect fewer deals as demand increases.
  • dgruverdgruver Posts: 1
    I am in the proccess of buying a Freestyle on the internet. I am in Minnesota and have been checking out ads in Illinios. Have found some great deals in there ads, which they never honor. I was interested in a ad for a SE FWD for 20638.00, thats more than 5000.00 off MSRP for the options it had. After two emails got no reply, I called a salesman he said its still for sale and all I have to do is bring the money and its mine. After a hour I call back and he tells me there is a incentive I don't quailify for because I'm not a Chicago resident and he needs a extra 1500.00. A week later I see the same ad still running with the same stk no. I call again, talk to a different salesman he tells me the vehicle is still for sale and has never heard about any local incentive. I was interested in a Black colored car, the one in the ad was Red he said he might be able to switch colors and would call me tommarrow. Today he says, the Red car sold last night as I was on the phone with him and the black car would cost 1500.00 more, Isn't that a surprize.
    They run these ads and if anyone gets a little to close to buying the vehicle they do a dealer trade. As soon as I find this vehicles vin on another Ford dealers inventory, me and the Attorney General are going to have a chat.
  • qsportqsport Posts: 1
    I am interested in a Freestyle and would like to attach a bike rack to the rear, such as the thule rack that carries 3 bikes. Anyone know how it can be done? I haven't been able to get an answer from any Ford dealer. The towing capacity is only 2000 lbs on this car!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • phreddyphreddy Posts: 1
    :blush: Wonderful experience with Jim Keim Ford in Hilliard, Ohio on purchase of 2005 Freestyle Limited (and a 2005 Escape Limited)....If you're in this area, we highly recommend this dealership.

    :confuse: Have to share though that we first went to the Ford Dealership we have used for over 20 years but no follow up form them to internet requests, phone calls, or faxes. You would think that more interest would be shown when you test drive, request additional information, AND you're buying 2 new vehicles.

    Went to other Ford dealership that we bought our last Ford from - still great difficulty with responses. We had located EXACT vehicles on Internet and faxed info to them. For some reason, they couldn't get the Freestyle I wanted, but did manage to get one similar to the one my husband wanted. :mad: Husband walked out of that dealership when they refused to give FMC financing at rate (per Ford Direct website) and tried to push 5.4% bank financing saying they couldn't do the "deal" any other way. At the same time, I'm at Jim Keim getting my Freestyle below factory invoice....and after quick call from my husband, he ended up at Jim Keim and got excellent deal on 05 Escape.

    I was so fed up with other two dealerships that I located the vehicle I wanted by Internet search, called Jim Keim and they went and were able to secure that vehicle from dealership outside of this area. The same day, I arrived at the dealership at 4:00 p.m., and my husband then by 7:30 p.m. We were out by 10:00 p.m. - both deals done. Both deals with the price below factory invoice and with the FMC financing we had researched. The dealership really went the extra mile for us and was successful in restoring some confidence in the car buying experience in my husband. :shades:

    I highly recommend Internet search of inventory and finding out if your preferred dealership will "deal" with that dealership - i.e. trade inventory. With few exceptions, dealerships in same central area won't trade inventory so you have to go outside your central area in search of inventory.
  • pebbles1pebbles1 Posts: 1
    This is expensive but worth it if you have expensive bikes or suspension mountain bikes.

    Install a 2 inch receiver hitch. Get a Sportsrack or I believe Saris makes a similar design. Those racks hold the wheels on a wheel tray or hoop with a ratcheted arm, no frame contact. No whelel removal. No contact with other bikes if carelfully adjusted. They work with any bicycle that has two wheels. (I think that is the basic definition of bicycle.) I have a Cannondale Lefty, my kids have smaller wheels, 20 and 24 with odd frame configuration and they all work just fine. I have put receiver hitch on a PT Cruiser, my current car, wihtout a problem, as well as a number of vans. The hitch will cost about $300 installed and a four bike hitch about $500. Expensive, but the rack has a long life and can't be beat for ease of use and ability to hold any bike.
  • markwomarkwo Posts: 1
    I bought the car yesterday using xplan pricing through my employer, so i was already ~2100 under asking price @ 24488. to my surprise and delight, there was an unadertised or recently added rebate of 1500 from Ford, so i got the car for about 23. bought it at Lithia and found it to be a pleasant experience overall--no fun and games with the pricing, haggling, etc. they had a good selection and was able to get the car in the trim level (SE) with the options i wanted (side airbags).

    I'm probably not one to judge since the Freestyle replaces my wife's 10 year old Accord and I drive a 1992 Mazda, but the car seems very nicely equipped and well-thought out as far as interior conveniences and so on. Maybe all cars come with this stuff now, but this car appears to be an ideal solution for us and should be able to grow with us over the coming years (2 adults, 3 kids ages 2, 4, and 6).

    small downside was being continually badgered to buy an extended service plan. c'mon, i drive 6,000 miles a year--that gets me through 6 years until the warranty miles are up. I know the warranty will expire before I get to that mileage but if Ford will cover it for that long as part of its standard warranty, i ought to be OK.
  • njdevilsrnnjdevilsrn Posts: 185
    After a good deal of hesitation, and some perspiration on the brow, I signed on for a 2005 Freestyle SE FWD yesterday. Replaced a 2000 Explorer that I had half a mind to do some things with that would probably have me wound up in jail.

    So far, so good - last 2 cars that I had that were dogs had several things wrong right off the bat, so this is a good thing.

    Has anyone added an aftermarket DVD player to their Freestyle, if so what kind and about what did it run?

    MSRP - 26465, paid 22600.
  • lanbabalanbaba Posts: 45
    Got out of the dealer's lot with a fully loaded Limited AWD. Paid 30k before tax, reg, etc, more than 1500 under invoice. compared with several dealers and they were all offering the similar price after price match each other. SInce ford has a 500 dealer rebate till today, I'm pretty sure my delaer made some money.
  • jrtexasjrtexas Posts: 13
    Picked up my Pueblo Gold SE yesterday. Bought it online from Randall Noe Ford in Terrell Texas, about 45 miles east of Dallas. They're a high volume, low overhead dealership. Price quote from their internet sales manager was $22,900, which was $3,760 below sticker. Also had a $500 discount from FMC that was included in a Freestyle brochure I had requested online so the total price was more than $4,000 below sticker. I also traded in my old car and their tradein value was about what I had planned on.

    Would definitely recommend Randall Noe for those in the DFW area who don't mind driving the extra miles. Their staff was friendly and efficient.
  • doobie4doobie4 Posts: 9
    Hi! I see you must live in NJ from your name. I live in the Toms River area. What dealer did you get yor car from? That looks like a good price. Thanks
  • sparcatsparcat Posts: 6
    I leased my Freebie AWD LTD from Freehold Ford (X-Plan price) back in January, even though Oasis is closer to my home. I have purchased other vehicles from Oasis in the past, but never again :( !

    Freehold contacted me after I inquired for a price over the internet. I would deal with them again :) !
  • bigdeezybigdeezy Posts: 4
    Purchase a Freestyle using the X-plan last week. Black Limited, black interior. MSRP 32,350 (approx)
    Invoice 30,030
    X-Plan 29,919

    Plus $1,000 Ford rebate and good finance rates or total was under $29K. No haggling, nice experience. Purchased from a dealership in Denver.

    I'm not the one to haggle, cause I might end up in jail on an assault charge! :P
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